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Mercury in the 2nd house

Mercury in the 2nd house indicates the abilities and talents of the owners of the horoscope. In addition, its analysis will tell a lot about a person’s financial capabilities. Mercury is responsible for intelligence, communication and speech. The owners of this planet in the 2nd house have good earning opportunities if they use their mental potential correctly, develop eloquence and writing skills.

Human intellectual efforts are aimed at earning a livelihood. Such owners of the horoscope see around them a large number of potential sources of income and always have many ideas on how to spend money.

Mercury in the 2nd house

Abilities, financial talents and personality traits

Mercury in the 2nd house of the horoscope indicates the dexterity and activity of people in material and financial matters. With an essentially strong and richly aspected planet, the owners of the horoscope always know how to make money. They do not miss opportunities and use all their connections.

Even in the absence of a stable job, such people, as a rule, do not remain without a piece of bread. They can earn money as a driver, distributor of information, consultants, salespeople, etc.

People with Mercury in the 2nd house love to study, and often after completing any courses, they find a new source of income for themselves. Often they themselves conduct training, organizing seminars, webinars, master classes and earning money from this.

Sometimes such people discover a literary talent in themselves. It gives them joy to write down their impressions and experiences and tell people about them. If the writing talent is properly developed, then they can eventually become successful and in demand in the literary field.

A person with Mercury in the 2nd house loves to study transportation systems and understands well how courier and postal services work. Its activities may be related to the booking of tickets and the organization of transfers and supplies. A native can be engaged in informing passengers, issuing certificates, issuing travel documents, etc.

Sometimes such people are good at mediating. They take into account customer demand, find good suppliers, buy profitably and also sell profitably, getting their well-deserved agency.

Holders of Mercury in the 2nd house of the horoscope are partial to books, stationery, postcards, postage stamps, etc. It is important that books are not only purchased but read as well. If Mercury in the horoscope is damaged and weak in status, then this can lead to unnecessary spending on the goods mentioned.

Mercury also symbolizes movements. The owners with such position of the horoscope strive to possess the means that increase their mobility. These can be bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, cars, etc. Since the exchange of information and communication with others is important for individuals, they often update their phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops and other means of communication.

Mercury, zodiac signs and aspects

The income level of the owners of Mercury in the 2nd house depends on the strength of the planet and the number of its aspects. The quality of this planet and its interaction with other luminaries will tell about the level of the their skill, showing which, they receive an appropriate monetary reward.

The qualities of the planet will also tell about how such individuals know how to handle money. For example, a strong Mercury in Virgo or Gemini provides a profitable investment of funds, as well as the purchase of useful and functional things that, after a certain time, can be resold profitably.

Essentially weak Mercury (in Pisces, in Sagittarius) indicates that people with such position in horosocope spend a lot. They are not happy with what they have and seek to constantly replace the existing items with new ones. Such a planet may also indicate the purchase of substandard and defective items. The owners of the horoscope need to avoid situations when the seller tries to impose on them the purchase of absolutely unnecessary things or goods at an inflated price.

Lilia Garipova

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