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Mercury Square – Ascendant. Searching for harmony in chaos

The square creates a contradiction in planetary principles, a conflict of energies and emotional agitation of a person in the spheres where the participants of the aspect are. But another thing is important: he also gives the ward ways to solve obstacles and difficulties on the way to the goal. After all, it is the intense energy that does not allow you to relax and encourages you to look for a recipe for success.

The Ascendant determines the native’s place in society, and Mercury gives ease of communication, erudition, intellectual charm and wit. However, the native does not know how to apply these qualities correctly: there is too much of it, or, on the contrary, is not visible or audible. He imposes his communication, seeking to prove the superiority of reason and achievements by any means, or he is shy and insanely afraid of criticism, preferring to sit in the shadows and not do what he most dreams of.

The influence of the square of Mercury – Ascendant on destiny

Due to the complex aspect, it becomes difficult to express thoughts clearly and clearly, especially if Mercury is retrograde. A person means one thing, but his words are perceived in a completely different way, usually in a negative way. He wants to make a compliment, but offends the interlocutor, tries to discredit the opponent of the discussion, but the arguments given are to his own detriment. Sometimes he cannot find a witty and easy answer, and after a couple of hours he understands how to formulate words in his defense. The necessary proposals come to him after the fact when the train has left.

Feeling this feature, the owners of the square of Mercury – Ascendant often begin to speak a lot, loudly and not to the point, trying to find key phrases in the flow of communication to influence people. It is difficult for them to make friends and maintain business ties, because constant self-praise and the desire to suppress others with personal knowledge is simply annoying. If the native is a boss, he only asserts his point of view, fearing intellectual competition with his subordinates.
Other difficult points of quadrature:

  • the need for fame and material confirmation of mental acuity: cups, certificates, awards, leads to stigmatization of rivals and gaining victory through intrigue;
  • interest in gossip, black PR, denunciations are not excluded;
  • nervousness, jumping from one topic to another, lack of logic;
  • a person’s speech manner creates a false portrait of him: sarcastic and prickly in communication, in reality he can be kind and responsive;
  • shyness and indecision before public speaking: a brilliant speaker in a narrow circle, in front of a large audience, is lost;
  • an aggressive and categorical style of conversation with people hides inner insecurity;
  • difficulties with informal communication: does not know how to start a dialogue or is afraid to indicate personal interest;
  • a painful desire for society to recognize their intellectual achievements.

All of the above contributes to the commission of small, stupid mistakes, which later lead to big problems in business and personal life. Business negotiations are difficult; instant sympathy and trust between people does not arise, in contrast to hostility and alienation.

Love and marriage in the square of Mercury – Ascendant

Men and women with this aspect are too eager to please, not noticing that they are overly intrusive in an effort to capture the imagination of the interlocutor. They cannot remain silent when they are around, and are very embarrassed when there is no topic for conversation. They have a lot of nervous energy and anxiety. Sometimes this is all that the interlocutor sees, not understanding what kind of person is in front of him.

Wanting to make a better impression, the owners of the square of Mercury – Ascendant bombard the subject of sympathy with a stream of compliments and exaggerated enthusiasm, which is perceived as double flattery.

In the absence of a sense of proportion, it is not easy to arrange a personal life. If Venus is strong, and Mercury is in Gemini or Aquarius , then the influence of the square is neutralized. Probably, the native will meet a loving partner who will help to reveal the gift of eloquence and support the beginnings of a career. It is more difficult for the owners of the planet in water signs. Absent-mindedness and inability to put feelings into words prevent you from confessing your love.

Elaboration of the square of Mercury – Ascendant

Harmonizing the aspect will require overcoming the fear of public speaking by carefully planning and rehearsing in front of the mirror to avoid excessive facial expressions and distraction on indirect topics. It is recommended to take lessons in public speaking and work through fears with a psychologist, as well as deliberately provoke stressful situations while communicating with the audience: ask provocative questions yourself and answer them, preventing attacks from the crowd. You should spend more time in the company of the opposite sex to remove shyness. Women are shown to work in a men’s team, and a guy with a square of Mercury – Ascendant will bloom surrounded by ladies. Natural stones will also help to reveal the speech potential and inspiration, which must be selected in accordance with the element of the sign where Mercury stands:

fireheliotrope , citrine , emerald ;

airchalcedony , apatite , topaz ;

earthjasper , malachite , serpentine , jade ;

wateramethyst , sapphire , green tourmaline.

The setting for the stone is chosen from silver or nickel, if there is no allergy, and it is better to wear jewelry on the ring finger or little finger.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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