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9th house in the sign of Aquarius

The ideal of the inner “I” lies in the 9th house of the horoscope. The worldview, which then helps to come to fame and success along the Meridian of the Midheaven in the 10th house, is formed based on the 3rd house of school years, but mainly affects the choice of a specialty already when entering a university. Having correctly determined the profession and the source of knowledge for it, the owners of the horoscope easily conquer the world. Having made a mistake, they are unlikely to reach the destination of the 10th house without difficulty.

The 9th house in Aquarius encourages its wards to process huge flows of information, enjoying mental insights. They seek the truth, clues to mystical secrets, seek to travel to experience the impact of the Bermuda Triangle or meet the Loch Ness Monster. When the 9th house is worked out they become geniuses-inventors or science fiction writers.

Education and knowledge

The native is a real Jules Verne. A rich fantasy makes such an individual exaggerate his achievements. If Lilith and Chiron are in Gemini, the stories about the fantastic achievements and exploits of Hercules will have to be divided in two. Yes, the owners of the 9th house in Aquarius really read avidly, know more than an ordinary person and can turn their heads with vivid figurative speech, talking about distant countries and the secrets of the Universe, but they need to understand that, like Jules Verne, they do not have to travel far beyond their hometown to imagine being an explorer.

However, for admission, the owners of the 9th house in Aquarius choose a university away from home. Firstly, it’s interesting, and secondly, there are new listeners in front of whom they can show off their exclusivity. At school, such individuals were a star or tried to become one, given the 3rd house in Leo and aspects to it. Entering the institute, they are preparing for a fun and free life at a new star level.

The main features of the influence of the 9th house in Aquarius on fate:

  • greedy for knowledge, an inquisitive mind, a vivid imagination, the talent of a speaker, writer, poet, artist, which at a high level of development gives Leonardo da Vinci modernity, and at a low level – an amateur who seems to know everything, but in fact nothing;
  • originality and boldness of judgments, statements, public assessments, aversion to sentimentality, tearfulness, laziness and limited thinking;
  • impulsiveness of actions: they choose a university based on momentary interests and desires, and then quit without regrets, in pursuit of the next hobby;
  • difficulties in obtaining diplomas with negative aspects with Uranus: they drop out of school or do not want to study at all according to the system, immersing themselves in self-education, or courses on the Internet;
  • defiant style of dress and behavior in student times, it is possible to participate in youth rallies, protests, uprisings in a sincere desire to build a better world;
  • careless attitude to exams, but usually the native is lucky with tickets and grades.

The 10th house of destiny falls into the sign of Pisces, so the nine-house Aquarius are difficult to determine using their many abilities, but they try themselves both in the Internet professions of the future and IT specialties, as well as in literature, cinema, theater, and television.

Travel and religion

People with the 9th house in the sign of Aquarius enjoy traveling. Their style is not vacation trips, but complete immersion in a different environment. They leave to live in another country, and when they get bored, they go to a new one. That is why remote work is the best choice for this eternal freelancer.

Freedom of movement is essential for working off karma. Revelations and insights happen abroad, incredible spiritual experience, answers to vital questions are found. With the harmonious aspects of Uranus, studying at foreign universities will be successful, and friends from other countries will help in self-realization and increase the financial flow.

The karmic task is to share the experience gained with people and talk about foreign technologies and achievements at home, contributing to progress. They make excellent TV reporters and travel agents.

Nine-house Aquarians easily blend into any culture, adapting with enthusiasm to new customs and traditions. It is difficult for them to remain within the framework of one religion, it is much more convenient to admit that many roads lead to God and explore each one with interest. Astrology becomes one of the ways of knowing reality.

Elaboration of the 9th house in Aquarius

Nine-house Aquarians are visionaries of the future. Their creative ideas often seem strange and ahead of their time, and with Uranus and Saturn afflicted, it sometimes seems that no one needs it. They do not believe in themselves, they become isolated in the inner world, while it is necessary to show Uranian courage in self-expression and indifference to the opinions of others in order to succeed in creativity and science.

Horoscope holders must listen to the inner voice. Many of them are attracted by symbols and signs. By studying them, they can really learn important things that will later have a life-changing effect. This applies to the symbolic programming system, foreign languages, archeology, astrology.

They should not refuse to travel to other countries, friendship with foreigners and any opportunity to show their creative talents. If Uranus has dangerous aspects or connections with the 8th house, it is better to travel by land transport, with the utmost care, not exceeding the speed limit.

The best amulets and talismans for successful elaboration for the 9th house in Aquarius will be white opal, fluorite, amethyst and all kinds of blue topazes.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 9th House in Aquarius:


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