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Opposition Mercury – Lilith: do not believe the words, they will deceive

Although the opposition is a tense aspect that operates throughout life, you can learn to live with it and even go to its highest floor, but you need to understand where the pitfalls are and how to make them a springboard, not an obstacle. Unfortunately, it is the opposition of Mercury with Lilith that brings its owner a lot of grief and problems, and he himself is the cause of the majority.

Intemperance, distortion of facts, gossip, talkativeness, lies become a habitual habitat from early childhood, and if such a child is not brought up, he can steal and profit in various criminal ways. As he grows up, he receives a boomerang in response, he is already deceived and robbed, unless he begins to interact with these energies correctly.

Dangers of Opposition Mercury – Lilith

All the problems of the native are connected with the energy of Mercury , and therefore with the information field. Lilith , on the other hand, distorts everything she touches, makes her act to the detriment of others, negatively and dirtyly. Of course, this happens if a person does not consciously cut off meaningless chatter, gossip, slander, discussion and condemnation of other people. However, when moving from a low level to a higher level, he himself has to become a target.

There are three stages of manifestation of the opposition Mercury – Lilith in the life of the native:

1. He is a source of incorrect, distorted information. Intentionally or unknowingly misrepresents facts, conveys false rumors, confuses other people, which causes a series of various problems and misfortunes.

2. The native himself is a victim of gossip and gossip, he is given false or inaccurate information, because of which he gets into trouble, loses money, documents. He is deceived by friends, framed by colleagues.

3. A person sees where the truth is and where the lie is, knows how to separate the important from the secondary, falsity from the truth, is indifferent to criticism and confidently uses the necessary information.

Lilith is always associated with karma. The native’s ancestors committed many misdeeds related to the first stage of aspect development.

There were betrayals, lies, theft and forgeries in the family. The native will have to go through these steps in order to clear karma and apply the talents of their ancestors for the good, because in a negative way they brilliantly used the energy of the Mercury-Lilith opposition, so now it’s time to reach the highest level of information management and serve the good.

The mind and heart of the native strive for different things. He can forbid himself the most desirable, and vice versa, convince himself that there is nothing reprehensible in the forbidden fruit. The second option is the most dangerous. A person proves to himself that it’s okay that he slandered a colleague, because he is not worthy of a high position, unlike himself. This is an aspect of Raskolnikov, who convinced himself that he needed the money of the old pawnbroker, which means he could commit a crime.

Positive aspects of the opposition Mercury – Lilith

Information comes to the native from all sides, he knows how to turn it to his advantage. Such people make excellent lawyers and investigators. They do not hesitate to delve into the most terrible and unsightly facts in order to pull the truth out of the cloaca. These are excellent detective writers who perfectly understand what is going on in the head of the criminal, and can beautifully convey the motives of his actions. As artists, the owners of the opposition Mercury – Lilith perfectly play villains with negative charm, as well as heroes entangled in the interweaving of good and evil.

The aspect gives a practical mind, an insatiable thirst for knowledge, communication, and intellectual creativity, so the life of such people is very rich and interesting.

Opposition Mercury – Lilith and relationships

The native always tries to calculate how much the other person is disposed towards him, but often winds himself up. If he was coldly answered, a breakup scenario is already unfolding in his head, and if the husband does not answer calls, a woman with the aspect of Mercury – Lilith already vividly imagines him with his mistress and winds herself up to hysteria. Knowing this peculiarity of the native’s thinking, it is better for the partner not to give a reason for jealousy and unnecessary suspicions.

In a relationship, such people easily start quarrels, and very often impulsively, when they superficially perceive information from a partner, which means it is obviously wrong. The owner of the Mercury-Lilith opposition should always double-check what he has heard or read before making a decision regarding love affairs, especially if the axis of 1 – 7, 5 – 11 houses is affected. There will always be some understatement and misunderstanding that needs to be cleared up.

How to work out the opposition Mercury – Lilith

Since, due to the conflict of mind and feelings, the native is thrown from a state of modest silence in the back row into a thirst to talk about everything in the world, perform on stage and actively communicate with everyone as with best friends, then you need to find a middle ground. To do this, it is important to think through all your phrases and speeches in general in advance, especially if Mercury is retrograde in the natal chart.

Such people are often misunderstood, they can accidentally, out of naivety, blurt out something and it turns out that this is exactly what cannot be said aloud. Very often they cannot express their feelings clearly and understandably.

This can be corrected by rehearsals in front of a mirror or in a telephone conversation, so it is advisable to immediately write yourself a rough plan with separate theses and ask the interlocutor several times, clarifying the information so as not to get into a mess. It is good to engage in any team sport, but it must be original and interesting, as well as give up gossip and even criticism.

The best stone for the opposition Mercury – Lilith will be green onyx .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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