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Moon conjunction – Ascendant. Home wizards

Conjunction is a powerful aspect that unites the qualities of the planets with a strong emotional intensity. It is included in circumstances affecting matters for which the members of the union are responsible. In a neutral situation, the zodiac sign, in which the planets stand, is in the first place. For example, Mars in Capricorn , considered a pragmatist and careerist, having fallen in love, suddenly begins to write poetry, thanks to the tandem with Neptune, because passion includes the energy of creativity.

The position of the Moon on the Ascendant makes the areas of activity of the night luminary as important as possible for the native. If there are negative factors, then fate will put before a choice: career or motherhood, company affairs or a happy home life. Harmonious Moon helps to find a calling in the family: the keepers of the hearth and educators of children, healers and herbalists.

The influence of the conjunction of the Moon and the Ascendant on fate

The aspect makes the native incredibly emotional and sensual, bestowing fantastic empathy: the ability to feel the mood of others and intuitively understand the source of inner pain. Thanks to this, from an early age, a person acquires the fame of a born healer, psychologist and good friend. Despite the uncontrollable swings of the emotional state and resentment, he is always ready to help, especially if the conjunction of the Moon and the Ascendant is in water signs.

Home cosiness and comfort, a friendly atmosphere in the family are necessary for confidence and tranquility, helping to enable the gift of clairvoyance and telepathy even on a practical level. This will contribute to ease of dating and communication, as well as prosperity in trade and marketing: the native knows exactly what the buyer needs. The image of the mother is of great importance. Psychological stability and social success completely depends on her behavior, because the bearer of the aspect, disliked and exhausted by criticism, simply does not have enough resources to reveal talents. The conjunction of the Moon and the Ascendant affects both mentality and appearance:

  • equivalence of consciousness and sensuality: live by emotions, not hiding them;
  • the ability to put oneself in the place of another person, rich emotionality;
  • strong spiritual base, religiosity, interest in the occult, astrology;
  • tendency to be overweight, feminine body shapes, rounded face, chubby cheeks;
  • gentleness, tact, warmth in communication, compassion, sentimentality;
  • the desire to help the sick and the poor, poetry, the gift of an artist and a philosopher;
  • affection for home and mother often becomes dependent on the family’s opinion.

Additional aspects from the conjunction of the Moon and the Ascendant will show partners and significant areas of activity in the native’s life. Trines and sextiles indicate success and happy opportunities for a career and marriage, and squares and oppositions indicate obstacles and problems that require working through lunar resources: intuition, magic, creativity.

Love and marriage at the conjunction of the Moon and the Ascendant

The influence of the connection is manifested in different ways in the male and female cards. In the first case, it is not only the connection with the mother, but also the image of the wife. Secondly – own motherhood and relationships with children.

A man with this aspect is somewhat effeminate in appearance and is under strong maternal care. Even protesting against this, he subconsciously copies her views, habits and way of thinking, repeating fate. As a result, a woman with the Sun and the Moon in the same zodiac sign, where he has an aspect, will have a fateful effect on the native: she will protect and help in her career, heal or cause irrepressible affection, which is stronger than sexual passion.

In any case, for a man of this type, a warm, homely atmosphere and a wife like a mother are needed.

A woman with the conjunction of the Moon and the Ascendant also strives to be like a mother, but in social manifestations, choosing the same profession. If the parent was a housewife, then the daughter will want to repeat the same fate, investing in children. Their success at school, victories in creative contests, prosperity in their careers warm the heart of the aspect owner.

She sees her calling in creating a wonderful home, cooking and home medicine. An exception is the Moon in fire and earth signs, but then a woman simply expands her spheres of influence, striving to succeed at work, and at the same time keep the house clean and tidy. A career is not a reason to give up freshly prepared meals and baked goods for lunch. Often the connection of the Moon and the Ascendant is an indicator of success in freelancing.

Practical interaction with the conjunction of the Moon and the Ascendant

For well-being in all spheres of life, the native needs to establish relationships with the mother, because resentment, anger and irritation literally block the energy of success. In a difficult situation, forgiveness and acceptance of parents as they are is the only way to gain strength on the path of personal destiny. The zodiac sign of the 1st field of the horoscope will also affect the qualities of the moon.

The fiery native will find itself in theater, sports, politics, the water native – in medicine and psychology, the earthy one – in business, the air one – in diplomacy and pedagogy. It is necessary to deal with suspiciousness, resentment and not to miss happy opportunities, plunging into leisurely everyday life at home.

The second karmic task is the ability to manage your emotions. Not suppress, but direct to a productive channel, creating instead of destruction. This will help water sports, meditation, painting, charity, communication with wise women.

You can enhance the qualities of the night luminary with the help of mascot stones: beryl , rock crystal , moonstone , aquamarine , cacholong , white opal , but you also need to take into account the sign and the element where the connection is located.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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