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Sextile Moon – Ascendant. The magic voice of kindness

The moon in the horoscope is responsible for the relationship with the mother, emotional and physical health, imagination. For a man, it influences the choice of a wife, for a girl it symbolizes her feminine principle. Being in sextile with the Ascendant, indicating the social manifestation of personality and the nature of communication, she forms a sensitive, loving and kind person who is ready to bestow warmth on the whole world. In his presence it becomes easy and fun, communication is uncomplicated and simple.

The native feels the interlocutor and shows sincere feelings without any problems. The mother supports all undertakings and develops creatively, and in the work collective the stars guarantee the sympathy of colleagues and the help of the bosses, especially if the leader is a woman. With positive aspects with Neptune and Mercury, there is a chance to take place in world-class art.

Influence of sextile Moon – Ascendant on destiny

For the bearer of the aspect, it is very important to take place in the chosen field of activity, but unlike solar career leaders, the perception of the company and the team as a family and love for their work are in the first place. If you can combine these two psychological factors, then you will not find a more dedicated employee. He is passionate about his work and is ready to work overtime for free for an idea. Positive energy, creative innovation and an aura of sympathetic warmth ensure success for the native in politics, medicine and acting, and the party, hospital and theater really become his second home.

Regardless of gender, a native’s social success will be associated with women. They are mother, sister, friends and colleagues, but also unexpected acquaintances and oppositionists, through whom important information comes for the development and transformation of bad habits into positive energy.

Music is of great importance. With the Moon in Taurus, a magic voice brings glory to the singer, which is possible with other positions of the night star, but then you have to work hard. In any case, the pleasant and healing effect of the native’s words is noted by all his friends and relatives. Other important characteristics of sextile Moon – Ascendant:

  • soft discreet beauty, charm, warm, soulful eyes, white skin, pure soulful voice;
  • tendency to be overweight when the planet is in water signs, smooth gait, graceful manners;
  • quick adaptation to changing conditions, any social level of the team while maintaining personal individuality;
  • diplomacy, respect for elders, the need for spiritual and intellectual creativity: literature, poetry, music, painting and handicrafts;
  • sensitivity to the mood of other people, but also to criticism and negative attacks against oneself, fatigue and morbidity when working in stressful conditions;
  • fear of conflicts, quarrels and a showdown, which forces you to put on a social mask in order to be a comfortable member of the team and contributes to internal nervous tension.

Too much emotional attachment to a community or social group, church or political party negatively affects the native’s health and confidence. Finding himself, by the will of circumstances, outside the beloved collective, be it dismissal or bankruptcy, he perceives it as a personal tragedy.

Love and relationships with sextile Moon – Ascendant

Owners of the aspect will be completely satisfied with life only if they have a happy, harmonious family and children. Women with the Moon-Ascendant sextile have a very developed maternal instinct, especially when positioning in water signs, and the child’s social success is perceived as their own. If a girl is unlucky in her career, she will invest all her knowledge and talents in children in order to feel social significance through them.

Men are wonderful husbands and fathers, capable of even adopting and accepting someone else’s child as their own. A native child is pampered and forgiven any sins, which often leads to infantilism and permissiveness, therefore, a reasonable approach to education is needed.

If there are negative aspects from the Moon to Neptune, affecting the 5th and 7th houses, then the owners of the sextile idealize family members and do not see obvious shortcomings, or they find themselves involved in selfish plans. Friends are mistaken for enemies and vice versa, despite the clues of intuition. You need to be especially attentive to such mirages of consciousness during the full moon.

Talisman stones to enhance the Moon-Ascendant sextile

The favorable connection of the Moon and the Ascendant awakens precisely the inner qualities of the soul, which help to express themselves in society. Sincerity, charm, creativity, diplomacy bring financial dividends in the end, but the native is not selfish. By simply doing what he truly loves, he becomes popular and wealthy.

If you regularly wear jewelry made of natural stones, astrologically corresponding to the elements of the zodiac sign, where the moon stands, the process will accelerate:

firefire opal , selenite, oligoclase, aventurine , sodalite;

earthcacholong , chrysocolla, pink opal , jadeite , belomorite ;

waterpearls , white coral , adularia , ammonite, labrador;

airamazonite , opal-harlequin , seraphinite, mother of pearl, aquamarine , moonstone .

Minerals should be set in silver, and before wearing, you need to hold them for several hours or all night in the moonlight to charge them with magical power.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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