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Aspects of the Moon and Mercury

Moon conjunct Mercury

You are interested in the motives, feelings, personal life and problems of other people. You are a compassionate listener, but you love to endlessly discuss your own experiences and feelings. You have a talent for making people open up to you and tell you everything about your life, dreams, desires and other things that are too important to them. People are constantly reaching out to you for your advice and support. This ability could help you become an excellent interviewer, reporter, or biographer. You are a psychologist and natural counselor. It is important to control your penchant for idle talk and gossip.

You may be interested in studying something ancient such as history, archeology, genealogy and other subjects. You want to know where your roots come from. Other areas that interest you are psychology, symbolism, mythology, and the study of various languages. This aspect endows wit, intelligence, a subtle sense of humor and superficiality. You have a keen and discerning mind and a good memory, but sometimes they are clouded by emotional biases. You love change and variety and most likely love travel. Because your emotions and rational thinking are so closely related, you are constantly hesitant, sometimes overly logical, sometimes overly emotional.
Aspects of the Moon and Mercury

Moon in harmony with Mercury

You have a great mind and can easily remember faces, names and past events. You are a great speaker and educator as you put your feelings and heart into what you are trying to convey to others. Acquiring and sharing knowledge is very important to you, so you put in a lot of effort to keep abreast of the latest developments. You are a born advisor, in view of the fact that you can calmly listen to people and are especially attentive to their problems. You are supportive and able to help them gain self-confidence. People trust you and share their problems, knowing that you will not judge them. The ability to understand between the lines of what others are talking about and the talent to tell people what they really need to hear are highly developed in you.

You probably keep some kind of diary or journal where you write down your thoughts and emotions, returning to it periodically to learn from your previous experience. You definitely have a talent for learning foreign languages. You tend to think clearly and logically because your emotions and thoughts are in harmony. Because you are so hypersensitive to other people's feelings, you are able to express the needs of others before they tell you. This is very reassuring to people by letting them know that you understand their feelings. You have the ability to communicate your ideas and concepts both orally and in writing. You love variety, travel, communication and reading, and also with this aspect you have a literary or writing talent, as it undoubtedly strengthens and benefits your intellect.

Inharmonious aspects of the Moon with Mercury

You express yourself clearly and articulate your speech, expressive and witty, but you may lack persistence and depth, both in thought and action. Your memory is not so good and you lack mental stability. It is quite difficult for you to make any decision, due to the strong anxiety about trifles that never happen. Your nervous habits can irritate those around you. You have a tendency to gossip behind the backs of people, and also misrepresent everything for your own purposes. A natural interest in people, their inner motives, feelings, personal life and experiences makes you a born listener with a talent for making people talk about their lives, dreams, desires – things that are personally significant to them.

You have a particular interest in the past. You enjoy sharing stories about your ancestors, and they usually also relate to personal family history (childhood and early family experiences, genealogy, etc.) or historical public information (archeology, mythology, history, etc.). You are nostalgic and love to listen to other people's stories from life and discuss your own experiences and feelings.

You must balance your mind and emotions by identifying the causes of your emotional reactions. At times, you tend to be both completely logical and completely emotional. You have a sharp mind, but you may have a sharp tongue that hurts other people. You would be hesitant to speak before making sure your words are constructive and accurate, combining feelings and reason. You are excitable, restless and nervous, and can be very irritable at times. You have a great need for love and understanding.


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