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6th house in Virgo. Discipline adepts

Virgo is a symbolic ruler of the 6th house , which shows the level of health and endurance, working capacity and attitude to heavy or routine duties, the ability to obey and carry out assignments, to repay debts on time. Pets that help deal with stress and the secret enemies that cause it also walk the line of this house.

Despite the fact that Virgo is at home, she does not endow the native with strong immunity, and at the slightest defeat gives a blues, pessimism and fear of illness. It is not surprising that they are psychosomatic in nature, and it is difficult to recover quickly, since there is no faith in a miracle due to critical Mercurian thinking, but they are not busy with hard work.

Work and discipline

The main gift of the 6th house in Virgo is discipline and accuracy. The deadline and regulations are indisputable values ​​that the native focuses on when planning work. He tries to do everything according to the rules and is terribly worried if he suddenly forgot to take into account some trifle or unknowingly violated the corporate charter. That is why applying for a new position or job is always stressful.

The owners of the 6th house in Virgo are overly afraid of doing something wrong, by all means they prove their competence and emphasize their willingness to work and polish the results of work to perfection. Many co-workers dislike them because of this. Small intrigues and dirty tricks at work are a consequence of the native’s excessive perfectionism. The main lines of influence of the 6th house in Virgo on character and destiny:

  • accuracy, thoughtful immersion in the topic, taking into account all the little things and nuances, concentration on one activity (they cannot perform many different duties at the same time);
  • inspiration comes at work, enjoy the process of creating a big picture out of small details or sorting a routine that everyone avoids: for example, sizing numbers, letters, signs, including reports, contracts, any papers;
  • excellent technicians, jewelers, linguists, secretaries, executive assistants, assistants, programmers, translators, accountants, astronomers, designers, engineers;
  • the ability to obey, to fulfill unquestioningly, to experience the joy of serving a common cause and a specific person, which often develops into flattery, servicing, sycophancy when the house or Mercury is defeated;
  • painful reactions to criticism, analysis of their personal mistakes in front of colleagues, public reprimands, salary delays, demands to fulfill obligations not under an employment contract.

The karmic task of the 6th house in Virgo is the desire to perform as accurately as possible any work in the profession, which it is advisable to choose in the 10th house , so as not to get bogged down in small routine work, but to go towards a lofty goal.

Disease predisposition

The six-domed Virgins are the most responsible patients. They like to be treated, sometimes to such an extent that they provoke psychosomatic illnesses. This is typical for the owners of a weak Mars. In general, the 6th house in Virgo gives anxiety and suspiciousness, which is expressed later in allergies and stomach problems in the first place. Men and women are equally concerned about their health and read so much medical literature that they are more knowledgeable than a doctor. The most common 6th house diseases in Virgo are:

  • gastritis, stomach ulcers, bowel disorders (including on the basis of nerves), food poisoning;
  • intercostal neuralgia, arthritis of the shoulder joints and hands;
  • neuroses, sleep disturbances, flies before the eyes, nervous tics, impairment of memory and performance due to a disorder of the nervous system;
  • heartburn, nausea, impaired appetite, belching, bulimia;
  • stones in the gallbladder, diabetes mellitus, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, spleen problems.

The tense aspects of Pluto with Mercury or facing the 6th house can create oncology, and with Saturn they show a narrowing of blood vessels or bile ducts. Knowing this, it is easier to work in advance to anticipate the disease. But most often the native is accompanied by mild but unpleasant diseases.

Study of the 6th house in Virgo

A philosophical attitude to health, understanding the psychosomatic laws of the onset of ailments, working with a psychologist and strengthening immunity through hardening and mandatory walks in the fresh air will be salvation.

You need to allow yourself to relax, and not work 20 hours a day, worrying about the result and the boss’s attitude. Massages, spa treatments, sea water baths, yoga and qigong are shown to both women and men from the 6th house in Virgo.

It is important to eat exclusively fresh, low-fat food, and it is best to determine your type according to Ayurveda in order to exclude indigestion and poisoning. For harmonization, home cleaning for pleasure, cross-stitching, repair work and knitting are also shown. It helps to streamline thoughts and calm down. Small pets are needed, such as hamsters, ferrets, cats and small dogs.

Stones-talismans, which will give the six-domed Virgo self-confidence and reveal innate oratory skills: carnelian , green jasper , agate , tourmaline, emerald , sultanite, chrysolite , and jade and amazonite will support health .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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