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Saturn-Uranus Square – Seeking a Compromise

The tense aspect between the planets should not frighten the owner of the horoscope. Quadrature turns on periodically throughout life, when too much negative energy accumulates and it is unrealistic to neutralize the flash. However, knowing the principles of the planets, showing the best qualities in the affairs of the houses where they stand, the owner of this aspect becomes more successful than those who are accustomed to using the gifts of fate on the wave of luck.

The square of Saturn and Uranus is complex: conservatism fights radicalism. The native tries to preserve the principles of the outgoing era, or just as fiercely implants a new faith and social systems. In any case, only a conscious and wise person can avoid the fate of a dictator, because stubbornness and lack of flexibility are karmically embedded in the character for working out.

The danger of the Saturn-Uranus square

Even fighting for freedom and equality, the revolutionary-minded owners of the aspect tyrannize their subordinates and destroy those who disagree. In the heat of their lives, they do not see their mistakes and miscalculations. Selfishness, eccentricity, the desire to achieve the goal at any cost, encourage hypocrisy. Actions do not correspond to the preached highest values. The native demands perfection from others, and he himself transgresses the law.

Few people realize about the carefully hidden complex of inferiority and lack of confidence in the right to power and fame. This is what explains the aggressive overthrow of authorities and competitors. If the owner of the Saturn-Uranus square does not learn to come to a compromise, he will be lonely not only in his personal life, but also the absence of friends, a break with relatives. In addition, negative character traits are progressing, provoking destructive events:

  • conceit, inability to admit one’s mistakes, criticism;
  • resentment, rancor, the habit of chopping off the shoulder and burning bridges behind the back;
  • the habit of falling into depression and losing the meaning of life when falling out of the usual system;
  • problems with the skeletal system, suspicion and suspiciousness;
  • unwillingness to accept the new and progressive leads to the loss of the guarantor of stability and reliability: status, prestigious work, stable earnings;
  • the painful need for freedom for oneself coexists with the denial of this privilege to others.

The native does not tolerate working in companies with strict regulations, strict schedules and dress codes. It will be possible to truly reveal talents in an atmosphere of freedom, creativity and equality, or as a boss. Many aspect carriers switch to freelance, where, thanks to Saturn, they perfectly organize their time according to an individual schedule.

Love and marriage in the square of Saturn-Uranus

Men and women with this aspect equally pass karmic tests, meeting a partner who breaks or refutes their ideas about family life and way of life. If Saturn is in the 7th house , then marriage is likely with a person much older in age or by calculation. There may be obstacles and unexpected restrictions associated with marriage with women, or coercion into a union by older relatives.

Uranus in the same place, on the contrary, portends a sudden marriage bond, under the influence of an impulse, falling in love or a banal desire to annoy relatives and shock society.

Approximately the same effect is foreshadowed by the position of the planet of extravagance in the 5th house, but in terms of novels for display, and not the fact that they will lead to a lasting relationship. Saturn in the 5th sector , on the contrary, makes the native withdrawn, suspicious and independently refuses entertainment in favor of public political activity.

In family life, disputes and conflicts often occur on the topic of politics and religion. Each tries to convert the other to his faith and does not want to give in. In such conditions, carriers of the Saturn-Uranus square must learn the art of compromise.

Development of the Saturn-Uranus square

It is extremely difficult to harmonize the aspect, since it affects the most difficult aspects of the human character: stubbornness, rigidity and a desire to prove oneself innocent at any cost. Ideally, you need to turn them into persistence in achieving goals, patience, endurance and resilience, which can be done in the field of politics, finance, military journalism, education.

It is not recommended to be bound by obligations in corporations with a rigid chain of command, where you need to start working in a small position and gradually grow upward, observing the rules of the company. The native will become an excellent stock broker, but cannot stand the bank’s regulations. Freelancing or working with a free schedule is great, since he himself perfectly organizes the time and meets the deadline.

The main thing is not to deny the changes both in your life and in society, politics, fashion, otherwise it will have a detrimental effect on financial stability. But a sudden start to life according to the new rules will bring losses, since there is still not enough experience and practice. The way out is in thoughtful action tactics, self-training and the development of flexibility.

To make the process of self-improvement softer and more pleasant, as well as to turn on inner wisdom, stones of blue and purple color will help: sapphire , lapis lazuli , amethyst , charoite, topaz .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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