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Opposition Jupiter – MC (Midheaven). Eccentric achiever

Jupiter is not only a planet of great happiness and financial abundance, but the ability to turn your life into the greatest value. In opposition to the Meridian Midheaven its principles are hypertrophied, or vice versa: underdeveloped in relation to the issue of career and public recognition of results of work of the native.

Success in work largely depends on the philosophical and religious beliefs laid down by the parents of the owner of the horoscope. He fights stereotypes by introducing his worldview and discoveries, or he tries to adapt to the environment without betraying what he was taught. Internal strife leads to conflicts with teachers, bosses and colleagues. At its worst, ambition suffers from a lack of the necessary talent for a stellar career.

Dangers of opposition Jupiter – MC

A native is a noisy, persistent person who thinks too much about himself. Tactless in communication on the one hand, because he does not delve into the feelings and experiences of other people, unless, of course, the Moon and Venus are in Pisces or Cancer, but punchy in terms of receiving material benefits. Comfort and prosperity are his main goals, for which he is ready to work, but having received the first dividends, he stops and rests on his laurels.

Men and women with the opposition Jupiter – MC work well while hungry, literally and figuratively. Having satisfied the thirst for fame, gaining popularity, they do not think about how to preserve capital and the sympathy of the public, which often leads to a broken trough, especially if the profession is not chosen in the field of 10 at home , but out of self-interest, and the person does not have the proper degree of talent and desire to develop.

The owners of the aspect firmly believe that their work should be well paid, therefore they will never choose a specialty associated with difficulties or self-restraints. In addition, the decisive word when entering a university in 90% remains with the parents, who approve of prestigious universities and work with the prospect of high salaries. Opposition Jupiter – MC affects other areas of life, forming:

  • the desire to live in luxury, to have spacious and large housing, like a mansion or even a castle, with a huge green area around, and arouse the envy of others;
  • generosity, erudition, poise, the need for stability;
  • passion for collecting diplomas, awards, jewelry and beautiful things;
  • conservatism in views, approach to work, personal tastes in clothing and interior design;
  • the desire to take a leadership position, to be in charge of the office and family, irritation if his authority is not recognized;
  • low emotionality, weak sensibility (with the exception of the strong position of Mars and Venus) make it difficult to maintain useful and friendly relations;
  • the ability to attract public attention, delight the public with an oratorical performance.

Throughout his life, the native will seek a community that resembles the family in which he grew up. He is a social person, for development he needs an environment of like-minded people, whether it be a political party or a huge factory. Ideally, he will work there until old age, remaining faithful to the corporate code.

Personal relationships

Although the emotions of a partner for a native mean little to men and women with the opposition Jupiter – MC, they skillfully use the sensual side of the human psyche to get what they want, seducing representatives of the upper social strata for a profitable marriage or for creating a creative project that will bring millions of dollars in profit. An example of this: the famous director Garry Marshall, the creator of the film Pretty Woman, actor Colin Farrell and rocker Mick Jagger.

The main goal of the native is still real estate: a huge estate where you can fulfill all your dreams of a happy life. It is also a refuge from the injustice and cruelty of the world. The family, of course, is attached, but one should not wait for romance and spiritual closeness. The bearer of the opposition Jupiter – MC is much closer to a business partnership. However, he does not skimp on gifts and financial support to his loved ones. The native hates when it is cramped in relationships, in the office, at home. For a happy life with him, you need to provide personal space.

Elaboration of the opposition Jupiter – MC

Thanks to a calm attitude to the emotions of other people, the owner of the horoscope is of great benefit by participating in charity and rescue operations. He knows how to abstract himself from the suffering of others, but at the same time Jupiterian nobility will not allow him to leave the victims in trouble. This will be done calmly but efficiently. And he himself can easily endure failures and disappointments of any nature.

In 90% of cases, it is desirable to move abroad to speed up your career. The exception is Jupiter in Cancer . Although even with this option, training or internship abroad will be beneficial and successful. Business with foreign partners, reinsurance companies and investors is perfect. It is important for the bearer of the aspect to lead and see self-respect. Shown are professions related to politics, finance, insurance, education, administration, foreign languages ​​and tourism. In theory, the native will succeed in any area if he wants and sees the prospect of profit and fame.

Mascot stones for the Jupiter-MS opposition: yellow diamonds and topaz , tiger’s eye, charoite, amethyst and purple spinel.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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