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Mars-Pluto square. Transforming darkness into victorious light

The aspect between the planets at 90 degrees is called quadrature. It creates an excess of intense energy and the need to realize it. If you do not do this for the highest qualities of celestial bodies, then accidents, trauma and disappointment in love are likely, especially if such potentially dangerous planets as Mars and Pluto are involved in the square .

Don’t be overly afraid of the prospect of violence attributed to this aspect. The best antidote is the sublimation of negative energy into the creativity of an active movement: dancing and sports on a professional basis. If the native is faced with beatings and insults from childhood, then, having matured, he often uses the Plutonian force to fight evil, creating shelters for victims and psychological support centers, stabilizing the square with good deeds.

The danger of Mars-Pluto square

However, aggressiveness and propensity for violence comes from the native himself, especially in stressful and emotional situations. He is a victim and an executioner at the same time. The main battle between good and evil takes place in his heart. Having flared up, the owner of the Mars-Pluto square after some time attracts a reciprocal aggression or accident. An unrestrainedly brave native is not able to think when he sees a goal, and rushes to it, trampling everything around.

Defeating and looking back, he sees burned bridges and emptiness. Affected planets are a reason to talk about criminal inclinations and provocation of violence, the need for excesses and unjustified cruelty. A way out of the vicious circle must be found by the person himself, manifesting the highest spiritual qualities of the planets, and not low energy instincts. Then he sets an example of the victory of willpower and wisdom over circumstances and enemies, giving hope for a better life to others. The unworked square of Mars and Pluto includes destructive character traits and events:

  • desire to dominate people and events, opposing your ego to the Divine will;
  • identification with a certain nation, religion and direction of politics and the desire to conquer the whole world, which leads to crusades, terrorism and revolutions;
  • fear of showing negative emotions associated with pain received due to uncontrolled anger, one’s own and another’s, which translates into depression and exhaustion (if the planets are in water or air signs);
  • a state of passion in conflicts and quarrels, when it is better to hide heavy and cutting objects from a person (position in the element of fire);
  • domineering and tough upbringing of children;
  • overcoming obstacles at the expense of other people;
  • collision with explosions, fires, earthquakes, shootings.

If the native controls emotions and develops intellectually, relieving physical stress in sports, and the ego pampers with certificates and medals, then most likely it will become a principled person whose decisions are not discussed, and not a gangster or revolutionary.

Mars-Pluto square in a man’s horoscope

A woman who has fallen in love with such a man should think a hundred times over the prospects for the future. From the owner of the Mars-Pluto square emanates a powerful magnetism of animal sexuality and manliness. It is very difficult to forget him, but it is dangerous to be around. Outbreaks of aggression in moments of disappointment, stress and fatigue occur even among educated and cultured individuals, not to mention those who consider themselves the ruler of the world and do not think about the feelings of other people.

A man with a Mars-Pluto square can easily hit or insult, and feeling impunity, faster than others, he becomes an abuser and aggressor in marriage. He is attracted to rough sex with elements of violence. Rights are on the side of the strong – the credo of the bearer of the aspect. Home dictatorship will affect children as well. With self-discipline and religion as constraints, and working as a rescuer, surgeon, miner, nurse, energies are likely to be softer.

Mars-Pluto square in woman’s horoscope

The inclination to power and the imposition of her will in a woman with a Mars-Pluto square is included in communication with people dependent on her. These are children and subordinates at work. The owner of the Mars-Pluto square brings up the child harshly and without sentimentality, not disdaining physical punishment (especially if her Venus is in earth signs), although others may not even be aware of such inclinations.

At work, he introduces a system of penalties for delays and delays. She is decisive, categorical and principled in personal relationships. With marriage, things are not easy. Dreaming of a brutal macho, she, nevertheless, tries to re-educate him on herself. Hence beatings, conflicts, division of property or persecution for the purpose of revenge.

Elaboration of the Mars-Pluto square

In order to transform destructive energies into creative ones, you will need to turn your willpower and talents to fight against violence or rebuild the ruins after it. Work in law enforcement agencies, charities, victim assistance centers, medicine and ambulance teams will help here, as well as:

  • sports and stage performances;
  • study of psychology and astrology;
  • gardening and applied arts;
  • self-discipline and diplomacy;
  • developing a sense of humor and optimism.

To harmonize the Mars-Pluto square with the help of natural stones, it is better to abandon rubies, especially if they were inherited and belonged to a person with a tragic fate. For the manifestation of the highest qualities of Mars, carnelian , pomegranate , red jasper are preferable . Pluto will be supported by obsidian , bull’s eye and hawk’s eye.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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