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Moon and Saturn Aspects

Moon conjunct Saturn

You tend to be serious and emotionally reserved. You probably didn't have a happy childhood where you were able to play a lot and express yourself in a spontaneous and sincere manner. You are cautious and do not always allow others to get close to you, and sometimes you feel the need to move away from people completely. You feel isolated and lonely even when you are with other people. You have learned to value your company and keep yourself occupied with solitary activities in order to maintain emotional well-being. You are an ambitious person who wants to find areas in life in which you can excel.

You take your responsibilities very seriously and are willing to work long and hard to finish what you started. You have extraordinary organizational skills. You strive to control and gain a position of power and authority – this is what drives you. Perhaps this is your defense mechanism, as if showing the world that you are worthy of the love and respect that you may have lacked while growing up. Cold Saturn suppresses your emotions, limiting your influence, so you can be a little shy with a tendency towards dark, melancholic and depressive moods. And since thoughts are material, this attitude only brings you what you think about.

You can easily doubt your own abilities, which is why you are so passionate about proving something. Your constant need for self-affirmation can alienate your friends and loved ones. You must learn to deal with your fears and insecurities – this will not make your situation worse. You are extremely sensitive and worry too much about what others think of you. You lack self-respect. But on the other hand, this aspect helps to stabilize the emotional character, deepens the mind and gives more strength for concentration. You must cultivate an optimistic attitude. Strive to open yourself up to others and take a new path, helping them instead of worrying only about your own small problems and worries.
Moon and Saturn Aspects

Moon in harmony with Saturn

You must be well disciplined and in control of your emotions, as this aspect tends to stabilize them even in the worst situations. Poise and balance allows you to act calmly and effectively in an environment where most of the people around you are losing their heads. You are also able to be objective during times of emotional stress. This aspect deepens the mind and gives strong concentration and focus. The strong sense of responsibility you have in you affects the way others can count on you and keep your promises. You are loyal to your friends and loved ones and always support them.

In difficult situations, you are able to remain calm and find the right solution. You like being busy and seeing the visible results of your efforts. You tend to be conservative, traditional, and serious in your way of thinking. There are likely times when you find it difficult to express your affection for others. You must learn to project warmth and love for people and tell them how you feel. You are independent, planned, organized, careful and thrifty in business affairs and tactful and diplomatic in your dealings with others. Your patience and perseverance seems endless. You are responsible and reliable, noble and fair.

Inharmonious aspects of the Moon with Saturn

You are very ambitious, but the real pitfall in this aspect is self-doubt. You do not believe in yourself and your capabilities, talents and skills. You believe that you have nothing to attract others. You have low self-esteem and low self-confidence. This is one of the reasons why you are so busy with your work trying to show yourself to others. You are full of uncertainty and fear of failure, while constantly fearing that what you have, no matter how significant it may be, may be taken from you. You are lonely and difficult to open up to others and at the same time do not find a feeling of closeness with anyone.

You think you can buy someone else's affection and trust. It doesn't work that way – you have to deserve it. You should also understand that others cannot love you until you first love yourself. You need constant confidence that you are loved so much that over time it can become a burden for your loved ones. There is an urgent need for you to reconsider the meaning of emotional resilience.

You often feel like you have to do something or be someone other than who you really are in order to gain the approval and acceptance of those around you. You are very sensitive to criticism and easily feel abandoned or forgotten, and while you may seem cold and detached, in fact you are deeply concerned about your integration into society. Because of your susceptibility, it may seem like an easier solution for you to hide in the sink than to take the risk of receiving the emotional blows and bruises that can occur if you let others into your personal space.

You are reserved and careful in establishing close emotional contact with others – this is quite difficult for you. You can gain inner confidence and emotional strength through periods of loneliness if you accept them as a time for nurturing and developing yourself and your own interests, not just loneliness. You are prone to bouts of depression, anxiety and frustration. There are also delays and obstacles in the way of your achievements. Sometimes it seems that the whole world is against you, and you must shoulder the whole burden of the world. You need to learn to overcome your feeling of absolute loneliness – this is not what it really is.

These feelings stem from the inability to express your emotions – this is what gives you a sense of distance from others. In past lives, you tried to love and be affectionate, but you were rejected, and in this life you are afraid of love, because you feel that you can be rejected again. You should know that emotional resilience is based on a good philosophy of life and not on other people. Although you are a controlled, serious and down-to-earth person, the warm and affectionate personality trapped inside is just waiting to get out. But it also poses risks of being emotionally hurt again. There is no other choice – you learn through experience.

This is perhaps the single most powerful aspect of a horoscope. Your greatest asset is the ability to learn from experience, even if you have made many mistakes, your self-knowledge is your salvation. When you are severely depressed, desperate, or have made mistakes, you can look yourself right in the face and start building your life the way you would like it. You have a huge advantage over others who are not affected by the psychic energy and psychological mood that this aspect gives.


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