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Conjunction Neptune – Ascendant. The storyteller from parallel worlds

The union gives the native the power of two planets at once and the more contradictory their meanings, the more difficult it is to maintain control over the power of talents and temptations. A slightly different impact occurs when the Ascendant participates in the union, which determines social success, career takeoff and ease of communication with the world. If the planet in contact with him is the highest, like Neptune, then it colors with personal characteristics not only appearance, demeanor and worldview, but is included in fateful moments when all life depends on the choice.

It is difficult to exist with Neptune in the 1st and 12th houses : it fogs up the mind and gives out mirages from the imaginary world as reality, because of which the native flies like a butterfly into the flame of passions. It seems to him that creative ideas are worth a million, but in fact they are not in demand. It’s a paradox, but after a century the bearer of the aspect can be recognized as a star ahead of its time.

The influence of the conjunction of Neptune and the Ascendant on fate

Intuition and spontaneous inspiration motivate all actions. A person-emotion listens to his desires: he wants to lie on the sofa, his hands are burning to create beauty – he writes poetry, fairy tales, paintings, knits and embroiders. The lucky ones with strong Saturn and Mercury become famous artists, writers, musicians and actors, because they know how to create on a schedule and control the flight of imagination, finishing work on time. The rest should learn time management and hard work, otherwise a genius by nature will remain a lazy Oblomov instead of a brilliant conquest of the literary or theatrical Olympus.

It is interesting that the more quadratures in the horoscope of the owner of the conjunction of the Ascendant and Neptune, the more realistic he looks at the world. The presence of sextiles and trines attracts sponsors and patrons who promote the ward to the heights of fame, but does not at all contribute to the development of the will to win, hard work and punctuality. Because of this, addictions to drugs, alcohol, sexual excesses develop, especially with the position of Neptune in the 12th house, and a minor failure is perceived as an unbearable tragedy. It is important to take into account other manifestations of the aspect:

  • inspired appearance, pale complexion, burning eyes with a sleepy drag, huge and hypnotizing the interlocutor;
  • softness and sex appeal of appearance, inner “glow”, a classic example is Marilyn Monroe;
  • sentimentality, superstition, weak will, mystical perception of the world, strange behavior: they talk to themselves, they can interrupt communication and leave, feeling a surge of inspiration;
  • bright poetic, musical and artistic talents require implementation even as a hobby, otherwise hysteria, anger, unmotivated anger;
  • the desire to become loved and in demand prompts you to agree to obscene offers, humiliate yourself and suppress true desires;
  • hypocrisy, vulnerability, dependence on someone else’s opinion is all the more if the Ascendant, Moon and Venus are in water signs.

The native foresees trouble and sees prophetic dreams, which often frightens and forces one to abandon the gift of intuition. Astrologers advise pouring out internal energy into poetry, paintings, handicrafts in order to ground and not fly away into other dimensions more often than you want. The practical embodiment of fantasies, even if it is creative cooking, removes the mysticism of the mind and returns the realism of the perception of the world.

Love and marriage with the Neptune-Ascendant conjunction

Women with this aspect are attractive with soft, enveloping sexuality. This is the image of a girl from a neighboring yard, close and understandable. They subconsciously know how to charm a man with light coquetry and a charming smile, but they quickly agree to physical intimacy because of a great desire to be loved, without waiting for a serious feeling to arise. The second extreme is the idealization of the beloved and the desire to become everything to him, reincarnated in the image that is close to the partner, and not to herself. Hence, nervous breakdowns, uncertainty, fear of loss. The marriage will be happy only if you give up rose-colored glasses and preserve creative energy.

Men with the conjunction of Neptune and Ascendant also play someone else’s role, but in order to seduce and conquer, fall in love with themselves and leave in search of another Muse and patroness. In most cases, this is an artist-storyteller who is only interested in his own personality in art, and the fair sex is a source of inspiration. To maintain the fire of passion, it is necessary to fully provide for his life and at the same time be a fairy from dreams.

Practical interaction with the Neptune-Ascendant conjunction

Success and prosperity comes in the arts. The zodiac sign, where the aspect is located, will show the specifics. The position of Neptune in the 1st house suggests a threat to the native from their own illusions, mistakes and delusions, and if the planet is in the 12th sector, the danger comes from outside: deceivers, tempters, thieves. Also, one should not recklessly trust people seeking to become sponsors and patrons, especially if there are negative connections with the 7th and 11th houses.

The more realism and practicality the owner of the Neptune-Ascendant connection begins to show in communication and creative activity, the more balanced and harmonious his life will become. It is beneficial to spend time near water, it energizes, removes the evil eye and negativity that the carriers of the aspect attract from the surrounding space. Shown are water sports, water aerobics, jumping from a tower.

Given the complex impact of Neptune, which distorts the perception of reality, it is best to find a reliable psychologist as soon as possible and consult with him about fears and worries.

Decorations made of natural stones will also help to stabilize the state of mind: serpentine , jadeite , beryl , aquamarine , amazonite .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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