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Conjunction Uranus – MC (Midheaven). The power of change

Meridian Midheaven is in the 10th house of fame and career. He shows the true destiny of a person, realizing which to the full, he receives honors and happiness from being in his place. Uranus is initially strong here, and being in one of the most powerful aspects, in conjunction with the MC, influences fate not only in terms of choosing a profession, but generously supplies the ward with stress, changes and unexpected events.

There will be no stability here, but this is a necessary condition for the development of talents and advancement to the stars through the thorns of external circumstances. Plus, a person wants to go the unbeaten path, insisting on the originality of the creative path, using non-standard and risky ways to achieve goals in business and science, which shocks and causes distrust at first, until the first results.

Influence of the Uranus – MC conjunction on fate

In a harmonious scenario, career success will bring forward thinking and a modern, innovative approach to business. It is favorable to engage in physics, electronics, Internet technologies, advertising, astrology, aviation, astronautics and related fields.

Nativa attracts unusual and risky activities that will arouse the curiosity and admiration of others. Even if he chooses science, he will find something to surprise with: a new revolutionary method or an external image, far from the idea of ​​a professor.

In marketing, these people easily attract the attention of the public with bright and provocative advertising layouts, and in astrology they instantly become famous for their categorical judgments and eccentric appearance.

For a long time, a person cannot choose who he is, a reformer or an anarchist, unconsciously or deliberately shuffling these images. Therefore, routine work is contraindicated: there will be a conflict with bosses or colleagues over little things. People with the Uranus – MS conjunction do not want to be bosses, but they do not like to obey, freedom of self-expression in the chosen area is important to them. Freelance is their salvation. Other important aspects of the aspect:

  • an independent line of conduct, love of freedom, aversion to traditional ways of any nature;
  • difficulties with adaptation in society and finding a common language with the leadership;
  • unorthodox sexuality or a tendency to numerous novels at work;
  • eccentric, unique and memorable creative expression (actor Jim Carrey and directors Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen);
  • a tendency to mood swings and mental disorders, the danger of playing in the exploration of other worlds;
  • with negative aspects – scandals and unexpected revelations of skeletons in the closet, which leaves irreplaceable stains on the reputation (Woody Allen’s marriage to his stepdaughter);
  • work in a team without a dress code and formal behavior conventions.

In a person’s life, there will be many surprises associated with the irritation of the authorities, parents and law enforcement agencies. Public love also gives way to a period of disfavor and vice versa. Emotional and event-driven swings are karma that must be accepted with dignity.

Personal relationships

The native’s mother is most likely a creative and originally thinking person who taught him to see in the world a lot of secrets that need to be solved, or narcissistic and eccentric, with which the child endured a lot of awkwardness and stress.

In any case, all the oddities of behavior, as well as interest in mysticism and space, come from the family.

With the Ascendant and the 7th house in air signs, it is more interesting for a person to be a cosmopolitan, to work in different branches of international companies, than to dive into long-term relationships.

For men with the Uranus-MC conjunction, an ideological partner is important, easy-going and not fixated on home, family, everyday life, with whom you can travel hand in hand. Women with this aspect fall in love with strange inventors, seeking to be part of their eccentric creative path.

It is difficult to live with such people. They are not at all interested in savings for the family budget, the acquisition of real estate, and stability is boring. They easily quit their hateful job, not thinking about the future, but they certainly won’t be bored with them.

Practical implementation of the Uranium – MS compound

Belief in your uniqueness and the benefits of ideas for society is the key to success. The uniqueness of images, ideas and their practical implementation, as well as an innovative approach to business, made Vivien Leigh, Steven Spielberg and Steve Jobs famous. The native does not create just like that, he shows the audience the future, or he exposes vices with caustic humor, like Woody Allen, and the philosophy of Karl Marx completely changed the foundations of society for decades.

Psychologically, it is necessary to prepare for a frequent change of career directions, travel, business trips. Thanks to the conjunction of Uranus with the Midheaven, extrasensory abilities, foresight of the future and telepathy appear, which will help the native not to be mistaken in choosing the options for professional directions offered by fate. It is important to study psychology, develop sensuality and responsibility: Venus and Saturn .

Those areas of the horoscope that Uranus aspects or controls will need to be revisited and challenged before circumstances warrant.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Midheaven Conjunction Uranus:


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