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Sextile Uranus – MC (Midheaven). Gift of extraordinary

The aspects of the higher planets are special. In order to use their energy, and especially the originality and eccentricity of Uranus , you must have the awareness, spirituality and work out the basic principle of party union, even if it is a favorable sextile to Meridian sky Mid 10th House, the symbol of glory and prosperity. The zodiac sign of this sector, as well as the highest qualities of Uranus, will show the areas of activity and ways to achieve goals.

In any case, it is necessary to be unique, unrepeatable and look for new ways, using traditional developments whenever possible, but composing on their basis something that has never been before. The position of the planet of eccentricity will show the areas where change and revision of values ​​need to be created in order to leap towards the desired future. If this is not done, circumstances will literally force you to stand face to face with fears and inner pain in the affairs of this house.

Influence of the sextile Uranus – MC on fate

People around him often consider the native a dreamer and dreamer, however, thanks to the successful periods when sextile turns on, he proves in practice the practical embodiment of his inventive ideas. From an early age, there is not just an interest in the fields of technology, electronics, computer and space technologies, but training in this in special courses. It is quite likely that the university will be chosen with these priorities in mind.

For the owner of the Uranus-MC sextile, nothing is impossible. Belief in yourself and in the most incredible ideas attracts the right people, favorable circumstances and the means to translate them into reality. Men and women with this aspect want an unusual and unique destiny. They are interested in creating something unprecedented, accomplishing a feat, discovery or revolution in art.

Everything unknown and secret attracts their mind, and the combination of talent and creativity really helps to become masters of their craft, but in order not to remain empty projectors, it is also important to work out Saturn and Mercury . And also take into account other nuances of the influence of the Uranus-MC sextile on fate:

  • character ranges from love for progress to thirst for revolution, depending on the level of spirituality;
  • ingenuity, bright talent in one of the areas of influence of the zodiac sign of the 10th house or sector where Uranus stands;
  • lack of stability, difficulties with choosing a profession (I like several specialties equally), abrupt changes, for example, dropping out of college or being transferred from the technical faculty to the theater;
  • the finest hour during the period of study at the university: the opportunity to stand out and express yourself, start working early;
  • the habit of being a loner and the inability to work in a team, unless there are harmonious ties with the 11th house or Uranus is its ruler;
  • radical beliefs or atheism, however, they prefer to work for the sake of higher ideals, like world peace or the creation of a time machine in order to save those who died in past centuries;
  • success in a career related to politics (strong aspects with Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Venus are needed), the Internet, electronics, mechanical engineering, aviation, astronautics, occult sciences, cinema and radio.

The native’s reputation surprisingly does not suffer from his unusual and strange deeds. She is always saved by something, but force majeure and surprises always happen. Be especially careful if Uranus aspects or rules the 7th, 8th and 12th houses.

Personal relationships

Uranus Midheaven Sextile in the 10th house is associated with unusual parenting experiences. This applies both to the native himself and his relationship with his mother. Perhaps the pregnancy was early and accidental, or non-standard methods of upbringing were used: complete freedom of action, no prohibitions, hippie style, or the woman did not want to be associated with the classic image of the mother and she often passed herself off as the sister of her child.

In any case, the element of eccentricity in relations with relatives is always present in the life of the owner of the aspect. Also, unusual hobbies, addiction to electricity, technology and computers, probably comes from the parental feed.

In relations with their own children, men and women with the sextile Uranus – MC adhere to the principles of upbringing that they received in childhood, if the experience was positive, or they radically change their views on the opposite, remembering painful experiences. Only they do not always succeed, since Uranus is a master of provocation through internal outbursts of emotions and external circumstances.

Practical implementation of the sextile Uranus – MC

The native wants to rebel against the will of parents, bosses and the rules of society. It is important to find the line separating personal whims from the real desire for changes for the better.

We will have to look for a form of dialogue in which the desired changes will occur not through the collapse of other people’s ideals, but through editing the existing framework. You can come to an agreement with the management without shouting or blaming, but by making a well-reasoned report with specific proposals for progressive innovations. If parents are against a profession or mission that runs counter to their ideas about happiness, you need to prove in practice why this is wonderful and important.

Progress, knowledge, discoveries are three landmarks that allow you to walk along the upper floors of Uranus, reaching your goal. Choosing a job where the boss treats his subordinates as a friend and there is no strict time management with a dress code is a sure way to achieve early success.

Decorations with blue topaz and harlequin opal are recommended to enhance sextile .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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