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Opposition Mercury – Ascendant. The devil’s advocates for fun

The opposition between an ascending horoscope sign and a separate planet creates constant internal tension and rushing between completely different life attitudes and principles. The contradiction is all the more strong if the elements of the zodiac signs are opposite to each other. At best, a person will move from one position of the worldview to another, following a new system of values, and at worst, he will turn into a servant of two masters. For example, at work he is helpful and trouble-free, but at home he is prickly and sarcastic.

The owners of the opposition Mercury – Ascendant do not miss the opportunity to get involved in the discussion, even if it does not apply to them personally, trying to demonstrate their mental abilities. The only problem is that they are not 100% sure of their wit and humor, which sometimes puts them in an awkward position. The other extreme is the desire to please everyone, so their opinions and arguments are not taken seriously. Because of this, the native waits for the majority to speak out and joins the strongest.

Features of the opposition Mercury – Ascendant

Men and women with this aspect are very fond of shining in society and will not miss a single secular intellectual event. If Mercury is in the 7th house , then it is there that they will meet a life partner, and if the planet of erudition is in the 6th sector, then an attempt to become one of the members of the higher social circle can seriously affect the health of the nervous system.

Opposition with age contributes to the growth of a huge potential of energy, which, when used correctly, gives the talent of an orator, diplomat, trader through the flexibility of communication, wit and the talent of a negotiator.

One thing is required, but the main condition is self-confidence. Holders of Mercury retrograde in Natal will have a harder time. Clever thoughts and correct decisions come to them with a delay, when the disputes and discussions are already over, which means they need to think over the scenarios for the development of events in advance and come up with blanks of possible answers. Other features of the influence of the opposition Mercury – Ascendant:

  • curiosity, both in terms of the need to constantly read, study, travel, and interest in gossip, other people’s affairs and conversations;
  • talkativeness, the desire to put oneself in the center of everyone’s attention, arguing and shouting over others;
  • the second extreme is the fear of expressing an independent point of view and becoming a laughingstock; they prefer to speak last both in the exam and during discussions;
  • the temptation to tease and provoke other people out of boredom, especially with additional aspects with Lilith and Chiron;
  • the need to play devil’s advocate, defending the correctness of arguments, in fact, absolutely unimportant to oneself, for the sake of rhetorical exercises;
  • change of philosophy, worldview, religion, universities or getting a multidisciplinary education: humanitarian after technical and vice versa.

Without communication, the native cannot think of existence. The more interlocutors there are, the more diplomatic and resourceful the aspect’s wards will be.

Love and partnership with opposition Mercury – Ascendant

The opposition does not promote strong emotional ties. Men and women under her influence are practical and even somewhat cynical with age. They are frightened by overly sensual and passionate fans who do not know how to control behavior.

But the intellectual community, the same goals and high erudition will attract the carriers of the opposition Mercury – Ascendant faster than romantic poems and cute surprises. The sextile or trine with Venus changes the situation, adding voluptuousness and coquetry to the Mercurian dryness.

In any case, it is better for native partners to choose the owners of Mars, Venus and the Sun in air signs. In marriage, the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart talk, argue and even quarrel is important. Often, the choice falls on a less educated or very young partner, against whom one can feel like an expert in all the secrets of the Universe. In friendship and love, close people serve as a kind of mirror, showing the native how he looks from the outside. Everything that annoys them is in him.

Harmonization of opposition Mercury – Ascendant

It is necessary to analyze the best qualities of the Ascendant and the position of the planet in the sign of the zodiac and, on their basis, write your personal system of life values ​​in order to clearly understand what principles should be guided in professional activity and communication.

Opposition carriers most often choose the path of a lawyer and a diplomat, but playing devil’s advocate for the sake of interest in feeling themselves in different roles, they lose their sense of proportion and reality, forgetting who they really are. This is the first step towards erroneous decisions and the temptations of intrigue.

It is important for the owners of the opposition Mercury – Ascendant to share their experiences with loved ones, comprehensively discussing the problem out loud, otherwise restless thought images will simply tear the mind from the inside, provoking insomnia and depression. This is especially obvious for the carriers of the planet of erudition in the 6th house.

Jewelry with natural stones will help keep the balance of mind and feelings, and will also attract an intelligent and empathetic partner. For carriers of the opposition Mercury – Ascendant , emerald , malachite , citrine , green aventurine , heliotrope and apatite possess harmonizing properties .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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