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Moon and Ascendant Aspects

Moon conjunct the Ascendant

You tend to be overly emotional, sometimes having a hard time hiding your feelings. Feelings of empathy and compassion for others are inherent in you. Constantly changing moods make it difficult for you to make decisions. There is a need to develop emotional restraint. To feel confident, you need the presence of people around you. The tendency to be emotionally involved in other people's lives is characteristic of you.

Moon in harmony with the Ascendant

You constantly need people around you for your emotional well-being. You are understanding and considerate of the needs of others. You openly reveal your emotions to the people around you. You love life and people and are generally caring, sympathetic, sympathetic and receptive.

Dissonance of the Moon with the Ascendant

You must control your emotional reactions to those around you, as you may be too emotionally involved in their lives. You tend to experience erratic emotions and stress, so you need to take time to calm your nerves.


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