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Aspects of the Moon and Pluto

Moon conjunct Pluto

You have a tense but hidden emotional character and crave a lot of emotional excitement and experiences. You are very changeable, like a volcano, at one moment you seem quite calm, and after a moment you explode with incredible force and unexpected fury. The intensity of these reactions often surprises even you. You tend to be emotionally bigoted about people and things that you care about. Sometimes your feelings and desires can overwhelm you so much that you act contrary to common sense and reason. You tend to manipulate and control often in their original form. You seem to be in control of your power. Your personal relationship is very emotional, passionate, but also quite turbulent and painful.

You have feelings of jealousy and possessiveness that threaten to destroy all your partnerships. You have to take control of these feelings. Likewise, your relationship may have overwhelming and obsessive desires and desires that you or your partner show. Your sensitivity and emotionality can cause severe emotional upheavals, usually over trifles. You are a hardworking and conscientious worker, distinguished by stamina, inner strength and endurance. You have the ability to get to the bottom of things and figure out the root causes of what is causing the problem. You love to analyze other people's problems – this makes you an effective advisor. You have a strong will and you never get discouraged. There is an interest in death and life after it. You must learn not to impose your feelings and emotions on loved ones.
Aspects of the Moon and Pluto

Moon in harmony with Pluto

You prefer the emotional intensity and are carried away by all the mysterious and unknown, and the accompanying dangerous and complex experiences will use all your inner resources. You have a strong ability to deal with emotional crises well, and you yourself are interested in learning about the causes of emotional problems and how to treat them. You insist that feelings between people should be open, real closeness and close connection with others, without barriers and secrets, are important for you, while you never play on the emotions of other people. You have a keen interest in science, religious and occult mysteries and enjoy reading books on natural healing, psychology, sex, and science fiction.

You are very receptive mentally and use your sensitivity to understand others. You are happy to learn and easily absorb information. Your emotions have a strong depth, but few people know about it. You are a hardworking and conscientious worker with endurance, inner strength and endurance. You have developed the ability to immediately understand the essence of the issue and find out the true reasons for what is causing the difficulty. You love to analyze other people's problems, which makes you an effective advisor. You are never discouraged and have a strong will. Interest in death or life after death is also quite likely.

Inharmonious aspects of the Moon with Pluto

You have intense desires, emotions and feelings, and your personal relationship is very emotional, passionate and sometimes too turbulent and painful. You have an attractive personality, and your relationships with others tend to be intrusive and coercive, there can be a lot of jealousy and possessiveness in them, since each of you tries to control the other, and there are many ways to do this. You love to manipulate people, using many clever ways. You resort to guilt, omissions, and blatantly false accusations in order to maintain your power over others.

Your feelings can be so compelling that sometimes you do things that aren't rational at all. You periodically undergo some kind of upheaval, severing all ties with people and things and starting something new from the very beginning. You are probably very definite in your decisions, stubborn and adamant. You find it difficult to listen to other people's ideas and suggestions because you feel the need to be right all the time. It's hard for you to forgive and forget. You must develop your consciousness in such a way that you perceive others as they really are, and not as you would like them to be. Your emotions are extremely strong and difficult to control. You can become obsessed with security or money.

Your task is to learn to control the emotional upheavals that occur within you. You find it difficult to completely trust those you love, as you fear that you will end up rejected because of your perceived inferiority. Therefore, you are constantly challenged in your relationship in order to achieve inner growth. These lessons are meant to teach you to trust those you love and care about.


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