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7th house in Leo. To the sky behind a star

It is  no coincidence that the seventh house is of great interest to the owners of horoscopes. It determines the image and character of a marriage partner, the circumstances of acquaintance, the ability to be a faithful and loving companion, or vice versa, the need for an open relationship, both in love and in business. By the sign on the Descendant, it is easy to determine the appearance of the enemies, so as not to make a mistake later, but to immediately calculate the enemy.

If the 7th house is in Leo, then the Ascendant and, accordingly, the 1st house of the personality fall on the sign of Aquarius, which makes the native a bright independent person with great ambitions and stakes on a successful personal life. He has a passion for finding a star partner, looking at whom everyone will admire their couple.

Behavior in marriage and partnership

Personal relationships in marriage and business directly depend on the harmony of the Sun, the ruler of the sign of Leo. A well-lit star gives the owner of the horoscope a leading role in any partnership, attracting friends, lovers, business allies who are admired and grateful for mutual feelings, who give up the palm in advance and support their beloved “star” in ambitious aspirations.

The extinguished Sun, on the contrary, gives rise to a painful attraction to bright, status individuals, a desire by all means to get into the circle of the rich and famous through marriage with one of them.

The owners of the 7th house in Leo love to dramatize relationship problems, using any partner’s mistake as an informational lead to a scandal. Love for them is like a series in which they are assigned the main role. If quarrels and reconciliations are watched, so much the better, viewers are welcome.

A weak Sun and a strong Uranus, as the ruler of the 1st house in Aquarius, is a very dangerous combination, pushing for extravagant actions in order to attract the attention of the subject of passion. Treason and enmity with former spouses are put on public display, which often happens to the detriment of the native himself.

Marriage partner image

Men and women with the 7th house in Leo are equally susceptible to a beautiful regal appearance, a bright style of clothing, sexual charisma, while the soul and moral qualities of the subject of sympathy fade into the background. Choosing between an outwardly neutral, modest, but caring and loyal partner and a bright, popular, windy one, they will definitely prefer the second. However, if the Sun is lit, there is a high probability of a happy marriage with a rich, famous person who loves children, animals, arranges holidays and turns the life of a native into a real series.

With the trines of the Sun with Venus and Mercury, the future spouses are also well educated, know how to make an impression in high society, and most likely, at the time of the meeting, they are known and financially independent. They can also be associated with the world of theater and cinema.

A weak Sun encourages marriage with an egoist who craves worship and admiration and considers himself a star, trampling on the native’s ambitions. Desiring the one whom everyone wants, he falls into the trap of dependence and becomes incapable of a relationship with someone who sincerely loves and admires him, seeking to conquer an inaccessible peak.

You can conquer a person with a Descendant in Leo through romantic courtship, reckless but beautiful actions, gifts, with the involvement of a large number of spectators.

The image of the enemy in the 7th house in Leo

With a strong Sun, a person always has to face rivals and competitors. They are also talented and bright, as a rule, they use open methods of struggle, do not weave intrigues behind their backs, but throw a glove in their face. It is not in their nature to finish off a lying person, and if the native is in trouble, then the former enemies are able to unexpectedly support or at least stop putting a spoke in the wheel until the enemy is back in the ranks.

The danger is represented by the extinct Sun when a person does not fulfill the karmic tasks of the sign in which it stands. Less gifted, but hungry for fame and fortune rivals envy him. Unfortunately, for a woman with a 7th house in Leo, the main competitor is her own husband or father, to whom she is trying to prove her talent and personal worthiness.

Enemies are always energetic, which knocks the owner of the natal chart off balance, forcing him to give all the best, showing his best qualities. Victory is assured if we regard competition as a game, and defeat as an opportunity to play a new role from scratch.

Working out the 7th house in Leo

The karmic themes of the seven-domed Leo are personal egoism and the desire to stand out at the expense of a bright partner, through being around or humiliation, depending on the level of spirituality. Realizing them is half the cure of the morbid addiction to fame through someone. It is important to understand that for an alliance with the king, you need to be the queen herself, and for a marriage with a stage star, you will have to develop your own talents in order to match, and not humiliate her afterwards out of envy.

The sure way to harmonize the 7th house in Leo is to kindle your Sun, developing and improving in the main themes of the house and the sign in which it stands. If he has aspects to the 7th sector, especially with personal planets, Venus and the Moon, it is important to take advantage of the positive and work through the difficulties of negative relationships.

The second step is to dive into the inner world of your future partner before tying the knot with him. External brightness and beauty will fade, but a soul and a kind heart are much more important in the end for seven-domed Lions.

Talisman stones framed in yellow gold will help the native to attract the right companion and reveal personal artistry at its best. Ideal choices: diamonds , zircons , chrysolite , amber , golden imperial topaz , heliodor and ruby .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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