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Jupiter-Uranus Sextile. Lucky Adventurer

Sextile is a favorable aspect that brings together the properties of two planets. This helps to achieve the goal in the areas for which they are responsible, but only with the personal initiative of the native. If you lie at home on the couch, then the brilliant chances of success will turn into smoke. However, luck rarely passes by the owners of the bright and progressive sextile Jupiter-Uranus.

Endowing the ward with the gift of foresight of the future, a dogma-free intellect and a thirst for creation, he is considered an aspect of astrologers, inventors and creators. These are real minions of fate: the bird of happiness flies to them by itself, you just need to grab it by the tail. A special gift of the planets is the transformation of their own and other people’s lives around through emotions and creative energy, but excessive eccentricity and love of freedom can ruin personal relationships.

Pros and cons of the Jupiter-Uranus sextile

An extrovert with the Jupiter-Uranus sextile is interested in everything related to new technologies, show business, the Internet, magic and secret sciences. Life is a field for experiments and you have to go through it brightly and with fireworks. A native is constantly trying himself in a new business, even having a basic profession, or he works in several directions, one of which is certainly connected with creativity.

He is an optimist, hospitable host with many friends and a fountain of crazy ideas. Making dreams come true, he feels happy, but you need to know that with Jupiter-Uranus sextile, giving is more important than taking. Taking off upward is preceded by helping others or financial generosity.

The native is an adherent of high ideals, he is attracted to politics and social activities in order to change the world for the better, and this really succeeds. Even failed projects are miraculously transformed into profitable ones with his participation. Strengths of the Jupiter-Uranus sextile:

  • intuition, artistry, liberalism, optimism, generosity, foresight;
  • non-standard, bold approach to solving problems, ease of communication in a team;
  • adventurous inclinations in business and leisure, a desire to show courage in dangerous situations;
  • passion for adventure, investigation, interest in new cultures and teachings;
  • the need for variety, lack of framework and dress code, work in companies with an informal style of brotherly friendship and parties for employees;
  • humanism, originality of thinking and amazing imagery of reasoning;
  • interest in new forms of religion, with negative aspects – adherence to strange sects, however, harmless for humanity, since they do not accept violence;
  • creation of new devices on the Internet, means of communication and transportation;
  • success in investment, journalism, diplomacy, literature, theater and film, aviation and space exploration;
  • useful business contacts arise in foreign trips, business trips, visits to banks and scientific institutions, internships abroad.

The energy of luck protects the carrier of the Jupiter-Uranus sextile for a long time, while he walks along the honest path of creation. But excessive optimism does not allow a person to sensibly assess the danger, especially in a state of courage. An absurd death by negligence is a frequent occurrence in the life of a reckless adventurer. At a low level of development, the native starts financial fraud or is himself involved in them fraudulently, especially if Neptune is struck . Attention must be paid to working out Saturn , grounding Uranus with discretion and foresight.

Love relationships with sextile Jupiter-Uranus

Men and women with the Jupiter-Uranus sextile are amorous and reckless in the first months of raging emotions. They are ready to fly out to their beloved at the first call, shower with a million roses and buy a diamond ring with their last savings. However, the hurricane of feelings rushes by quickly, and the need for acute experiences and fiery passion remains. This is especially pronounced when Venus is in fire signs.

If the planet of love is in the element of Air, ideological community and friendship, joint intellectual development, which keep the native’s interest, come to the fore. Venus in an earth sign will give a lasting union if the partner creates romantic surprises and adventures after marriage.

In most cases, carriers of Jupiter-Uranus often adhere to the idea of ​​free relations, without registration in the registry office, or deny marriage in principle. They are extremely freedom-loving and spend half their lives traveling. But they love children very much and, no matter how the relationship with the chosen one develops, they turn the child’s life into a holiday of positive emotions, delighting with the generosity of gifts and attention.

Sextile Jupiter-Uranus in children and the strengthening of the aspect by the power of stones

Despite the fact that children with the Jupiter-Uranus sextile are superior to their peers in intelligence and erudition, at school they are often recorded as hooligans and poor students due to their inability to maintain discipline and keep their opinions to themselves. Kind, funny, creative guys are surrounded by a crowd of friends, but it’s more difficult to get along with teachers.

Parents need to load them with creative work in art and theater studios, sports in the line of rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating and athletics. This will satisfy the ambition of the child with the Jupiter-Uranus sextile and appease the need to shock the public. With a strong Neptune – an early interest in religion and poetry.

Enhancing the positive influence of sextile at any age will be possible through jewelry with yellow sapphire and fire opal , harmonizing the favorable energies of both planets.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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