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6th house in Sagittarius. Ambitious Tom Sawyer

It is generally accepted that the 6th house symbolizes difficulties at work and health problems, overcoming which, a person clears karma. In fact, the sign of this sector determines how comfortable it will be to perform work duties, the nature of daily work, a predisposition to discipline, a sense of duty and the ability to get along with colleagues. Physical endurance and diseases inherent in the sign are also determined by the 6th sector cusp.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter , which means that the planet of happiness endows the ward with a cheerful disposition, strong immunity and good luck in business. But only in a harmonious scenario. Jupiter’s tendency to expand and increase can bring a wave of job responsibilities and the rapid development of ailment when affected by harmful planets. Lack of energy and inspiration is the reason for stagnation in work and the onset of illness.

Work and discipline

The native loves to draw attention to the process of his work and works much more efficiently when there are spectators. Often this is accompanied by loud exclamations, demonstrative gestures with sound effects, so that they will definitely notice.

Men and women with a 6th house in Sagittarius are greedy for praise. They do not like boring and monotonous work, lengthy training, preparatory processes, but if they admire their patience and diligence, they are able to cope with the routine in 2 counts. However, they will never undertake the rough auxiliary work that would belittle their social status. It may exist so far only in the imagination, but a person will not take out the trash or wash the floor if he fancies himself the future president of the company, but he will quickly find someone to delegate these boring activities. It will help by directing the process from the outside.

The main lines of influence of the 6th house in Sagittarius on character and fate:

  • joyful service to the inspiring idea of ​​a common cause, but without fanatical devotion to Scorpio, and as long as there is a lively interest and disappointment from duplicity or double play of the leaders of the corporation does not come;
  • fiery enthusiasm for work, the ability to organize other people and lead to the desired goal, imperceptibly shifting the rough work onto their shoulders;
  • the gift of arousing sympathy from higher officials, bosses, receiving bonuses and salary increments without efforts on their part;
  • luck in the initial job interviews: they are taken to the desired position without pulling;
  • joy that his work makes others happy, the desire to be in the highest social circles in politics, show business, sports, spiritual, church and pedagogical spheres;
  • success in foreign business, internships in foreign companies and joint projects with partners from other countries, especially if there is a positive aspect with the 9th house or Jupiter is there.

The native gives the impression of an active and always busy person, but in reality he is rather lazy. As soon as ambitions fade away, he will be sucked in by a swamp of apathy and idleness. Therefore, it is important to choose an idea and a leader, serving whom, he will feel indispensable for society as a whole, which will move it forward.

Disease predisposition

When Jupiter is in harmony, men and women with the 6th house in Sagittarius radiate powerful positive energy and charge others for exploits and well-being. Visiting a friend in the hospital, they seem to restore his taste for life, while simultaneously endearing the attending doctor.

They themselves are lucky with doctors. Even without cronyism, they end up undergoing surgery with an experienced professor. However, if there are no negative aspects, serious illnesses rarely approach. But getting sick with ARVI, the owners of the 6th house in Sagittarius will sleep for a couple of days with a high temperature, although they will recover quickly if desired, if laziness does not drag them into the pool of the desired comfort.

Major Jupiter-related diseases:

  • metabolic disorders and excess weight due to a tendency to overeating and alcohol, inability to establish a diet and follow it;
  • dystrophy is also possible due to the other extreme – passion for vegetarian food and prolonged hunger strikes without the advice and supervision of a doctor;
  • liver and gallbladder problems: stones, hepatitis, obesity, pancreatitis, cholecystitis;
  • injuries and deformation of the buttocks and thighs with negative aspects with Mars and Saturn, which also provokes difficulties in old age, blood pressure disorders as a result of malnutrition, in children – adenoids.

The state of emotional burnout is extremely dangerous for a native. He generously shares his energy with those around him, puts it into something interesting to him, and then falls into depression and then illnesses come.

Study of the 6th house in Sagittarius

A native should pay more attention to his health, choosing an interesting system and sport. The fact is that, by nature, having good immunity and a supply of energy, the owner of the horoscope gets used to life in the flow of power, and when it ends, he does not know what to do.

You need to spend your potential wisely, feeding on pleasant impressions, communicating with animals, for example, horses, dogs and cats of elite breeds. You will also have to monitor their diet, since they, like the owner, are prone to overeating and obesity.

It is better for the owners of the 6th house in Sagittarius to immediately find a nutritionist or independently study the systems of proper nutrition, since they go to extremes in this matter. Equestrian sports, swimming, team types of competitions: volleyball, basketball, football are suitable as physical activity.

Talismans for strengthening health and attracting good luck will be: yellow sapphire , topaz , calcite, heliodor , orange opal , and for women, selenite will be an ideal protector against diseases.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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