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Saturn-Uranus Sextile. Civil Service Businessman

Sextile is a major aspect, symbolizing favorable opportunities for fulfilling a karmic program. If a person develops and strives to reveal the purpose, showing the qualities of the planets participating in tandem, the Universe favors his intentions. The owners of the Saturn-Uranus sextile easily achieve their goals.

With bright ideology and ingenuity, they know how to structure plans and see how to reach the top in a short way. Original thinking and a sense of duty make them successful businessmen and statesmen. In addition, they are always helped by a team of friends or like-minded people. With a negative aspect of Saturn, excessive caution slows down the rapid ascent upward.

Pros and cons of Saturn-Uranus sextile

A person professes the principles of freedom and justice and is ready to defend them clearly and consistently. He is perceptive and intelligent, perfectly understands the motives of actions and predicts the reaction of the interlocutor to his words. Boldness of thought, combined with logic and analytics, makes him a brilliant lawyer.

Willpower is not able to shake emotions and temptations, especially if he defends what he believes in. Thanks to the liberalism of Uranus, the native does not become a religious fanatic, although his personal value system, formed by the age of 30, does not change until the end of his life. He allows others to believe in other ideals, but surrounds himself with like-minded people, thanks to which he achieves success in politics and business. Pros and cons of Saturn-Uranus sextile:

  • original, inquisitive mind, harmony of reason and intuition, practicality, accuracy;
  • the ability to materialize a dream in a detailed plan, for example, a new aircraft or car in diagrams and drawings – the talent of an engineer, aircraft designer;
  • respect for money as a way to be free and do what you want, but without attachment to material values;
  • intuitive understanding of the structure of the universe and the operation of karmic laws;
  • sense of duty, responsibility, self-discipline – a reliable comrade and partner;
  • profit comes from patented inventions and financial investments;
  • long life and good health, if the planets are harmonious, and a person takes care of himself;
  • talent to inspire others with ideas, persuade and organize a team.

If Uranus is exalted or amazed, a person begins to believe in the exclusivity of his destiny or considers himself the only star in the sky, and other servants. In this case, opportunities for the fulfillment of his mission gradually cease to appear, and he is forced to work, performing routine duties.

Love relationships with sextile Saturn-Uranus

The aspect carries a karmic load, which manifests itself through relationships with the opposite sex. For a woman, the chosen one becomes a projection of the father, reflecting positive qualities with a harmonious Saturn, or, conversely, painful emotional experiences with tense aspects. For a man, his girlfriend will be a troublemaker or refute his negative ideas about women.

The native is often wary of women with a bright appearance and free from prejudice, considering them frivolous and dangerous. However, in the end, he falls in love with just such.

If Venus of the owners of the Saturn-Uranus sextile is in an earth sign, then despite passionate hobbies, they marry the right partner with an impeccable reputation, a prestigious profession and development prospects. If the planet of love is in the element of fire or air, then the native boldly destroys the prejudices of society or his own, connecting with an original and extraordinary partner.

Commitment to marriage vows and a responsible attitude towards family responsibilities are good prerequisites for a long, happy life. However, after 60 years, under the influence of Uranus , a person becomes an original, hungry for adventure, and then a new novel of an adventurous nature turns his life upside down.

Saturn-Uranus Sextile in Children and Strengthening the Aspect with Stones

Children with the Saturn-Uranus sextile are obedient and diligent. In their inner world, life is boiling, drawn by a stormy imagination. Dreaming of feats and fame, they rarely decide on extraordinary actions in reality, fearing to look stupid in the eyes of others. Creative ideas and projects are first shown to parents or teachers whose opinions matter to them. If they are lucky and they approve of the chosen direction, then the child has a chance to follow a favorable karmic path.

With a negative attitude to the original ideas and aspirations of the bearer of the Saturn-Uranus sextile, he closes in on himself, not allowing to share intimate, up to the institute. Since both planets are related to the 11th house , after graduation there is an opportunity to change the environment of communication and find like-minded people and friends in order to get the necessary support and jointly implement the native’s plans.

Enhancing the positive influence of planets at any age can be achieved with the help of jewelry with blue sapphire, lapis lazuli and amethyst .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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