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Mars-Neptune square. Don Quixote in the labyrinth of illusions

If the planets in the horoscope are in square, this is not bad, but the native’s success will depend on the degree of development of complexes and mental trauma. Some come from childhood, others from past karmic incarnations, but elaboration is especially needed when the quadrature affects planets diametrically opposite in energy, like Mars and Neptune .

The person is possessed by strange emotional desires and ideals that he fiercely defends. In his fantasies, he seems to himself a hero, but in reality he resembles Don Quixote fighting the mills. Suppressing such impulses, he goes into an illusory world with his head, if not, he drowns disappointments in alcohol, drugs and sexual perversion.

The danger of the Mars-Neptune square

Without the harmonization of the planetary impact, kleptomania, psychological blindness and self-deception develop, therefore it is important to live with high ideals of spirituality, not indulging momentary desires for pleasure. The native’s violent imagination is perfectly realized in the material forms of art – painting, sculpture, literature, but in life it borders on madness.

The owners of the Mars-Neptune square do not distinguish between reality and fantasy. Endowing a person with positive character traits in the imagination, on the basis of a beautiful appearance, will never believe in his unreliability. One gets the feeling that they themselves are causing themselves suffering, fascinated by artistic crooks and rogues. They need to stay away from totalitarian sects and occult charlatans so as not to expose their consciousness to a destructive influence.

Attraction to mysticism without a proven, reliable mentor will lead to mental disorders and uncontrollable visions. The main dangers of Mars-Neptune square materialize through:

  • poisoning with drugs, alcohol, chemical liquid, expired drinks;
  • infectious diseases, hypertension, disruption of the nervous and lymphatic systems;
  • psychological vampirism, indulging in strange sexual fantasies and a lack of understanding of the rules of behavior in society;
  • betrayal and deception, both on the part of the native and in relation to him;
  • painful blows and betrayals of blood relatives and bosses, if the aspect affects the 3rd, 4th, 10th houses;
  • long-term psychiatric treatment and fear of social contacts when one of the planets is located in the 12th house.

The owners of the Mars-Neptune square easily fall into emotional affect, they can say too much and commit an extravagant trick, because at that time it seemed to them that it was fun and effective. The main dream is to be unusual and famous. Recovering themselves, they are embarrassed and avoid communicating with witnesses. By developing the discernment of Neptune and applying the energies of Mars to the study of psychology, it will be easier to realize oneself in creativity and relationships.

Mars-Neptune square in a man’s horoscope

The native believes only what seems to him to be true at the level of emotions and ideas based on the illusions of the inner world. He suspects a faithful and loving companion of treason, or, on the contrary, justifies the clever swindler with unthinkable reasons for betrayal. In any case, self-deception destroys the adequacy of perception.

The owner of the Mars-Neptune square must not drink: alcohol awakens aggression and leads to wild antics that will ruin relationships with loved ones and undermine your reputation. Sometimes the Higher powers inspire aversion to alcohol in the form of a kind of amulet. With weakened planets and Venus in water signs – troubles from women. The native is sensitive, compassionate and at the same time cruel and oppressive when it comes to his religious or social ideals. You need to beware of accidents on the water and do not take drugs.

Mars-Neptune square in a woman

Even if a girl with a square Mars-Neptune looks like an ice queen, the passions of the base plan rage inside. She has many sexual fantasies that can embarrass even an experienced partner, but she carefully hides them. Alcohol weakens control and then the exalted lady reveals her true face, which she later regrets and is ashamed of her essence.

Relationships with men are complicated. The girl lives with the dream of a prince on a white horse, but does not understand that ideals are only in movies and books. Mars-Neptune square attracts weak, infantile and selfish partners, delicately beautiful in appearance and artistic. A bright appearance overshadows spiritual qualities in the eyes of a woman, which she later bitterly regrets.

Elaboration of the Mars-Neptune square

Your favorite work will be the main tool for neutralizing the negative impact. It is important for a native to find a job to his liking, which fulfills the need for fame and approval of an unusual image. The career of a musician, actor, singer, composer, model and designer, priest will become a global study of karma.

Harmonization is promoted by:

  • study of psychology, astrology, the power of reason;
  • healthy lifestyle and sports;
  • dancing and singing;
  • restrained, modest behavior in ordinary life;
  • prayer practices, meditation

You can soften the Mars-Neptune square with natural stones. In this aspect, you need to work with Mars, and Neptune to work through actions. Jewelry with red ruby and garnet , hematite bracelets with iron inserts bring positive changes . Scarlet coral beads will help women .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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