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7th house in Virgo. Through criticism to the hope of happiness

The seventh sector mirrors the 1st house of personality, showing how a person is revealed in a relationship. All questions related to love, friendship, business cooperation and even hostility are read here in two ways. The sign on the cusp will show how the native behaves and will indicate the images of partners and enemies. By understanding who is ideal for marriage and where you can meet him, there are more chances to arrange a happy fate. You also need to take into account the position, strength of the ruler of the 7th house and aspects of the planets.

Virgo implies a marriage of convenience, but not for lack of feelings. On the contrary, a person will ponder and calculate the direction of his fate in a relationship for so long and scrupulously that he risks being left without a spouse. Not every partner will stand up to the high criteria and captiousness of the native, but it is difficult to find a more faithful, attentive companion.

Behavior in marriage and partnership

Men and women with the 7th house in Virgo are practical, love certainty and demanding of the chosen ones. If they have promised something, then they will definitely fulfill it, but they expect the same from others. It is a mistake to believe that they are unemotional and stingy with beautiful gestures, because 1 personality house is in Pisces. These people adore romance, sophisticated courtship, poetry, musical accompaniment of dates. However, practicality will not allow them to connect life with the poor poet, even if he spends all his savings on a million roses. But the gesture will touch them.

The owners of the 7th house in Virgo suppress their emotions for fear of criticism. They build any relationship, remaining somewhat detached. This is especially significant in business partnerships. It is difficult for them to be friends with the boss, clients, employees. Therefore, it seems that they are strict, dry, arrogant. But once you go to meet them and open your hugs, they will enthusiastically accept a new role, as they strive for ideal friendship and love, about which they write books and make films.

Men and women with the 7th house in Virgo constantly sort things out with partners, educating them, trying to remake them and getting irritated over trifles.

They usually have 2 marriages. The second is more successful and happy, because with age they look at things easier and value kindness and care, and not external compliance with the subtleties of etiquette and status.

The image of a marriage partner

As life partners, men and women with the 7th house in Virgo choose partners who are stingy with emotions, prone to criticism, or those who are attracted by their deep sensuality and the need to patronize, instruct, educate. Like in the fairy tale “The Golden Key” Malvina treated Buratino.

They are attracted by an intellectually developed and rather practical person. With a harmonious Mercury, acquaintance will take place at work, travel, conference, business negotiations, school of public speaking or in the theater.

Most likely the first husband and wife will be at least a couple of years younger in age, but quite erudite, sharp-tongued and equal in mind to the native. Marriage is more of a partnership, where everyone fulfills their obligations. If the spouse refuses this form of relationship, for example, a woman wants to stay at home and take care of the children, the cardholder will perceive this as a betrayal, because he subconsciously expects that the other half will take on the solution of material issues. At a low level of development, marriage falls apart due to mutual claims and boring.

On the other hand, if a partner is in trouble, the native will selflessly rush to save him, especially if Venus, the Moon and Mars are in the water signs.

The image of the enemy in the 7th house in Virgo

Enemies are petty, boring in nature, lovers of arguing and teasing with a sharp word. Unfortunately, friends also pass into the category of exes precisely because of the picky, criticism of the native and sarcastic jokes about him. With the Ascendant in Pisces, a person painfully perceives attacks on his status, social role, success at work, appearance and personal qualities.

Confronting enemies is very difficult. They use the word as a weapon: denunciations, slander, public insults or sarcastic remarks in front of everyone, in order to humiliate.

It seems to the seven-domed Virgins that they are being taken apart in parts and the puzzle of the resource state does not come together for a long time. Unfair accusations, gossip and slander sting their souls with poisonous snakes, the destruction proceeds slowly, unnoticed by others, and then an illness or a nervous breakdown occurs.

Working out the 7th house in Virgo

Only true love will save a native from destruction. The main problem is the inability of Virgos to understand that other people differ from their usual system of attitudes, feelings and criteria. And here empathy, universal love and forgiveness of Pisces will come to the rescue. There is no need to bicker with enemies, revenge in return with sharp words and nagging. It is better to love them sincerely, to do good in response to evil, which is very difficult for the logical and pragmatic seven-volume Virgo to realize. But only this approach will help to harmonize the situation, especially if there are tense aspects of Mercury with Neptune, Venus and the Moon. The only thing you need to learn from your enemies is endurance and invulnerability to criticism. Again, Pisces serenity and a philosophical attitude to problems will help.

To attract a partner for a happy marriage, it is important to contain nagging, allow mistakes to happen, and remember that there are no perfect people.

Talisman stones for love and good luck in business partnership for the owners of the 7th house in Virgo: carnelian , jasper and agate of any color except blue, emerald , malachite , jade .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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