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Venus-Mars opposition. Between an angel and a demon

Opposition arises between the planets in opposite signs. They direct negatively and positively charged energy in relation to each other, which generates explosions of internal conflicts in the native’s soul. He rushes between the angel and the demon, showing himself sometimes from the good, then from the negative side. To solve the problem, it is necessary to find a point of support and harmony, reconciling the opposing sides.

Big problems for a man and a woman are brought by the opposition Venus-Mars: the difficulties of mutual understanding in love and sex, the desire to humiliate a partner, subordinate to his will, and besides, the struggle for control over the finances of the family budget. But this does not mean that nothing can be fixed.

The influence of the Venus-Mars opposition on character

The owners of the aspect cannot be envied: they are thrown from outbursts of tenderness and sentimentality to aggressiveness and ruthlessness, as if they suddenly become embarrassed by the warm emotions shown, and urgently need to prove that they are ice warriors. This makes it difficult to build relationships not only on a personal level, but also with friends, colleagues, and most importantly with children.

On the other hand, the owners of the Venus-Mars opposition are as honest as possible with those around them. If they do not like someone, they will not hide their dislike, but they will also express their sympathy openly. Only if their feelings do not cause a positive reaction, they get offended and take revenge, or break off the relationship. Touchiness, haste, and temper are three destructive emotions that need to be corrected. In addition to them, the aspect is expressed in characteristic features:

  • lack of taste in clothes and tact in communication;
  • the desire to look like the opposite sex, especially in women;
  • suspiciousness, hypertrophied sensitivity, irritability because of little things;
  • inability to comply with the subordination and dress code at work;
  • lack of understanding of child psychology: from permissiveness and pampering, they turn to severe punishments and even assault;
  • energy recharge from fights, scandals and quarrels;
  • an addiction to watching low-quality talk shows and action movies with bloody scenes.

The opposition is characterized by a frequent and uncontrollable change in the psychological accents of the planets, which creates discomfort and aggressiveness. This happens on the subtle and on the physical plane at the same time. The native is the victim and the executioner. The intensity of negatively charged emotions provokes destructive circumstances – attacks, conflicts, clarification of relations and mutual insults over nonsense. At the same time, subconsciously, a person himself craves a blow and painful experiences because of dissatisfaction with his nature and the inability to express it correctly.

Features of love relationships

Despite the great need for unconditional love, the owners of the Venus-Mars opposition burn with a passion for rude and arrogant people. They unconsciously shy away from warm and trusting relationships. Understanding and cordial partners seem boring to them. Even agreeing to a relationship with a kind and sensitive person, the carriers of the aspect themselves will begin to provoke quarrels, change and shake the solid foundation of the union. Aggressive and sexual partners, possibly associated with crime, cause deep feelings and dependence.

Often the roots of the Venus-Mars opposition go to the complex relationship of the native’s parents. They either existed on knives, or in childhood the owner of the aspect had conflicts and misunderstandings with the parent of the opposite sex. In adulthood, this is expressed through:

  • excessive voluptuousness, strange sexual experiments with the desire to dominate;
  • intentional humiliation and insult of a partner;
  • emotional vampirism, moodiness, extravagance;
  • the desire to single-handedly own all the money, controlling family members.

The Venus-Mars opposition pushes the ward on dubious erotic adventures, but we must remember that they will have a fateful character. Sometimes it is the grave consequences that prompt us to thoroughly deal with the harmonization of a complex aspect.

Working out the Venus-Mars opposition through actions and stones

The first and important step in mitigating planetary conflict will be to nurture willpower and control over emotions. It should be recognized that anger, the desire to humiliate and subdue a partner comes from the fear of losing love. A native needs to learn to appreciate and accept himself in order to get rid of anger at people who are in no hurry to admire his uniqueness.

The Venus-Mars opposition is also worked out through creativity: dance, theater, handicrafts, jewelry, embroidery. Hard physical labor removes the aggressiveness of Mars. In modern conditions, cardio training in fitness clubs and work in the country are suitable.

The carriers of the aspect prefer to pour love disappointments with alcohol, which should be avoided, since this aggravates karma and includes a chain of destructive terrible events.

You can harmonize the Venus-Mars opposition with the help of jewelry made from natural stones. The cause of the planetary conflict is a distorted perception of love, therefore contact with minerals that generate the energy of a bright feeling is necessary. Nativ help rimmed in red gold coral , carnelian , rose quartz , rhodonite, malachite , jasper . If situations of humiliation from the partner constantly arise, then in order to form new relationships and realize your value, it is recommended to purchase diamonds or zircons in white gold, and also often wear turquoise in silver.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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