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7th house in the sign of Libra

Relations with friends and enemies, the circumstances of meeting a future husband or wife, the image of a spouse has always been the main request when turning to astrologers. However, even without professional advice, it is possible to determine how the owners of the horoscope will manifest themselves in marriage, and what kind of life partners they dream of. To do this, they need to study the sign into which the 7th house falls.

If it is in Libra, then at a low level of spiritual development, people perceive the beauty and sophistication of  partners as a challenge, trying to devalue and even destroy, regardless of whether they like a person or it is an enemy. Rapid marriages, broken hearts, the search for oneself in difficult relationships accompany through life, if not to harmonize the 7th house, but to follow instincts.

Behavior in marriage and partnership

Love and marriage are the main triggers of the native, despite the predominance of mental energy and weak sensuality. The exception is Venus and Mars in fire and water signs.

The owners of the 7th house in Libra are always in love, either in search of a suitable partner, which in the language of their worldview means wealth, beauty, high social status. With Venus struck with such people, it will be difficult for them to find intersection points, but the more furiously they will strive into the forbidden world.

When the Descendant is in Libra, the Ascendant falls into the sign of Aries, which gives the native a hot-tempered and persistent character, and the beauty of the opposite sex acts like a red rag on a bull. At a high level of development, both a man and a woman will give up all their strength in order to conquer a person of interest to them and correspond in everything, and at a low level they are able to trample self-esteem, to raise themselves at the expense of trampled beauty. For example, fall in love with themselves, use and quit. With a strong Venus and the Moon, they are excellent partners in the symbiosis of marriage and business, and even being disappointed or falling out of love, they will not leave the family, so as not to spoil the reputation of family well-being. But they should not expect emotionally warm support: there is always a certain invisible distance, even after many years of marriage.

Marriage partner image 

Men and women with Ascendant in Aries are prone to outbursts of anger, jealousy, indignation. They are not stopped by the rules of decency in society, which they respect in an ordinary calm state, but negative emotions are destructive. Therefore, they need a refined, restrained esthete partner who keeps a cool head in any situation and can cool the natives’ ardor when they overstep the boundaries of what is permitted.

External beauty and aristocracy is a kind of trigger. The owners of the 7th house in Libra rarely fall in love with people with an inconspicuous average appearance, and if they associate life with them, most likely there is a benefit. They are attracted by representatives of creative artistic professions: designers, stylists, fashion designers, actors, but lawyers, prosecutors and government officials also attract attention. In any case, for a happy marriage, they will need a person with whom it is pleasant to go out, visit cultural events, theaters, exhibitions, who can support intellectual conversations. Acquaintance most often occurs in places associated with art and social life, less often in courts and law offices. With the aspects of Venus with Pluto – in an elite nightclub. It is important for such individuals to be proud and admire their husbands or wifes, and to some extent this is perceived by them as a feeling of love.

The image of the enemy in the 7th house in Libra

At a low level of development, individuals with 7th house in the sign of Libra unconsciously perceive beautiful people as rivals and provoke quarrels. They rarely have serious enemies. The more they develop aesthetically and spiritually, the less likely it is that relationship problems will arise.

If there are suspicions about petty sabotage or secret confrontation, it is worth taking a closer look at pretty, indecisive people associated with art or the legal sphere. Problems can be solved simply by talking heart to heart and offering a compromise that suits both. This will help the native to separate from the ego of Aries and move to the higher vibrations of Libra, which will automatically help to establish a personal life.

An ex-husband or wife often acts as an enemy, and they never abandon their attempts to regain the native’s disposition. In this case, one must fear for the reputation. If Venus is struck, the owner of the horoscope seeks to ruthlessly destroy outwardly beautiful opponents.

Elaboration of the 7th house in Libra

The main task is to maintain a balance between the fire of Aries and the cool airiness of Libra, to find a style of behavior that takes into account the strong qualities of both signs: strength and decisiveness combined with sophistication and beauty. This will require maintaining equal, harmonious relationships with enemies and partners in any area, acting with justice, and not under the influence of emotions.

Then even ill-wishers will be imbued with respect for the native. In love, it is also important to be decisive in moderation, not being afraid to take the first step, which is often the case with the owners of the 7th house in Libra, but also not to pursue the subject of passion day and night. Lonely people need to be in the world more often, choosing an aristocratic stylish image, without a gram of vulgarity. Only in this case will they attract a suitable partner. To do this, they need to harmonize and rekindle Venus if it is in the fall or is affected by negative aspects.

To strengthen a marriage, they cannot shift most of the work on relationships to a partner, it is important to strive for equality and the development of sensuality.

In these actions, talisman stones, set in white gold, will help. Diamonds, zircons, rose quartz, spinel, golden topaz, aquamarine and malachite will help the seven-house Libra in love and career.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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