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Trigon Mercury – Ascendant. Optimistic intellectuals

Trigon (trine) is an auspicious aspect and brings good luck throughout life, if you develop the talents that it affects. When Mercury is involved , which is responsible for eloquence, sociability, flexibility of thinking and enterprise, together with the symbol of social success of the Ascendant , it is obvious that the control of mental energy is the fate of the native.

But the very aspect of the creative nature, which means that it is not a techie, but an eternally playing child, for whom even politics and diplomacy is a fun and exciting process and an occasion to show erudition, sharpness of mind and rhetorical ability. The sense of humor here is excellent, and thanks to it, carriers of the trine Mercury – Ascendant can win the most hopeless games in business and law, as well as take first place in the elite of show business.

Possibilities of the trigon Mercury – Ascendant

The speed of action and the charm of youth are the first impressions of men and women with this aspect. They instantly find their bearings in an unfamiliar team, on stage, they know how to get out of an awkward situation with brilliance and applause.

Adds charisma with an additional connection with Chiron, which usually by itself does not give such wit and optimism as in combination with the trigon Mercury – Ascendant. However, with the 12th house full, there is a possibility of turning into an intriguing mocker and becoming a threat to a decent society or an outcast.

But if the planet of the mind is in the 3rd or 5th house , the native is the soul of the company. A pronounced need for communication on topics of literature, music, cinema prompts to look for an intellectually developed environment, and accordingly, automatically elevates to the right social strata, meeting the needs of the Ascendant in self-expression. This path is faster for the owners of an ascending sign in the element of air and fire, but there are more mistakes there.

If it is located in the spheres of influence of water and earth, then the native thinks more and calculates the consequences of communication and acquaintances. Other nuances of trigone influence should not be overlooked:

  • the need to read, study in different directions, develop both scientific knowledge and acting skills, especially if Mercury is in the 9th and 5th houses;
  • emotional sensitivity, vivid imagination, combined with the ability to concentrate on business and attention to detail;
  • the ability to convince others that you are right, attract supporters, sponsors, bargain and get favorable conditions for cooperation;
  • the ability to convey even complex information simply and accessible to others;
  • love for intellectual collective quests, adventures and travel, where useful connections are made at the same time;
  • risk is perceived as an element of a fun game, a person gladly accepts the challenge of competitors and does not get upset in case of loss;
  • money comes easily, and spending is associated with receiving guests, jewelry, travel.

Holders of the trine Mercury – Ascendant are advised to calm their incredibly mobile mind, keeping their hands busy with applied creativity. These are wood carving, knitting, embroidery, modeling, mosaic and painting. Business trips and trips to major cities will have a beneficial effect on social advancement.

Love and marriage under the trine Mercury – Ascendant

Men and women with this aspect are charming and happily flirt with pretty members of the opposite sex. It’s fun and interesting with them, the ease of communication captivates, and erudition commands respect. However, the ability to quickly make friends and useful connections, a host of fans in reality and on the Internet does not mean that the native opens his soul wide open.

Trigon Mercury – Ascendant creates a social mask of a jovial joker, behind which the true face of a spiritually developed intellectual with a need for a strong feeling and an equal partner in mind is hidden, with whom you can not only joke and attend social events, but also develop.

The dream of men and women with such a trigon is a family joint venture. The carriers of Venus and Mars in the signs of air and fire are suitable for them. At the same time, one must be prepared that the native can easily offend with a word and not even notice it.

Practical interaction with the trigon Mercury – Ascendant

Men and women with this type of trigone are created for intellectual activity and peacemaking. Physical labor annoys them, as well as the daily routine without the opportunity to expand knowledge and receive new diplomas. The most suitable job is to work in a large company with the possibility of growth and advanced training.

Prestige inspires labor exploits, so the owners of the Mercury-Ascendant trine will prefer to start with a small position in a famous corporation, ignoring the high salary in an unknown company. Intellectual unity and a sense of humor are more important for them than spiritual qualities and sexual attraction, therefore, in their youth, they are faced with the betrayal of their so-called friends and do not feel passion for the opposite sex, respectively, intimate relationships can bring disappointment.

A too developed mind with a weak Venus does not allow the heart chakra to bloom. To maintain harmony, astrologers recommend wearing natural green stones, enhancing both the Mercurian vibrations and the energy of love. Nativ fit emeralds , malachite , tsavorite, jade , peridot, jade and green tourmaline.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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