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6th house in Leo. Artistic boss

The sixth sector is traditionally considered a place where one has to face difficulties and restrictions, from which health most often suffers. This is where it is necessary to carefully study the situations that hinder the advancement of professional success. The 6th house shows illness, work responsibilities, relationships with colleagues, pets, the office environment and signals how comfortable it is to be subordinate to others.

Cusp in Leo forms an inspired and artistic attitude towards work and your body. Routine is hateful, but it should be approached as a game, at the end of which you need to present yourself with a pleasant prize. The energetic rise of a person is able to heal even a serious illness, while boredom and disappointment lead to collapse.

Work and discipline

The need for admiration pushes the native to an arrogant and demanding attitude towards colleagues and subordinates. He himself rarely takes the position of a performer: he is too bright a figure to just sort through papers.

Creativity and ambition make the six-volume Leo a prominent figure, but his fuse will quickly fade if he does not support the results of his work with praise and rewards. In return, he will be a loyal and devoted employee, even with a small salary. The secret way to get along is to say compliments up front, and the native will give it all out. The criticism of death is similar.

The owners of the 6th house in Leo do not like to share laurels with partners, as they usually work overtime to justify the high opinion of their superiors. It hurts them to see that part of the merits is taken by a partner who often interferes than helps, so it is preferable to work on an individual basis. The main lines of influence of the 6th house in Leo:

  • an energy charge of inspiration lasts longer than that of a six-domed Aries, especially if a desired goal or reward looms ahead;
  • courage, initiative, nobility in relation to the losers and rivals, despite the obvious desire to bypass them at all costs;
  • creative approach to solving any problem, artistry of behavior and appearance in any position;
  • with the defeat of the Sun – selfishness, the desire to pull all the awards onto oneself, dependence on the opinion of the boss, flattery, the desire for victory over the heads;
  • The sun in the mine – lack of independence, fear of making a mistake, anger at oneself for the inability to advantageously present one’s talents and the inner image of a winner;
  • disclosure of giftedness in senior positions in politics, show business, teaching, journalism, medicine;
  • condescending attitude towards employees, in case of disobedience, applies forceful methods of influence on the disobedient;
  • striving to show oneself in the service from the best side, in order to become an example for admiration.

Success awaits a native in the position of the head of a medical center, children’s palaces of creativity, theaters, schools and institutes, textile, jewelry, pharmaceutical factories, private firms for the production of furniture and goods for children and creativity, perfume stores.

Disease predisposition

Leo on the 6th house cusp gives good immunity. Like all fire signs, the disease proceeds violently after a rapid onset. The temperature rises quickly, which promotes recovery in no time. The vulnerable organ is the heart. The reason for worry is the affected Sun and negative aspects to the 6th house, in other cases, problems arise closer to old age, if the native does not restrain emotional experiences for any reason and does not dramatize stressful events. The main diseases in the 6th house in Leo:

  • angina pectoris, arrhythmia, ischemia, genetic changes in the heart valve, heart attack;
  • circulatory disorders: hypertension, hypotension, blood poisoning;
  • with negative aspects to the Sun from Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, the following are likely: stroke, excess fluid in the brain, tumors, vasoconstriction, but for unambiguous conclusions you need to evaluate the entire map as a whole, as a rule, one aspect does not give the fatality of the event and is corrected by treatment;
  • back pain: spinal neuralgia, displacement of the vertebrae, rheumatism;
  • eye problems with the affected Sun, the nature of the diseases should be looked at by the planets that create aspects.

Leos take health problems to heart and react violently to injustice, which affects the adrenal glands and the psychoenergetic system as a whole.

Study of the 6th house in Leo

The ambitiousness of a six-domed Leo often causes problems at work and with health. A native should carefully choose a place of work, since the position of an executive clerk is not for him. He may not be a leader, so as not to suffer emotionally from the burden of responsibility, but he wants to create and receive enthusiastic responses to the results of his work. With this position at home, the routine work for the six-house Leo is often done by others, and he is left with the most interesting and creative part. At home, it is advisable to have animals of royal breeds (cats and dogs of red and yellow colors are preferable to others), and to go to work like a holiday, having carefully thought out your image.

If you experience pain in the heart, your back should be checked. Neuralgia in this area is mistaken for heart problems, but special attention should be paid to the kidneys.

Charm stones in the 6th house in Leo can become a source of energy and protection from envious people. These are amber , carnelian , yellow jasper , citrine , topaz , tiger’s eye, diamonds and zircons .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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