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Square Moon – Ascendant. In fear of big eyes

Squaring shows that a person does not have karmic experience and the qualities of character necessary for success in society. You will have to accumulate them from scratch. At first it will be difficult to compare the adaptations of a newborn in the world around him, but with each new experience, self-confidence will lead to the destination on the beaten path, and the right people and circumstances will automatically be attracted.

However, the owners of the Moon – Ascendant square have a difficult path to control over emotions, fears and fantasies that prevent the comfortable realization of their talents in society. Even a friendly company of people is perceived as an examination board that tests communication skills and the ability to answer witty questions, and if the audience is critical, the native will prefer to escape into the fantasy world, where he is a superhero without fear and reproach, and will not strive to become one in reality.

The danger of square Moon – Ascendant

The owners of the square are slow and cautious in their manifestations of emotions, therefore they often miss the right moment for active actions to promote business and improve their personal life. Often there are misunderstandings and coldness in dealing with family members, especially with the mother. She can impose her own vision of a happy life for a native, affects the choice of profession, and if the owner of the horoscope is a man, then she selects a spouse herself, which does not always coincide with the tastes of the person himself, but if the Sun is weak, then he will not dare to protest. The owners of the horoscope also look back at the maternal opinion, they are afraid of condemnation and criticism with regards to creativity and personal relationships.

The family perceives the native as a kind of misunderstanding and an obstacle in the way of common plans. Any annoying little thing knocks him out of a rut, or serves as a spark that kindles a fire of feelings. The owner of the Moon-Ascendant square does not want to restrain them, and this habit sometimes persists until old age. A paradox is created: the usually reserved and cautious person turns into a frantic monster spewing out streams of passionate speeches. The native is then ashamed, but if in his youth he did not learn how to cope with such attacks, then later everything goes according to the same scenario.

Other characteristic features of the Moon-Ascendant square:

  • emotional stiffness, fear of open space, public attention, communication with several people or a large audience;
  • an acute painful reaction even to positive criticism of one’s work, conflicts with older women;
  • dependence on other people’s opinions, suggestibility, addiction to alcohol and antidepressants in order to gain courage before performances or exams;
  • fear of bureaucratic authorities and medical procedures;
  • expectation of maternal support and forgiveness from the boss, colleagues and friends, especially if the Moon is in the 10th and 11th houses ;
  • infantilism, the need for praise and guardianship even as an adult.

Such attitudes rarely bring the owners of the Moon-Ascendant square the desired motherly warmth from others. On the contrary, they attract scathing critics who confirm their lack of self-confidence. The strong position of Venus can save the situation and then the native will go to the dream with the support of a passionately loving partner.

Love and marriage squared Moon – Ascendant

If the planet of love, Venus, is weak or exhausted by negative aspects, then in addition to problems with self-expression at work, a person suffers from an inability to manage emotions in personal relationships. Falling in love, men and women are equally lost in the presence of the object of affection, blush, do not know what to say, or, in order not to suffer from excruciating shame, they portray icy indifference.

But if cute fans pay attention to them, the transformation is incredible: a timid, stuttering young man becomes an eloquent joker, and a girl becomes a party star. In the case of successful relationships in youth and work on emotions, the owners of the Moon-Ascendant square create a strong family, but still expect to be patronized, listened to problems and comforted.

This need is especially vividly manifested in the position of the night star in Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. Eternal infantilism and childhood psychological trauma push them in search of a beloved parent, but the illusory worldview makes it difficult to perceive people adequately.

Working out the Moon-Ascendant square

The main thing is to realize that most of the frightening scenarios that hinder progress towards success are performed only in the imagination. Confidence and calmness in defending one’s opinion, including in communicating with the mother, will be helped by sessions with a good psychologist and the analysis of a card by an astrologer, and the nervous system will be calmed by handicrafts and swimming. It is necessary to accept the parents as they are, to give up quarrels and proceedings with women who are older than the native, to give them compliments and gifts more often. Decorations with natural stones will help harmonize the Moon – Ascendant square, but it is better to choose them taking into account the elements of the signs where the planet stands:

fire – selenite, fire opal , sodalite;

wateradularia , white pearls , moonstone ;

airrock crystal , amazonite , mother of pearl;

earthcacholong , chrysocolla, belomorite .

It is imperative to dress the minerals in silver and, before the first contact, leave it charged with moonlight for the whole night.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Ascendant Square Moon:


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