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Opposition Neptune – MC (Midheaven). Skeletons in the closet

Opposition to Meridian Midheaven suggests a deficiency or an excess of the planet’s qualities on the other end of the aspects that follow each other in the most inopportune moment, unexpectedly for most of the native. Neptune is a mystery, the lord of the subconscious and dark karmic waters, a master of mind fogging. It takes you away from reality, does not allow you to see the purpose or a lucky break.

A person lives with an inner world, dreams, builds unrealizable projects, and when it is necessary to take decisive steps towards a goal, he doubts his professionalism, refuses lucrative offers. It is difficult for him to make a good impression. Behind them gossip, enemies suddenly appear, secretly frustrating plans. Neptune’s opposition to the Middle Heaven resembles the natal position of the planet of mysticism in Cancer, hence the excessive sensitivity and pessimism with bright creative endowments.

Dangers of Neptune-MS opposition

A native is born in a spiritual family, with clearly formed religious principles, or relatives are carried away by the occult, which can both break his will and become a powerful core in resisting harsh reality. The main problem is escape to the castles of dreams in the air, where everything is fine and no one hurts. If this is worked through through short-term meditations, poetry, relaxation to music, then it serves as a source of inspiration in work that is not even connected with creativity in any way, for example, in medicine, pharmaceuticals, psychotherapy, chemistry or cooking.

Aimless dreams lead to procrastination, and with the additional defeat of Neptune by Lilith , Mercury , the Moon , lead to a change in consciousness, lies, mental illness. This makes a person a laughing stock in the eyes of others, which is unbearable when the top of the 10th house of glory is affected . The native dreams of becoming famous through charity and deeds for the benefit of society, therefore, he cannot stand criticism and ridicule.

However, his personal secrets become known in connection with his professional activities. Youth is often overshadowed by unpleasant and scandalous events, which later become a topic for blackmail and torment the eternal fear of publicity. The main lines of influence of the opposition Neptune – MC:

  • early interest in vicious passions: sexual perversion, alcoholism, drugs, pleasure through pain;
  • inability to manage your energy, waste of energy;
  • the formation of a fast dependence on games, chats on the Internet, communication by correspondence;
  • low self-esteem, anxiety, suspiciousness in terms of health (at work, an isolated office or insurance may be required);
  • keen intuition, an unusual vision of everyday things give the talent of a photographer, artist, designer;
  • perfect ear for music, fine sense of smell, ability to navigate in any area: composers, perfumers, guides, stalkers;
  • susceptibility to panic attacks, black magic, suggestibility.

The danger of the aspect directly depends on the level of spiritual development of the native. With a joyful perception of the world as the kingdom of God, where everything is fair and interconnected, this is a wonderful psychologist, priest, healer, creator who knows how to transfer the soul of the interlocutor to the subtle planes of being, comforting and reassuring.

Personal relationships

A native’s happiness and success depends entirely on the atmosphere at home during childhood. This is an impressionable child, equally amenable to positive and negative influences. If one of the parents suffered from illness or alcohol addiction, toxic relationships, this gave a psychological trauma that prevented him from moving forward.

With additional tense aspects, the owner of the opposition Neptune-MS could become a witness to a crime or a victim of it, which further complicates his ascent to fame. If this happened, you must be able to keep secrets so that the enemies do not use it in an effort to hit the most vulnerable place.

If the horoscope is full of strong relationships, then parents are creative and bright personalities who help the native to determine the vocation thanks to their example. Bosses come across complex, without a clear vision of the goal and with a vague budget. Knowing this, it is advisable to stipulate in advance all the points of the work contract so that there is something to appeal to.

The home of aspect bearers is often messy and uncomfortable. They are not interested in everyday life. They prefer to create and read books, and abandon the family.

Working out the opposition Neptune-MS

It will be possible to soften the impact of the opposition only through the strengthening of Saturn and Mercury, as well as the correct choice of a profession in the sphere of the 10th house with a creative bias. It is advisable to settle by the water, go in for swimming and sailing, fishing. Stress and inner tension are relieved by dancing, drawing, photography, both as a creator and a model. At least once a year, you need to have sessions with an experienced and reliable psychologist.

It is difficult to fully work out the Neptune-MS opposition, because the higher planet directly affects the subconscious and during its transit it is difficult to resist the flow of emotions. It is no coincidence that the carriers of the aspect are drawn to psychology and astrology, trying to control themselves through secret knowledge.

It is recommended to avoid close relationships with people who resemble parents, which will lead to emotional dependence and infantilism, interfering with free choice, and depriving many opportunities for growth.

A strong belief in God and higher ideals will allow you to resist the temptations and pernicious influences of intruders.

The talisman here will be a serpentine that protects from witchcraft, lies and any negative from the outside.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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