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Opposition Chiron – Saturn. Harsh rules of the game

When the planets are in opposite signs of the zodiac and cannot agree among themselves who is stronger and more important, you will not envy the native. It’s easier if one of them is weaker and development goes along the line of a pronounced member of the union, but what to do if the resource of just the repressed side is needed? Sometimes an imbalance threatens with serious mental disorders or indicates karma that needs to be worked out in order to create harmony in those houses where the ends of the opposition are located .

Chiron is a kind of teacher. He likes to give tasks for ingenuity and throw inexperienced students into the abyss of problems so that they themselves find living and dead water to heal their wounds. Saturn does not stand on ceremony at all, shows the boundaries once and strictly asks for deviations from the rules. They are united by one thing – the expectation of working on the mistakes of the native kind.

The influence of the opposition Chiron-Saturn on fate

Regardless of the harmony and tension, the aspects of Chiron and Saturn encourage the ward to go beyond the usual pattern of behavior, to understand that the world is not limited by the ideas and beliefs accepted in his family. Development goes according to Chiron, and Saturn insists on the old system.

The way out is in the education of flexibility and diplomacy, in order to choose those traditions that helped to survive and carry a positive charge, but transform them into something new, move to the highest level. If, for example, mom was a nurse and dad was a plumber, the native will have to get a higher medical education or open his own cleaning company in order to transform the energies on the physical plane.

The same applies to the topic of health if Chiron is in the 6th house, or relationships when it is in the 7th. The financial question is especially acute for the native, because Saturn in the 2nd or 8th house greatly hinders financial development. We will have to completely change the worldview, and this is not for everyone.

If there is no strong position of the Sun, Mars and Mercury, the native comes across as slow-witted. He constantly steps on the same rake, follows his strict belief system and does not want to change anything. It solves the same problems for a long time and tediously, not noticing that there are shorter and more efficient ways.

Features of the influence of the Saturn-Chiron opposition on life:

  • difficult relationships with parents, especially father and grandfather, who often put spokes in his wheels, depriving him of confidence, or reopen wounds according to Chiron;
  • ossification of views, conservatism, which affects psychosomatics: too hard spine, stagnation of the cervical region, problems with joints and bones;
  • despondency, slander, grouchiness already at a young age, and if one falls into depression, it is difficult to get out of there without the help of others;
  • a tendency to set distant, vague, and elusive ends that, in their opinion, justify the means;
  • the desire to live a predictable stable life, justifying and hiding internal fears and complexes with its help;
  • in the negative – cruelty, the use of people for their own selfish purposes, obsessions.

The Saturn-Chiron opposition is dangerous during the Black Moon transit , when a person seems to fall into the kingdom of crooked mirrors, and those around him seem to be his enemies. The native goes into the austerity of silence, depression and refuses everything that brings joy. Only in the presence of positive aspects with Jupiters and Mars is it possible to calmly relate to other people’s information and philosophical systems and adopt what is useful for oneself.

Saturn-Chiron opposition and personal life

The aspect of Saturn-Chiron is always associated with karmic debts within the family. Unconsciously, a person may choose certain social roles that are similar to the position in the world of grandparents, or work off the sins of parents in a relationship. From the outside, this seems unfair, but in fact, the soul of the native once accepted these rules of the game.

It is especially difficult for the owners of Saturn in the 7th house when the partner is a tough and uncompromising teacher. In a relationship with such a spouse, boss, business ally, it is important to develop the flexibility, artistry and diversity of Chiron, esoteric and creative talents, acting in spite of the restrictions that a life partner builds.

If Chiron is there, then the tasks are similar, but you will have to apply all these qualities in practice in relation to yourself, your inner fears, limitations, and of course, generic programs.

Working out the opposition Chiron-Saturn

It is very difficult to harmonize such a complex influence of an aspect. Chiron’s pain Saturn will not console, and his methods of systemic planning and long-term study of the problem only muffle feelings. People with Chiron-Saturn opposition always feel lonely. They easily become dependent on the family, believing that they are obliged to take on a wave of affairs and solve the problems of everyone.

If the native grew up in a family without love, where they demanded a lot from him and did not give anything in return, he must first of all learn to value himself as a person. It is necessary to strengthen and develop your Venus , according to the sign of its position. It’s great if she has harmonious aspects, they significantly soften the intensity of pain.

It is important for the owner of the opposition Chiron-Saturn to understand that he is not responsible for all the problems around him and is not obliged to suffer for everyone. It is also good to work out and strengthen Jupiter .

Sources of positive energy for the native will be blue agate and apatite , lapis lazuli , malachite .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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