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Sextile Mars – MC (Midheaven). Gift of Activity

Thanks to the Midheaven , a person understands the meaning of his destiny, and also narrows the field of professions in which he is able to succeed. Here it is important to look not only at the zodiac sign of the 10th house and planet on the MC, but also to correctly decipher the aspects . Sextile softens blows and attracts opportunities for the manifestation of talents in the right circumstances in front of the right people.

It is not permanent, but it turns on when the native is determined to achieve a goal corresponding to the elements of the participating planets. Mars in a positive sense is a symbol of a noble warrior who protects the weak and fights for justice. The combination of assertiveness, hard work, and obvious charm helps you advance your career and attract loyal supporters. Interestingly, your own home becomes the source of vigorous activity.

The influence of the sextile Mars – MC on fate

The favorable aspect of Mars in this case gives protection from the authorities and leaders of any rank. The misdeeds and mistakes of the owner of the horoscope are covered or taken on by other people. The main gift is bright oratory skills. Eloquence helps to get out of the water even with obvious sin. The native assertively enters into polemics with colorful images, as well as a virtuoso mastery of pseudologics, confuses the interlocutors, persuading them to their advantage.

If Mars, Ascendant and Midheaven are in the signs of Sagittarius and Libra, then the native will turn out to be an unsurpassed lawyer or prosecutor. In the case of a position in Aries, Leo and Capricorn – an intelligent and far-sighted military commander. Being subordinate in this situation is fraught with conflicts and envy, since the native does not recognize the disguised generals and leaders who received the post by pull, exposing their failure. For the time being, he will put up with work under the guidance of a brave and decisive person, but will not give up the idea of ​​becoming a boss himself.

It is important to take into account other nuances of the influence of the Mars – MC sextile on fate:

  • courage, bravery and sexual attractiveness arise in moments of movement towards a goal along the line of purpose or protection of the interests of the company and its employees;
  • bosses and patrons, as a rule, are men, or very strong, rude, but kind-hearted women;
  • will, perseverance and desire to be a leader are admired even by competitors;
  • the ability to combine personal energy with the potential of other people, getting maximum efficiency from teamwork;
  • the ability to minimize weaknesses and concentrate on the strengths in professional activity, forgetting about quarrels and resentments for the sake of the case;
  • help and support comes from middle-aged men: they are teachers, friends, fans, husbands.

It is interesting that the sextile Mars – Midheaven turns on and works more actively when rivals and competitors appear. The native simply flourishes in the struggle for the palm, showing talents in the most attractive way, while never turning to personal insults. This is a game that cheers and invigorates him.

Personal relationships

The native’s mother is incredibly active. Surely in the house no one was allowed to be lazy, and sport was an integral part of life. Thanks to this regime, men and women with the sextile Mars – MC grow up to be hardworking, persistent and active.

They also rarely rest in their house, they take work at home, or relax, doing Martian hobbies: repairing, woodworking and carpentry, and if they live outside the city, then agriculture and floriculture.

Men with this aspect are incredibly attractive in the process of performing work duties or when taking the lead in a team, and women often fall in love with their bosses.

Glory and popularity are brought by the charisma of rude sexuality, as well as sports achievements. Astrologers recommend that the carriers of the sextile Mars – MC engage in team sports: football, basketball, tennis, thereby activating the energy of the aspect. Single people often meet future partners at championships and military parades.

Practical interaction with aspect

Men, fathers, close relatives and high-ranking officials have a great influence on life. It is necessary to maintain good relations, and it is important for women to develop respect for them and not to commit unseemly actions towards men, so as not to worsen karma.

Sports, agriculture, home renovation, construction, floriculture, include Martian energies and help clear the mind. If the owner of the Mars – MC sextile dreams of becoming famous, he should pay great attention to the development of the body, since fame is attracted through physical parameters and abilities.

This is especially important when the 10th house is located in the signs of Aries, Capricorn and Leo. Since the aspect does not act constantly, but is included in certain periods, one must be prepared for the finest hour in advance. Decorations with natural stones: ruby , pomegranate , scarlet coral and jasper will help to enhance the influence of sextile on fate .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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