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Trigon Moon – Ascendant. Healers of human souls

The aspect of talent and ease of achieving goals removes obstacles and attracts useful connections. Unlike the sextile, which gives the chances to prove itself, the trine turns on the native’s abilities at full power, so it is impossible not to notice him. The moon is associated with psychology, esoterics, medicine and astrology, as well as creativity, where you need to give all of yourself in a stream of emotions – poetry, literature, acting and singing.

But the main gift of the trine Moon carrier – the Ascendant – is the ability to take care of people and heal souls with one presence or conversation in private. Women will play a fateful role in life: mother, sisters, girlfriends, patrons, but if during sextile they push to make a decision, then it is possible that all the hard work will be done by them for the native, and he will only have to put on a laurel wreath woven in advance.

Trigon Luna – Ascendant features

However, there is no selfishness here. The kindness of the owner of the aspect awakens the desire to help him and remove obstacles on the way to the goal. For example, these people do not get along very well with the bureaucratic system and are lost with a rough formal attitude, as well as dreamy, naive, which complicates the accumulation of finances. All this is organized by partners loving a person. In cooperation with friends and colleagues consonant with the soul, the carrier of the trine Moon – Ascendant blooms and boldly shows the world talents and creative innovation.

It is equally important for men and women to receive an emotional response for the work done, be it kind words or applause. If the night star is in the signs of fire, then the dependence on admiration from the outside is great, but when positioning in the element of water, you must always see sincerely loving eyes nearby and lean on a reliable shoulder.

Music occupies a huge place in life, and with additional favorable aspects with Neptune and the position of the Moon in Taurus , an unusually clear, beautiful voice is characteristic. Thanks to music, fateful acquaintances with a future husband or wife, friends and bosses can occur. Other gifts from trine:

  • warm glow of the aura, soulful light gaze, gracefulness, rounded shapes in women and youthful charm in men;
  • the ability to instantly find friends and assistants, maintain useful connections, charm interlocutors;
  • rich imagination, elegant rhetoric, sophisticated manners;
  • feelings are manifested easily and freely, the native is not shy about emotions, even if he cries in the process of experiences or creativity, it looks natural;
  • the gift of a healer, herbalist, magician, astrologer and fortuneteller;
  • a high level of personal energy, which allows you to heal with your hands;
  • heightened intuition, prophetic dreams, insights in meditation.
  • family orientation, subtle perception of beauty, aversion to vices.

After experiencing stress, it is easy to recover energy in close contact with nature. Rest on the sea, lake and river is shown.

Love and marriage with trigon Moon – Ascendant

Since the image of the mother had a dominant influence on the idea of ​​a happy world and the worldview in general, the native will look for a life partner, relying on the key features and appearance of the mother.

However, if the chosen ones of the owners of the Moon-Ascendant trine can give them a feeling of joy and freedom that they experienced in childhood with their parents, then their appearance will not matter. The position of the Moon in the horoscope will tell you which partner is ideal: if it is in a fire sign, then the native will fall in love with a bright representative of this element, with the lit Sun in Leo, Aries or Sagittarius. Men will be charmed by women with Venus and the Moon in the same signs.

The owners of the aspect are loving and faithful companions, for whom children and family will always be in the first place, and work in the second, although it is important for them to be creative and so that no one bothers at this time, so they do not mind shifting everyday issues to a partner. The main thing that trine carriers expect from a husband or wife is comfort and safety. If it is, then they will not go to the side.

Practical interaction with the trigon Moon – Ascendant

The moon appears in a person’s life much earlier than the influence of a rising sign. These are emotions received from the mother in the first hours and years of life, unconscious and eternal, which determines social communication along the Ascendant only later. However, in the native’s case, it is important to separate the close connection with the mother from professional aspirations, to fulfill your dream with her support, and not sacrifice your own desires in gratitude for love. Success will be in any case, but happiness is possible only in the second option.

You should also gain independence as early as possible and defend the right to your decisions and even mistakes. Professions should be chosen with an internal message of helping other people – medicine, cosmetology, astrology, diplomacy, psychotherapy, pedagogy, but also do not forget about creativity with the motivation to give joy and inspire positive emotions: write poetry, play in films and theater, draw and sing …

Having chosen one of these directions, the native will be surprised how magically the circumstances will begin to develop so that he can fulfill his destiny.

Protection from enemies and help to find inner confidence Stones-mascots: rock crystal , pearls , cacholong , Belomoro and opaque opal . They should be set in 925 sterling silver.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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