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Opposition Uranus-Neptune. Revolutionary dreamers

The planets in this aspect oppose each other, which means that their principles collide in the struggle for primacy, creating confusion in the native’s soul. The explosive innovation of Uranus opposes the apathetic reverie of Neptune . Oblomovism gives way to violent activity, love of the world – to radical fanaticism, and if a person does not develop spiritually, then the thirst to be different from others will be expressed in eccentric antics of a scandalous nature, and not bright creative projects. Stubbornness and eccentricity easily lead to a ruin of reputation and expulsion from a decent society.

The influence of the opposition Uranus-Neptune on fate

This is an aspect of a whole generation, whose formation fell on the era of stress and rapprochement with the astral worlds. In the faint of heart, this causes mental disturbances when trying to influence fate in occult ways. With careful interaction with astrology and religion, the inner understanding of the spiritual laws of the Universe, painful empathy is sharpened, when the emotions of a neighbor are perceived with frightening acuteness, like their own and intuitive insights.

The gift of foresight is especially pronounced when the planets are positioned in the angular sectors of the horoscope. The rest need to develop it, but bypass black magic. In the spheres of houses, for which Uranus and Neptune are responsible, one should be afraid of deception, intrigues of enemies, unexpected obstacles and injuries due to negligence.

The owners of the Uranus-Neptune opposition, as a rule, live by one great dream, pushing them to accomplishments. This is always associated with a prestigious position in society, the fame of an actor, scientist, trendsetter and style. For this, they are recklessly drawn into scams and intrigues and fall into the grip of other manifestations of a complex aspect:

  • waywardness, irascibility, the habit of saying too much too much in anger and passion;
  • constant dissatisfaction with their position, achievements and property: it seems that others have better and more;
  • lack of punctuality, sense of time, composure and phased planning;
  • mental rush from love for all of humanity to hatred, nationalism and the idea of ​​a higher race;
  • immoderation and heap of images in artistic creation;
  • painful perception of criticism and a desire to take revenge on the offenders.

Since it is difficult for the owners of the Uranus-Neptune opposition to find a comfortable place in a society whose rules and conventions do not want to be observed, and in fantasies they reign and cause universal admiration, it is this intense aspect that prompts them to join the revolutionary movement or create it on their own. Destroy the old world and build a new one according to your standards.

Love and marriage with the opposition Uranus-Neptune

Impractical, divorced from reality, but bright and noticeable carriers of the aspect fall in love passionately and unrestrainedly, only happy relationships develop only with the support of positive ties with Venus. If Uranus or Neptune are in the 5th and 7th houses, then there is a strong idealization of the partner, when the native does not listen to anyone and breaks into the flame of passion like a moth into the light, burning out of pain at the end.

Due to stubbornness, internal sexual dissatisfaction in ordinary relationships and the need for exotic sensations, the owner of the Uranus-Neptune opposition is addicted to love and passion like a drug. However, the likelihood of a real dependence on alcohol and antidepressants is also read if there are difficult aspects of Neptune with the Moon or Lilith.

Uranus in the 7th house creates a desire to get married right away, without thinking and calculating, which makes a person an excellent prey for marriage swindlers. When Neptune enters this sector, illusions obscure the real image of a partner, but this is more a self-deception of the native: he believes in a fictional ideal and is severely disappointed in the everyday side of marriage. The partner can openly talk about his shortcomings, but the bearer of the aspect stubbornly denies the obvious. The exception is the owners of earthly Venus and the Moon.

Working out the opposition Uranus-Neptune

If the native takes into account the dangers of the aspect described above, he will be able to transform them into a powerful spiritual force capable of revolutionizing a positive character in art, astrology, fashion, literature. Using the bright sides of the planets: creativity, innovation and imagination, you can really create a new style and artistic movement.

Since both planets are higher, the position of Pluto in the horoscope should be taken into account , especially if Uranus or Neptune are additionally associated with it. The house ruled by Pluto will show what transformational forces and mechanisms should be used to move one step up.

It is also necessary to subordinate feelings and the flow of fantasy to willpower, avoid alcoholic libations and perverted sexual experiments, diving from great heights and extreme risk for the amusement of the crowd. A person with the opposition Uranus-Neptune vitally needs a wise spiritual mentor, both for confession and as an indicator of the right path, which a native, entangled in experiences and illusions, may miss.

As a talisman that protects against excessive emotionality, irascibility and recklessness, a serpentine and amethyst are suitable here . Malachite , turquoise will help in love , and it will be easier to please others with the support of fluorite and fire opal .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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