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6th House in Aries. You never know what you can do till you try.

The sixth house is associated with difficulties and routine work, although without this, the impulses of inspiration of the 5th house are unlikely to take on the specific detailed form so beloved by Virgo, the symbolic ruler of this sector. Dissatisfaction with working conditions leads to illnesses, therefore, the state of the physical body and the workplace, the qualities of character manifested in communication with colleagues and solving professional problems are also visible here.

The 6th house in Aries is initially a harbinger of a predisposition to injury, burns and conflict. A person is not able to obey, and latent aggression ruins health. A great leader, creative and proactive, quickly depletes energy and panics when he sees how much routine work lies ahead.

Work and discipline

Six-domed Aries energetically grab onto the job, but subconsciously feeling that they will not be enough for a long time, they rush to overfulfill the norm at a time. It is good if you manage to finish what you started in a snap, but more often burnout, loss of energy and loss of interest occur. That is why it is astrologically shown to be a boss, not a performer, or choose a job where you can deal with short-term issues, switching from one to another.

Large-scale projects are best managed by moving from one area and section to another. With a weak Mars, a person seems to want to achieve his goal, but his hands give up when understanding the amount of preparatory work, and he refuses the desire. At the same time, the huge natural potential of energy begins to torment from within with unconscious fears, irritation, and aggression. The main lines of influence of the 6th house in Aries on character and professional activity:

  • enthusiasm, energy, ability to work for a long time in a state of emotional uplift and inspiration, as well as to charge others with faith in success;
  • phenomenal ability to work and the ability to overcome obstacles, but within a short time;
  • the need to independently build the process and work time, independently of others;
  • activation of forces and mental energy when solving especially difficult problems: if they say that it is impossible, he will break through the walls with his forehead, but prove the opposite;
  • lack of patience, diplomacy, endurance and perseverance: he likes to give assignments and edifyingly swing a sword, inspiring heroic deeds;
  • submission only to brute force and discipline necessary for survival, for example, in the army, medicine and saving people;
  • addiction to sharp tools, exposure to work-related injuries and a propensity to fight when defending one’s opinion.

The six-domed Aries are shown professions where they can save others, showing nobility and heroism in extreme situations: the police, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, fire services, military medicine, especially the field of surgery. They are also successful in sports, business as an individual entrepreneur, chemistry, teaching interesting topics for themselves and in the army at a high-ranking position.

Disease predisposition

The ruler of the house – Mars gives the rapid onset and course of diseases, sudden operations. You should not be afraid, because in a harmonious scenario, this also means successful and easy healing. The problem does happen overnight, but it goes away quickly. The tense aspect with Uranus is dangerous, foreshadowing electrical trauma at the most unpredictable moment. It is important to remember that it is unacceptable to start a disease for a native, you can miss the moment of an urgent operation and then the consequences are sad.

The main difficulties with health in the 6th house in Aries:

  • diseases of the blood and blood vessels, hypertension, problems with cerebral circulation, respectively, a state of passion during outbursts of anger and short-term memory loss during nervous shocks;
  • migratory headaches and dizziness, having a source in problem kidneys, because with Aries in the 6th house, Libra, responsible for this organ, most often in the 12th;
  • hyperactivity in children, craniocerebral trauma, concussion from falling and hitting the head, neuralgia, nervous tics, especially if Uranus is connected;
  • damage to teeth if there is a negative aspect from Saturn;
  • open fractures, muscle pains and deformities, all inflammatory processes.

Similar problems arise when the wrong interaction with the aggression of the surrounding world, when a person suppresses the conflict or deliberately goes on the rampage.

Working out the 6th house in Aries

To successfully complete tasks at work, the owner of the 6th house in Aries should be given less time than necessary and given freedom of action. An outwardly self-sufficient native actually craves admiration and approval, so even if he is a boss, you do not need to skimp on sincere praise. The main thing is not to flatter, it annoys him.

The main karmic task is to learn to control your emotions, not suppressing them, but transforming them. Anger – in sports excitement, anger in hard work, resentment in a philosophical approach and self-knowledge.

After work, it’s good to go to the gym, pool, beat a punching bag to relieve stress and irritation, and spend weekends in nature. The native gravitates towards pets of fighting breeds, but they can only be turned on if Mars is strong and harmonious.

Talisman stones for professional success and good health at the 6th house in Aries: hematite , carnelian in red tones with a minimum of light inclusions, scarlet jasper , pomegranate .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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