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Aspects of the Moon and Venus

Moon conjunct Venus

You are a very sympathetic, compassionate and sympathetic person, always ready to help someone who needs it. You are affectionate and no matter who is next to you, you are ready to nurture and, like a mother, take care of his needs. You want to find a partner who values ​​marriage, home, and family as much as you do. You are offended by rudeness, cruelty and bad manners. You have charm and grace, and you feel right at home in any social environment. You are an unsurpassed hostess or host, because as always you give people your hospitality and respect. You are a wonderful listener, and people come to you with their problems, because they know that you will not judge them or try to control them and their actions.

You probably have a talent and aptitude for art, music, or a beautiful singing voice. You are a little conceited about your appearance and can be a little lazy at times, which keeps you from getting your hands dirty with some of the dirty work that we all have to face. You are very fond of fatty and sugary foods, so you should exercise more self-control in this area. You tend to overeat when your emotions are shaken. Failure to do so in moderation can cause further health problems. You are not particularly fond of playing sports and working hard.

You have a warm and friendly personality that makes you very popular even if you are shy on the inside. You have a love of beauty, harmony, peace and luxury, and your artistic skills can be useful to you in achieving success in tailoring, creating floral arrangements or interior design. In general, this aspect provides good health, supportive relationships, financial well-being, although there may be fluctuations due to the habit of uncontrolled spending, and convenience in life. There is a great love of pleasure that needs to be controlled.
Aspects of the Moon and Venus

Moon in harmony with Venus

You instinctively know how to give people a sense of value, love, care, acceptance, and reliability. Your thoughtfulness and daily good deeds make you loved by everyone. You enjoy relationships with women. You are emotionally filled with talents for artistic expression, be it painting, poetry, music or singing. You have a love for beauty, harmony and luxury. This is reflected in the creation of a home for yourself and your loved ones. You don't like talkativeness and bad manners. Love for overly sweet foods or overeating should be controlled.

Your tendency to take the easy route must be controlled. You can be lazy at times. People love you because they feel you care for them. You are popular, loved by everyone and it is pleasant and fun to communicate with you. In general, you love people and adore working with the public. You are pleasant and attractive, and you are also a great host or hostess. You have learned to balance your emotional needs, so you no longer have the desire to control and hold on to the one you love.

Inharmonious aspects of the Moon with Venus

Your habits can irritate others. You may have bad manners, bad breath, or smell bad due to poor personal hygiene, or have habits that just annoy others. At times, you can be lazy and refuse to take on dirty work, preferring to leave it to others, while sitting and reaping the benefits for yourself. You know exactly how to tell people what they would like to hear, regardless of whether it is fair or not to them. You may have conflicting emotional desires and needs that complicate your love life.

Trying to please those you care about, you run the risk of losing yourself and becoming a different person in the end, becoming unhappy and overwhelmed. It can also become a problem for you to determine who you need for a relationship – a mother or a lover. If your need for love is emotionally not being met, then overeating (especially sweets) can be a problem for you. Although the tendency to overeat fatty and sugary foods, as well as emotional imbalance, is strong enough in you – this compensates for the feeling of lack of something. You are unsure of yourself and do not have a very high opinion of yourself. You may consider yourself ugly or unattractive in some way, regardless of what others say about you.

You must learn to be emotionally resilient and stand up for what you believe in. The need and need for the love of others is typical for you, thanks to it you feel confident, but if this love disappears, it destroys you. You are a very warm and loving person, but you must understand that you cannot have everything. We have all had loved ones — countless souls — in all of our previous incarnations here on Earth; there is never a final goodbye for love, and you have always reunited with those you love. Anything opposite to this is just an illusion.

Money leaves as quickly as it comes, sometimes even faster. You tend to be led by your desires, overly extravagant and too desire for a luxurious life. The tendency to take easy paths to achieve your goals and the lack of the ability to defend your rights and beliefs are very characteristic of you. You are especially sensitive to your personal popularity, while most likely having an inferiority complex. The challenges that fate throws at you will help you develop courage and learn to defend your beliefs. You have a strong emotional need for love and recognition, so very often you try to avoid unpleasant and conflict situations. By standing up for your personal beliefs, you can develop strength of character and will, while remaining yourself – this will make you much happier.


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