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6th house in Scorpio. Fanatical ministers of the idea

The sixth house will indicate the ability to work in subjection and physically resist viruses and infections, pay off debts on time, work hard for a higher goal. It also shows how quickly diseases develop and what problems can be prevented if measures are taken in advance. The assignment for the 10th house is sometimes not fulfilled precisely because of the difficulties with the 6th sector , when a person is not ready to serve and plow, strengthening his health as a resource for moving towards the goal.

The situation in Scorpio gives rise to fanatical servants of the idea, for the sake of which they are ready to work day and night, improving and transforming personally, thereby influencing the common cause. They like to be in the shadows, but to be part of a huge movement designed to change reality, and if for this you need to destroy something, then the end justifies the means.

Work and discipline

Pluto , ruler of Scorpio, pushes the ward of the 6th house to explore new horizons. Difficulties only provoke, a person tests himself for strength in trials and grows through overcoming obstacles. It can be difficult working conditions, the need to go through exhausting training and exams, or despotic bosses, but calm shifting of papers is not for the native. He must see how the world or the result of his labor is changing on the scale of production, otherwise life is not interesting.

Workaholism appears only if the idea captures the whole. Working for the sake of money, the owner of the horoscope will force himself to fulfill his duties and may get sick from the rejection of routine matters. He needs to give all the best in his chosen profession, but if there is no response from the soul, the resource of opportunities dries up. He is nurtured by a sense of self-importance, arising through belonging to a famous corporation or serving a famous person as a producer, financial analyst, detective, scientist, psychotherapist, doctor, politician.

The main lines of influence of the 6th house in Scorpio on character and destiny:

  • dedication to a common cause, the need for revolutionary innovations in the subject area, suspiciousness, a tendency to self-destruction when mistakes are made and self-deprecation when Mars and Pluto are struck;
  • commitment, aversion to hack-work, desire to reach great heights in professionalism, but not be in sight;
  • love for thorough research of the topic of interest and the search for new forms for the embodiment of the results of labor;
  • high performance in difficult exhausting circumstances: the worse they are, the faster the goal is achieved;
  • intense mental activity and 100% employment is the best way to get rid of insomnia and neuroses;
  • addiction to solving difficult and impossible tasks and missions, often dangerous to life and health;
  • cruelty to competitors, enemies and dissidents, stereotyped behavior and thinking at work.

Secrets excite the native’s imagination, and if he is offered to go to the special secret services, he will agree without hesitation, even if he has to work not as an intelligence officer, but as a secretary or a doctor. The main thing is belonging to such an organization.

Disease predisposition 

Pluto gives its charges incredible physical and mental stamina. If they correctly apply its principles, they can survive in the most incredible conditions. The main thing is not to burn out from the inside from the accumulated and unused energy.

Incurable diseases, like oncology, arise when the owner of the 6th house in Scorpio himself eats himself from the inside with endless experiences and subconsciously does not want to live in the proposed conditions. But he also recovers through a powerful desire and the power of mental attitudes, contrary to the laws of physiology and medical diagnoses.

Common diseases in the 6th house in Scorpio:

  • HIV, AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, all venereal problems that have a chronic protracted nature with a terrible ending, therefore moral and physical purity is a matter of life and death;
  • decreased fertility, tumors of the uterus in women, in men – problems with potency or turning it on only when perverted fantasies are realized, poor sperm quality, prostatitis, testicular oncology;
  • cracks in the anus, inflammation of the rectum, appendicitis, intestinal cancer are likely with the defeat of the ruler of the 6th house and negative aspects from Mars and Uranus;
  • injuries and infections of the genital organs.

The owners of the 6th house in Scorpio need an intense and rich sex life as a prevention of all of the above ailments.

Working out the 6th house in Scorpio

Nativs are often attracted to the dark sides of life, which affects the choice of profession and consent to forced labor. It is important to choose the bright idea of ​​transforming the world through environmentally friendly methods, otherwise all the negative created will hit the owner of the 6th house in Scorpio.

Without feeling like a significant figure and in the absence of violent sexual experiences, a huge amount of destructive energy accumulates. It is necessary to dump it through sports with powerful physical activity. Running, boxing, cardio work well, but also Latin dance and aikido. Oriental belly dancing is especially shown for women, and Irish step for men. Red will help you concentrate on work, and the right amulet minerals will attract success and release creative energy.

For men and women with a 6th house in Scorpio, lava stone, rauch topaz , ruby , red tourmaline, hematite , volcanic glass are ideal for improving health and success in their careers . Sherl and black pearls will protect you from the evil eye .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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