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Opposition Ascending (Descending) Node – Saturn: Conquer Thyself

Opposition is constant, so this aspect greatly complicates life, creating resistance to those changes that will really change circumstances for the better. A person wants the fulfillment of a dream, but at the same time is afraid of novelty. The lunar nodes are closely connected with karma, so the native himself sometimes prevents the fulfillment of his mission, even if he realizes what it is.

It is all the more difficult when Saturn , the most strict karmic judge, enters into opposition with one of the nodes. The theme of restrictions, retribution and self-discipline becomes the main one for the native, but he turns a blind eye to it, or vice versa: he becomes an ascetic, afraid to even think about enjoying the result of his labor. Finding the golden mean will help knowledge of astrology.

Saturn Opposition Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

All the most important events in a person’s life occur along the axis of the lunar nodes. Descending South denotes the karma of the past, where experience and talents have been accumulated. You need to push off from it, following the guiding star of the Rising North. People who meet on the way will also have the features of the planet that is connected with them by aspects.

Saturn symbolizes old age and wisdom. Depending on the level of development and awareness of the native, older people will help him with wise advice, or vice versa, put a spoke in the wheel. These are teachers who came from past lives, where the native had to overcome a lot of difficulties and limitations.

This work has not been done to the end, so now the opposition of Saturn with the Ascending (Descending) Node should encourage the development of qualities necessary for acceptance and overcoming difficulties.

In a past life, the native himself could be:

  • an unbearable old man who tormented his loved ones with his grumpy disposition, captious mother-in-law or mother-in-law;
  • a laborer who hates his job;
  • a workaholic who was annoyed by the fun and relaxation of other people;
  • a sufferer slandered by relatives: brothers, sisters or father-in-law;
  • unjustly imprisoned or institutionalized.

In any version of a past life, a person suffered from a lack of friends or ended his life alone. Now they are faced with the task of learning to overcome the limiting attitudes of the previous incarnation in order to afford a high social status.

To do this, it is necessary to recognize that the lessons of karma occur for a certain reason and humbly accept everything that happens, take the positive qualities of the South Node and transfer them to the sphere subject to the North.

Harmonization of Saturn Opposition with the Ascending Node

Saturn is responsible for fears, limiting complexes, doubts about the reality of success, but at the same time it is an internal support and system, without which it is impossible to move forward. The opposition of the planet of karma with the Ascending (Northern) Node creates obstacles to the fulfillment of the karmic task in the form of:

  • elderly relatives, sometimes parents if they are in old age;
  • the need to fulfill a certain duty, for example, to take care of the sick or the elderly, so there is no opportunity to be creative, have fun, get to know each other;
  • inherently difficult living conditions: poverty, lack of housing and basic security needs;
  • disability, congenital diseases.

Saturn’s opposition to the Ascending (North) Node implies its conjunction with the Descending, which means that the person has brought a lot of fears and restrictions from the past.

Sometimes he himself does not suspect why it is so scary to go out into people and rejoice in his successes. He seems to be waiting to be punished from above for any glimpse of pleasure in the body or soul.

Because of these moments, the native often puts himself in isolation, limits communication, uses only necessary things instead of new ones, wears old clothes for years, altering them. It is important to realize that the roots of these prohibitions are in a past life, they must be abandoned and live according to the rules of the North Node.

For example, if he is in Leo, then he will have to refuse to dissolve in the team, stop being a cog in the system, and create it himself, in a new way, from the position of a leader. For a Saturnian, this is a technically easy task, since the ability to systematize is in his blood, but emotionally incredibly difficult. You will most likely need to work with a psychologist.

Saturn Opposition Harmonization with the Descending Node

With this aspect, a person is given incredible strength, vitality, endurance and resistance to infections, but he can often learn about this only through painful lessons, for example, when he finds himself in conditions that limit him: a hospital, prison, captivity, or dependence on a toxic partner.

Thus, Saturn brings him to the realization that only he himself is the master of his life, and helps to cut off the unnecessary restrictions of the past.

You can read them by the symbol of the house and the sign of the South Node. Saturnian themes will be the most important in a person’s life. He will succeed as the creator of any system, political, social, computer, artistic, wherever it is necessary to streamline the old and create something new on its basis.

This applies to both construction, business, management, and creativity – a system of acting, music arrangements, literary presentation.

In order to avoid problems, the native needs to plan his affairs, firmly adhere to the principles of self-discipline, daily routine, do not neglect the advice of old people, and most importantly, respect them sincerely.

A person will have to learn to be an owner, to expand his space of influence and possession alone, without relying on others, which means it is necessary to develop self-confidence.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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