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Moon in the 7th house of the relocation chart

The relocation of the natal chart occurs through a change in the geographical coordinates of the place of birth to the place of new residence. It is better to do it in advance to see where the house cusps will move. The fact is that the zodiac position of the planets, their degrees and aspects remain unchanged, but the transition to other sectors almost always occurs, especially when moving long distances.

The moon stands in the place of the greatest emotional involvement of the native, which eventually becomes a kind of comfort zone. Moving to the 7th house, it highlights the themes of personal relationships, partnership and enmity, forcing a person to experience, dream, sympathize with everything connected with this. For some, this position will help to get married, while others will lose their heads from anxiety and constant obstacles.

Features of the transition of the Moon to the 7th house of  the relocation chart

Most often, the planet moves into the 7th house from the neighboring 6th and 8th, because the house cusps can move both clockwise and in the opposite direction. However, other options are also possible.

For the owners of the Moon in the 6th house, moving to the 7th will partly relieve the intense desire to serve others and carry their cross of the altar. They begin to realize that they can bring many benefits as consultants, and thereby realize a deep need for service. It is possible that the native will find a future spouse or wife at work.

The owners of the Moon in the 8th house of the natal chart usually rejoice when it passes into another, but there is an important nuance here – the relocation chart does not cancel the tasks of the natal one. Emotional and spiritual development through crises, prescribed by the 8th house, is now implemented not globally, but narrowed down to the topic of relationships.

This does not mean that a woman with the Moon in the 7th house of relocation will definitely marry an abuser, and a man will marry an insidious bitch, although such options also exist.

However, often such a transition involves the ability to understand offenders, enemies and envious people and the withdrawal of one’s Moon to accept the world as it is, through forgiveness, which is also not the easiest way.

The transition from the 9th house promises relationships and partnerships with foreigners, as well as popularity and success in cooperation, from the 2nd – earnings through a joint business with a friend or spouse, from the 3rd – close business interaction with close relatives.

A man with the Moon in the 7th house of the relocation chart, as a rule, marries a wise and popular girl, and the woman herself becomes a desirable candidate for a spouse.

Moon in the 7th house of the relocation chart and marriage

In general, long-term and serious relationships go through the 7th house, which include not only official marriage, but also civil, as well as business cooperation. In all kinds of these connections, deep maternal feelings arise in the native. This is especially evident in the example of marriage.

A man with the 7th house of relocation suddenly chooses a woman who is very similar to his mother as his life partner, although earlier he might have liked representatives of a different type. However, he calls in marriage the one that revives the image of his mother in the depths of his soul. If the chosen one still has the same sign of the Sun, Moon and Venus, where his natal Moon stands, this is a hit in the bull’s-eye.

However, in a relationship with her there will be a lot of what was in his childhood. If the mother was emotionally cold and rude, he will again win her love, if he surrounded her with hyper-custody, he will fight with his wife, as if proving through her to his mother the right to independence.

In any case, childhood traumas and lost emotions will make themselves felt.

The same behavior will be with the boss, because in the working hierarchy she stands above the man, like the mother above the boy.

A woman with the Moon in the 7th house of relocation also gets very involved in relationships. This is one of the indicators of a karmic partner, who in a past life could be her child. How much she will enter into the image of a mother for her husband depends on the position of the night luminary in the natal chart. Most of all, the owners of the Moon in Cancer, Pisces and Taurus are subject to this.

A girl with such a relocation chart suddenly begins to see her comfort zone in marriage. She can abandon her career, begins to adapt to the views, tastes and desires of her partner. If the planet is in a strong position, this is the flowering of femininity and motherhood, otherwise, self-doubt begins to progress, the impostor syndrome, when there is no understanding of what I am valuable to a partner, can he love me just like that, or should I serve him with faith and true (especially when the Moon is in the 6th house in the natal chart).

The negative influence of the Moon in the 7th house of the relocation chart

If the planet is afflicted with several negative aspects, and the native has many childhood traumas and no knowledge of psychology, then the relationship becomes a test of strength. There is a drug dependence on infantile, capricious partners who require attention for themselves.

At the same time, the native feels vulnerability in matters of marriage, especially when there are no close relationships, and everyone asks when he or she will get a family and children.

At the same time, there is a great danger of making a mistake in choosing a life partner, if only to close this gaping emptiness in the soul.

That is why the position of the Moon in the 7th house of relocation is not a panacea and not a guarantee of a happy marriage, but rather a sign that people need to urgently work through childhood traumas and relationships with the mother in order to attract a worthy partner with whom they can be on an equal footing without constantly begging for the warmth and attention that were never received in childhood.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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