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Square Sun – MC (Midheaven). Napoleonic ambitions

It is a mistake to consider squaring a negative aspect. It creates tension in the soul and severe stress if a person does not achieve what he wants for external reasons. However, overcoming obstacles, the native gains invaluable experience and becomes confident in the ability to cope with evil doom, in contrast to trine carriers who give up at the slightest difficulty.

To tame the Sun – MC square, you will have to cultivate will and perseverance. Meridian sky Mid passes on the cusp of the 10th house of glory and honor, the main star of the horoscope symbolizes the personal activity, values and goals. The tense aspect hinders the easy fulfillment of the destination, creating problems on the way to the dream and a threat to the good name. This happens through circumstances, people around and even internal complexes. It is extremely important to know the ways of working out in order to still grab luck by the tail.

The dangers of squaring the Sun – MC

In 90% of cases, a native from childhood is faced with an unfavorable situation in the house and the outside world. Difficult and tense relationship with the father, who does not accept his hobbies, and if there are additional negative connections with the Moon , then not everything is smooth with the mother.

At a high level of awareness, there is a desire to change the world and become a powerful person whom no one will offend. If spirituality is weak, then in order to achieve this goal, the owners of the Sun-MC square do not disdain by any means.

The main thing is the satisfaction of ambitions and the crown on the head. A twofold situation of victim and executioner is created: others oppress, or the person himself becomes a tyrant. The inability to regulate the pressure of the enormous energy generated by quadrature forms antisocial behavior and the bad habit of doing everything in one’s own way, even in spite of apparently reasonable advice. This is especially clearly manifested when the Sun and the Midheaven touch the signs of fire and the constellation Capricorn, or there are additional tense aspects with Saturn and Mars. The main dangers of quadrature:

  • conflicts in the family and at work, mainly with bosses, authoritative partners, who are subsequently able to block the possibility of professional growth;
  • difficulties in recognizing the merits on the part of parents and others, and if the Sun is in Virgo or the 6th house, constant criticism even with obvious successes;
  • luck escapes the hands of a step away from the result and you have to start all over again, or defend the right to win with a fight;
  • enemies and envious people among influential people;
  • difficulties with choosing a profession, communicating in a team, keeping friends, especially when the Sun is in the 7th house ;
  • pals turn out to be rivals in personal life and competitors on a career path.

Self-centeredness, based on inner vulnerability and insecurity, deprives a person of the opportunity for a successful partnership, in which he will reach the top faster than alone.

Influence of the square Sun – MC on personal relationships

Despite the difficulties in communicating with his father, he is karmically the most important and important person in life. Spiritual growth goes through him, contributing to later promotion and success in his personal life. Sometimes you need to humble your pride and take useful advice from your parents, and sometimes you need to rebel against their authoritarianism and have the courage to go your own way. Fear of failure is often associated with fear of losing your father’s respect.

In the female chart, the square Sun – MC also symbolizes conflicts with her husband. Probably, he will perceive the success of his wife as a threat to his primacy, or hinder her creative self-expression. Therefore, in this situation, you must initially carefully choose a partner, having discussed all the conditions of marriage before painting.

In the male chart, the aspect foreshadows confrontation with the boss, as well as problems in family life if the native begins to suppress others, which happens very often, since the addiction to power and the feeling of one’s own impunity in the square of the Sun happens very quickly. Divorce can lead to unpleasant litigation and loss of reputation.

Elaboration of the Sun – MS square

Salvation is in self-belief. Creative and professional self-expression, even without feedback from others, waiting for parental approval and applause from the outside, will ultimately lead to unexpected public recognition.

It is necessary to cultivate a philosophical attitude to social injustice, and in case of intrigue or denigration of reputation, to defend your name and business without excess negative emotions and a desire for destruction.

Respect for other people and humility of pride comes through taking good advice and putting it into practice. It is important to maintain good relations with your father, try to forgive him and understand. This removes a huge block of karmic obstacles on the way to the goal. Sometimes, in order to fulfill the destiny, it will be necessary to go against the father’s will, but in this case it is also important to avoid long quarrels.

Rivals and competitors disguised as friends will also contribute to understanding their strengths and, as a result, with the right approach from the native, they turn out to be catalysts for success. Jewelry with amber and citrine will help to awaken the positive power of the aspect .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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