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Conjunction Mercury – Ascendant. Cunning Odysseus

Connection is the most powerful and complex aspect of the horoscope, which cannot be unequivocally attributed to good or negative influences. It all depends on the level of development of the owner of the natal chart and the planets participating in the conjunction. In any case, this is power in its purest form, like a flame that warms or burns from the inside, so you need to learn to control it.

The conjunction of Mercury and the Ascendant emphasizes the crucial role of erudition and eloquence in achieving success in society. The native is logical, consistent and intelligent by nature, although later he hones his intellect to perfection and loves to shine with knowledge in public. In communication, she knows how to adapt to the level of knowledge of the interlocutor, and in a dispute she can easily convince that the earth is square, just for the sake of laughter.

The influence of the Mercury-Ascendant conjunction on fate

Any success of the owner of the aspect depends on intellectual activity, so from a young age you need to invest in a multifaceted education, read and communicate with different social strata in order to develop diplomacy and empathy. They are sometimes lacking for an overly practical, cunning native, especially if the conjunction of Mercury is the Ascendant in Virgo or Capricorn together with Venus, or the planet of love in these signs forms opposition to it.

Mercury in the 1st house means heightened sociability and talkativeness, when they do not climb into their pockets for a word, but they can harm themselves, and in the 12th house it means a love of reading and philosophical contemplation.

The native’s entourage is young intellectuals. He will always look for friends, colleagues and partners younger than himself, hot and inspiring enemies of tradition, with whom it is fun to argue and playfully create a new reality. If there is support for Uranus, then it is a brilliant innovator-inventor. The carrier of the conjunction of Mercury and the Ascendant draws strength and energy from conversations with people, oratorical speeches and even from disputes. Other characteristic manifestations of the conjunction:

  • curiosity, quick learning, the ability to make the impression of a genius professor even with minimal knowledge;
  • writing talent bordering on inspired lies;
  • deductive ability: taking a detail or an insignificant fact as a basis, creates a complete picture;
  • success in journalism, science, forensics, medicine, politics, trade;
  • confidence in intellectual superiority, arrogance, a tendency to communicate with the circle of the elect, especially if Mercury is in the 12th house;
  • literary talent supported by Neptune;
  • the gift of a detective with harmonious aspects with Pluto and Mars.

Negative connections with other planets, Chiron and Lilith, contribute to the transformation of an erudite Nobel Prize contender into a fraudulent adventurer who builds such ingenious enrichment schemes that the police cannot keep up with him.

Love and marriage at the conjunction of Mercury and the Ascendant

The aspect also affects the native’s appearance. Men and women with this compound give the impression of a perpetual motion machine. They really are much more effective than others who manage to materialize their plans, are practical and are able to solve many issues at the same time, but success in their careers does not always translate into personal relationships.

The owners of the Mercury-Ascendant conjunction are always in nervous tension and high-strung emotions, ready to rush into an argument and defend their beliefs, skillfully applying rhetoric techniques, and then wonder why the suitors ran away and did not call back.

The second mistake is the emphasis on intelligence, emphasizing its genius and originality. Male and female partners are afraid of the prospect of looking stupid against the background of such an outstanding person and prefer to find an easier companion. This behavior is especially typical for the Ascendants in Virgo , Leo , Libra and Gemini . Only those who are equal in mind, or, at least, those who admire the native’s numerous talents, humble workers, who will provide him with comfortable conditions for sharpening his intellect, should become the chosen ones.

Practical interaction with the Mercury-Ascendant conjunction

A love of reading, a well-rounded education, career achievement, and victory in discussion often create a dominance of reason and practical gain at the expense of sensibility, intuition, and empathy. The mind is not only a talent for comparing facts and dates, but also an understanding of the world order and psychology at a subtle level, compassion and empathy. When the owners of the Mercury-Ascendant conjunction realize the breadth of their mission to bring the light of enlightenment to the masses not only by demonstrating knowledge, but through a creative and tactful approach to the interlocutor, then the whole world will applaud them.

In addition, the study of foreign languages, psychology, pedagogy, computer technology will help to succeed. Nervous tension is relieved by sports that do not require prolonged overvoltage: table tennis, baseball, long and high jumps, race walking, water aerobics. Lessons in a theater studio will help you relax and start trusting the world.

The talismans that enhance the positive energy of the connection are shown: emerald , heliotrope , citrine , green jasper . They are especially effective for unlocking the potential of Mercury in the 12th house . For a more accurate selection of the amulet, the zodiac sign in which the connection is located is taken into account.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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