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Opposition Mars-Uranus. Devil’s Advocate Seeking Truth

The opposition of the energies of the planets facing each other becomes the cause of conflicts in the soul and external obstacles due to the negative character traits of the weak. Strong-minded people use the struggle of opposites to move forward, eradicate flaws and refine talents. Against the background of a struggle with oneself, ups and downs, despair and joy of victory are guaranteed.

With the opposition Mars-Uranus, a person rushes forward, trying to rip all chances from the tree of luck, pushing rivals with his elbows. Love of risk, recklessness and impulsiveness are not the best qualities for a potential racer, therefore, at the bends of fate, he is often carried to the sidelines with injuries and complete misunderstanding, but what is wrong? A bright and creative native must understand that the key to happiness is endurance and patience.

Impact of the Mars-Uranus opposition on fate

The aspect endows the ward with a rich imagination, unusual, memorable appearance and the talent of an inventor. But this is accompanied by a quarrelsome character, a tendency to fall into a bad mood for no reason, or, conversely, to be in an unnaturally ecstatic exaltation.

This rebel will always find a reason to oppose the system, rules, generally accepted norms of behavior, therefore, he makes problems at school, if one of the planets is in the 3rd house, and in the office with a position in the 7th and 10th sectors. He needs to work as a freelancer or in a liberal company, free from conventions and dress code.

But if the owners of the Mars-Uranus opposition control their emotions and sincerely want to learn how to cooperate with others, they become bright and extraordinary leaders, leading the team on new paths to stellar success. This option is possible when the sun sign and the ascendant are in the element of the earth, or a person realizes the astrological causes of problems while working on himself. Negative manifestations of opposition, requiring harmonization:

  • predisposition to accidents, especially electric shocks, lightning, accidents due to inattention and speeding;
  • eccentricity, impudence, tactlessness, ruthlessness in the position of Venus in Virgo and Capricorn ;
  • irascibility, inability to work regularly and daily: they put it off for later, and then bring themselves to exhaustion, creating day and night;
  • unexpected obstacles and unfavorable circumstances destroy plans;
  • the desire to get rid of any shackles and restrictions;
  • enjoyment of competition, disputes, intrigues, not for the sake of proving the truth, but for the pleasure of the energy of conflict;
  • thirst for quick glory pushes fraudsters in the organization – deals of the century, get rich quick, large investments turn into bankruptcy.

With a strong Mercury and Pluto, there is a good chance of transforming negative sides, impulsiveness and fervor, into profitable enterprise. The problem is the lack of a clear position between good and evil. The native becomes the devil’s advocate, since he successfully represents the duality of the criminal’s thinking, but in the end, duplicity turns against him.

Love relationship 

In the female chart, the aspect foreshadows falling in love with strange, eccentric intellectuals associated with Internet technology, physics and cybernetics. In the male – the eccentricity of behavior in a state of passion and many novels. The bearers of the opposition Mars-Uranus fall in love passionately and passionately with freedom-loving truth-lovers with an unusual appearance and profession.

Much depends on the position of Venus: if it is in Taurus, Cancer and Pisces, then the desire to abandon traditional marriage and living together will be minimal, which cannot be said about the owners of the planet of love in Aries, Gemini, Aquarius and Leo.

In any case, it will only be possible to keep the owners of the Mars-Uranus opposition by constant renewal of the appearance, a series of adventures, trips to exotic countries and joint extreme sports. Without bursts of adrenaline and novelty of sensations, they will quickly find entertainment on the side. Sensuality and emotional empathy are weak here, the native does not worry about partners left in the past, as he is always focused on the future.

Elaboration of the Mars-Uranus opposition

All the problems of the aspect go through the lower floors of the planets – haste, carelessness, frivolity, aggressiveness and irascibility. It is necessary to control the emotions of anger, especially the reaction to minor incidents. You need to keep in your head the images of global goals and not waste energy on irritation because of nonsense. Procrastination is the cause of the emotional and physical exhaustion of the owners of the opposition Mars-Uranus: they know that they will cope with the task brilliantly, therefore they postpone until the last moment, and then work without sleep and rest to do everything in the best possible way.

It is necessary to clearly plan actions in time, develop punctuality and delegate unnecessary workload. Danger from cars, electricity, participation in revolutionary activities. Exercise caution when handling electrical appliances and driving will minimize the risk.

It is possible to stabilize the conflict of energies with the help of natural stones, but the minerals of Mars and Uranus are not combined. Fire opal, the talisman of Uranus, is also not suitable here, increasing the desire for thoughtless spending and entertainment. You can wear a Labrador, and hematite , zoisite, red jasper , carnelian and strawberry quartz are suitable for stabilizing Mars .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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