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Mercury Sextile – Ascendant. Cicero on the podium

The influence of Mercury on a person’s life is almost identical to the manifestations of the Ascendant, because without a sharp mind, ease of communication, support for useful connections and erudition, social success and a brilliant career are impossible. But if the ascending sign determines external behavior, then Mercury controls the deep processes of the mind, which stops the choice on an effective algorithm for interacting with society. The sextile that connects them is just a gift from heaven.

People around him accept the native’s ideas with open arms, it is fun and interesting with him, which means there are always friends and like-minded people, a team to embody the most daring ideas. In the absence of negative aspects with Mars, one can not be afraid of conflicts and intrigues, but hands and mind should be busy with useful work, because boredom pushes the owner of the horoscope to quarrels and picks, especially if one of the sextile participants is in Gemini, Aries or Leo.

Influence of sextile Mercury – Ascendant on destiny

The childish and mischievous bearer of the aspect remains lean, energetic and youthful in appearance until old age. A huge supply of energy creates a strong nervous tension if there is no way to pour it out into intellectual activity, communication, discussions, solving urgent problems through negotiations and agreements. This makes the owner of the horoscope happy, so the circle of communication should be wide from childhood. Higher education is obligatory, otherwise there will be a severe depression from the inability to fulfill the mission.

However, with the support of Uranus , a person will find ways to introduce inventions and break stereotypes, but doing this will be more difficult than playing by the rules. To choose a profession, you need to take into account the house and the sign of the position of Mercury and the Ascendant. For example, if the 5th house is touched , then creative inclinations will bring success in art with a position in the signs of fire and water, in literature – in the element of air, pedagogy and education – in the sphere of the earth. If one of the sextile participants in the 3rd and 9th houses , then the native will find happiness as a teacher, in the 8th sector he will become a businessman. This will help the striking distinctive features of sextile:

  • curiosity, eloquence, wit, erudition, resourcefulness;
  • the need for live and Internet communication, correspondence, the ability to simultaneously maintain the threads of conversation with different interlocutors in their usual style;
  • the ability to create colorful pictures from words, recreating an emotional atmosphere;
  • an intellectual approach to problem solving without involving the senses;
  • lack of sentimentality and romance, unless the Moon is in Cancer and Pisces;
  • dilettantism in a good sense: sufficient knowledge allows you to be a professional in dozens of areas;
  • the talent to bargain and negotiate, getting benefits for yourself;
  • excellent contact with children, because the native is an eternal child himself;
  • success in journalism, business, writing, stage, circus, blogging.

Most often, the native chooses the creative path for self-expression, but even if the profession is far from art, for example, medicine, he becomes an artistic and optimistic doctor who uses non-standard approaches in treatment.

Love and marriage with sextile Mercury – Ascendant

The native may be cunning in business, but in relationships, he is an open book. With the sextile Mercury – Ascendant, there is an interesting feature: always inform the chosen one in detail about your feelings, experiences and desires. Thus, it is easy to understand how to make the bearer of the aspect happy, what to give and what flowers to buy.

The danger is that having opened all your secrets and dreams to an unreliable person in a fit of love, you can suffer in the future. When parting, former lovers, knowing the vulnerabilities, hurt them precisely. However, if you trust the powerful tandem of intuition and reason with the strong position of Mercury, the choice of a life partner will be correct.

In marriage, it is equally important for men and women to be able to speak out their concerns or concerns. They hate being asked to shut up, not saying the same thing over and over again, or keeping an opinion to themselves. In marriage, they need dialogue and intellectual closeness.

Strengthening sextile Mercury – Ascendant with talisman stones

Since Mercury is the mediator between the solar need for self-expression, which the Ascendant continues, connections with relatives (especially if the 3rd and 4th houses are affected ), neighbors and younger colleagues and friends will be of great importance in a person’s life . Through them come answers to pressing questions, job offers and interesting projects for self-development. If you wear correctly selected stones, then the positive effect of sextile increases significantly. The emphasis is on Mercury and the elements of the sign in which it is located:

firecarnelian , sardonyx, red and yellow jasper , heliotrope ;

earthagate , chrysoprase , green jasper , tiger’s eye, brown aventurine ;

waterblack jasper , labrador, blue aventurine , larimar, serpentine ;

aircitrine , rock crystal , quartz of any shades, amazonite , adularia .

These stones will help enhance mental agility and positive connections with those around you. It is better to wear rings on the little finger, and for the setting of minerals, it is advisable to choose a copper-silver alloy, platinum, titanium or aluminum.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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