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Aspects of the Moon and Uranus

Moon conjunct Uranus

You are independent and constantly crave emotional excitement. You just need emotional freedom, so you love breaking the rules and taking risks. Your mood changes with the speed of the wind, and no one knows what to expect from you in the next moment. You have a strange and unusual sense of humor, and you enjoy your sometimes crazy and strange antics. Something new and modern is inherent in you, while you do not tolerate traditional and limited customs and patterns of thought. You are attracted to unusual, creative and extraordinary people, as well as unconventional lifestyle or living conditions.

You have a keen intuition and love to follow your hunches as often as possible. You can be quite stubborn at times, and you need to learn to control your emotions, that is, develop self-control. You may be prone to accidents because you are always in a hurry and have a hard time paying attention to what you are doing. Sometimes you can be very reckless. You have an energizing energy and people love you for being a “living person”. You want to live your life in an interesting way and do everything for this. You are constantly on the move and it is quite difficult for you to just pick up and calm down. You can get bored quickly, so you take on many projects at once, hoping that the thrill will continue, although you are not very strong at completing what you already started. You have an original mind with a very vivid imagination, and also developed inventive abilities and there is an interest in the occult arts, perhaps even astrology. Your relationship, as a rule, starts out of the blue and ends as quickly as it began.
Aspects of the Moon and Uranus

Moon in harmony with Uranus

Your mind is quite alert, quick and original, you also have developed intuition and a rather vivid imagination. You have an inventive ability and a commitment to the occult arts and sciences. You have an interest and aptitude for astrology, electronics, and computers. You are relaxed and very spontaneous, and often do something unexpected or funny in order to stir people up or unsettle them. You crave emotional nourishment, excitement, surprises, or something new.

You love to feel free and liberated. Your life is full of unusual experiences that bring sudden and unexpected changes. You have a lot of original ideas, concepts and goals that can be very useful to people, and you see all sides of any issue or problem. But you may lack the necessary persistence to take the appropriate action. You are creative, entertaining, original and lucky. You are attracted by everything new and different, as long as it brings joy into your life. You acknowledge the need to control emotional outbursts.

Inharmonious aspects of the Moon with Uranus

You are emotionally unstable and unpredictable, and your mood can change out of the blue. You are extremely independent and do not like restraint. You like everything that is strange, unusual, unacceptable and unconventional. That being said, you cannot stick to something long enough to get any success. You lack self-control and self-discipline. You crave excitement, change and discovery and can't stand routine or lifestyle without surprises, surprises or problems. Excited, spontaneous, with a lot of enthusiasm for everything new, you can be perceived by others as too impulsive, especially in personal relationships.

You, of course, do not want to feel attached, just as it is not easy for you to keep your commitments and promises, since you do not know how your plans and feelings will change from day to day. You do everything on a whim, and your needs always come first. Family life is usually very unstable, as are relationships with women in general. There is a need to control your unpredictable emotional reactions to others. At times you can be both quite detached and very friendly. This confuses others. There are times when you hesitate to connect with others, because you think that they are encroaching on your freedom, and you need to feel free, without any obligations. The difficulty lies in learning to control your sudden,

When you are emotionally upset, you act without thinking – this exposes you to accidents. You are an excitable and nervous person who has a problem sitting still for a long time. You love extraordinary experiences and love to shock people. Your desire for freedom makes it impossible for you to stay in one place for a long time, or even maybe with one person. You need to learn how to count to ten before you lose your temper – this will help control yourself from unpredictable surges.


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