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Square Ascending (Descending) Node Jupiter: Guru Complex

Jupiter is a planet of great happiness, but a tense aspect with it makes you overcome obstacles while moving towards your desired goal. Of course, it softens this process, but the square with the lunar nodes highlights all the negative Jupiterian qualities accumulated in the family: arrogance, arrogance, omniscience, wastefulness, vanity and gluttony.

The square of Jupiter with the Descending South Node means that the cup of sins is full, and at the slightest repetition of them, luck will leave the native, but the right to use the talents and opportunities of this aspect remains with him. It is much more difficult to work out the aspect with the Rising North. Heightened self-esteem and dissatisfaction with oneself make it difficult to adequately self-assess and perceive current events.

Jupiter Square Karma with Ascending and Descending Nodes

The main problem that came from past incarnations is exorbitant pride and the desire to be right in everything, even at the cost of breaking off relations with loved ones. Principles and religious beliefs are more important to a person than people. Religious fanaticism is especially dangerous here.

In a previous life, such people were associated with false teachings, both in matters of faith and ideology, such as fascism, the Inquisition, or a sectarian movement.

They imagine themselves to be great gurus, even if the range of their knowledge is small, because the subconscious mind stores information about how the flock listened to their sermons, and any resistance or dispute provokes uncontrollable anger in them.

From a past life, a person brings an attraction to questions of religion and philosophy, but his perception seems to be distorted. He understands well-known postulates in his own way, more often in a perverted form, and creates his own idea of the world, which is contrary to social attitudes, rules of conduct, and even morality.

The square of Jupiter with any of the nodes is a sure sign that in a past life the native had wealth and power, including mental power, for example, he belonged to the educated strata of the population or was engaged in educational work, but disposed of this power incorrectly.

The karmic task is to reach the highest floor of Jupiter in the houses and signs affected by the aspect.

Problems of the square of Jupiter with the ascending (descending) node

It is very difficult for men and women with this aspect to understand who they are and why they came into this world. They hide behind an imaginary great mission, identifying themselves with it, but they do not know their real identity. These are actors who have been playing the role chosen in childhood all their lives. They are very sensitive to any departure from it, for example, if someone doubts their competence or importance, because the break with their own “I” gives rise to deep insecurity and exacerbates selfish pride. These are social climbers. They are looking for an ideology and a community that will allow them to soar to the very top. The inconsistency of these organizations with the rules of morality and humanity did not bother them in a past life, and now it may not stop them in the heat of temptation to quickly achieve their goal and show who is in charge here.

If there are negative aspects in the 9th and 10th houses, there may be difficulties in obtaining an education, including entering universities. This is not fatal, but a person will have to make much more effort than his peers to get into the desired institute, and if this happens through pull, he will have to study more intensively than others, otherwise expulsion will still happen.

Also, a person can choose an unpromising university or misunderstand his purpose, insisting on a personal choice, just to stand out, and then bitterly regret that he did not listen to the advice of loved ones.

Studying the square of Jupiter with the Ascending and Descending nodes

In order to ride the wave of good luck, the native needs to choose an education and philosophy that will be in line with the current trends of society.

An important point: it is desirable to learn a profession and specialty that was not previously in the family, but not for the sake of a tick, but by vocation, and really achieve significant success in this area. This compensates for the mistakes made by the ancestors of man, and will lead to a new level of life. However, this will only work if the native actually enjoys their activity.

You can not enter into a confrontation with those in power and the ruling elite, especially if he chooses a political career or work in public structures. It is very important to learn:

  • admit their mistakes, apologize and compensate for their deeds with generous gifts and noble deeds;
  • get a higher education, communicate with people without arrogance and familiarity;
  • be simpler, stop idealizing your own significance, set practical specific goals instead of global ones.

It is undesirable to wear yellow clothes and gold jewelry. The development of a person with the square of Jupiter and the lunar nodes most often goes through spiritual crises, and it is better to be prepared for this in advance.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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