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Venus conjunction – Ascendant. Favorite Cupid

The conjunction of the planets gives external attraction and such a huge potential of energy that it is not easy to cope with it. The more of these aspects in the horoscope, the more intensively it is necessary to work on strengthening the will, endurance and control of emotions.

Combining with the Ascendant, the planet colors the social part of the personality with its qualities, and if at the same time it is the ruler of the zodiac sign of the same house, then the native’s bright charisma cannot be overlooked.

Especially if Venus participates in the conjunction, which is responsible for love, wealth, creativity and pleasure. These 4 themes will be the main ones in the life of the owner of the natal chart . Without achieving success in at least one of them, he will be unhappy and unsatisfied with life.

The influence of the Venus-Ascendant conjunction on fate

In the absence of negative aspects, these men and women are the favorites of fortune. They are incredibly charming, have a bewitching voice and angelic beauty. People with Venus in Taurus, Libra and Leo are especially attractive outwardly. Standing out among the crowd with inner light and a radiant smile, the carriers of the Venus-Ascendant conjunction get used to easily getting what they want through their appearance and flirting, which enhances natural laziness and discourages the desire to learn, develop and work.

This is more typical for the position of the planet of love in the 1st house , the actual ruler of which is Aries, and from here arises an internal aggressive confidence in the right to luxury and fame. In these matters, the native is straightforward and assertive, although graceful manners and courtesy of speech skillfully mask the greedy need for physical pleasure and money. If Venus is in the 12th house , then the person is shy, sentimental, hides his true face, and the spiritual side of love is more important for him than the physical. Other manifestations of the aspect:

  • wavy hair, dimples on the cheeks, beautiful body shapes, plump lips;
  • the ability to awaken sympathy in others with one appearance;
  • ease of creative self-expression, a subtle sense of beauty, artistic talent;
  • sex appeal, sparkling sense of humor, diplomacy, cunning;
  • addiction to luxury, expensive stylish clothes, brands;
  • prestige and high esteem of society determine the choice of profession, real estate, car: they prefer what is in trend and delights the majority;
  • in the negative – narcissism, the torment of creativity, obstacles in love, prudence and self-interest, extravagance, gluttony.

The zodiac sign influences the practical application of the native’s artistic abilities. If the conjunction of Venus and the Ascendant is in Capricorn, then beauty is manifested in a strict style, royal coldness of behavior in public, the talent of an architect and designer. Position in Leo generates an extrovert actor, dancer and blogger with a thirst for luxury and social events, and in Taurus gives the gift of a singer and a passion for collecting jewelry.

Love and marriage at the conjunction of Venus and the Ascendant

The fair sex is the very embodiment of femininity. They naturally know how to turn a man’s head and get what they want. With the position of Venus in Cancer and Pisces there is a strong need for romantic love and unity of souls, but the position in other signs gives practicality, the habit of putting oneself in first place in relationships and demanding a comfortable, rich life.

Gifts, jewelry, visiting expensive restaurants, concerts, festivals are an integral part of courting a lady with the conjunction of Venus and the Ascendant. At the same time, she will be offended if she is considered only a beautiful supplement to a man, believing that she made him happy with one presence nearby, and gifts are simple gratitude for the inspiration of the Muse.

In life, men with this aspect of women take the place of leaders leading to the heights of success in creativity and financial enrichment. The mother, wife or mistress will push him to take active steps in the line of creative self-expression, education, and meeting useful people. This is especially important if Venus or the Sun is in the 12th house , and it is difficult for a man to get out of the shadows and declare himself to the world. At the same time, the negatively aspected planet of love symbolizes the troubles and dangers associated with women, as well as love disappointments.

Practical interaction with the Venus-Ascendant conjunction

The position of the aspect in the zodiac sign shows the source of pleasure and joy, tells you what to do in order to make profit and career growth through pleasure. If it’s Pisces – drawing, music, photography, cinema. Virgo – working with details, numbers, signs: mathematics, foreign languages, mosaics, embroidery. Having chosen the right direction, the native strengthens Venus and becomes a source of creative energy, attracting love and money.

Creativity is a prerequisite for achieving success, without it, even as a hobby, vitality and sexual charisma fade away.

It is very important for a native to pay attention to their appearance through tactile sensations: massage, chocolate wraps in spas, swimming for pleasure, not training, and also need to wear beautiful expensive clothes and jewelry. This is one way to boost your self-esteem. The profession must be chosen creative, according to the interests and spheres of the zodiac sign.

Diamonds , zircons , emeralds and beryls of blue and light green shades are suitable as talismans that enhance the positive vibrations of the Venus-Ascendant connection .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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