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Venus in the 1st house

The owner of Venus in the 1st house of the horoscope radiates and spreads soft and kind energy around him. As a rule, others like him. The native's graceful manners, good looks, natural politeness and peacefulness attract people to him. As a rule, he enjoys great success with the opposite sex.

People with this Venus love to dress up and take care of themselves. It is important for them to look good, and therefore they follow fashion, regularly update their wardrobe and visit beauty salons. The owners of Venus in the 1st house know a lot about jewelry and especially jewelry. Excellent taste allows them to create a memorable image and even become a standard of beauty for some.

Such people use cosmetics, and if Venus in the horoscope is damaged, then they can go for plastic surgery, just to look perfect. In the case of a negative aspect of the luminary, such negative personality traits as narcissism, a tendency to laziness and an idle lifestyle can also appear.

The Venusian in the 1st house tends to be art-savvy. Even if he is not an artist and musician by profession, he tries to bring beauty and creativity to any business he does.

Analysis of the position of Venus in the natal chart

It is believed that the presence of Venus in the 1st house of the horoscope is a good sign. This kind planet makes a person internally happy, gives him a unique feeling of well-being, joy and fullness of life. A positive attitude towards the people around and the events taking place makes the holder of the natal chart more successful in life and resistant to crises.

A subject with such a Venus believes that love is the most important thing in life. His heart is full of good feelings, romance and tenderness, and he feels the need to devote himself to someone around him and, of course, to be loved.

And yet there is an opinion that Venus in the 1st house is not the best location for her. This field of the horoscope is responsible for the personal aspirations and penetrating qualities of the subject. In order to take your place in the sun, you need to be able to fight and compete with others. It is quite difficult for the owner of Venus in the 1st house to defend their positions. He tends to smooth out contradictions and bypass acute moments in a relationship, often yielding to his counterpart and focusing on his interests.


Venus in some zodiac signs

The zodiac sign, in which Venus is in the 1st house, will bring some nuances to the behavior and character of the native.

Venus in fire signs (for example, Venus in Aries ) makes a person bright, open, socially active, energetic and passionate. If the planet is in a water sign (for example, in Pisces ), then the person is very psychological, merciful, attentive and intuitive.

Venus in the earth sign Taurus will endow a person not only with creative talents, but also with practicality, and a planet in the sign of Air (for example, in Gemini ) will inform the native of curiosity and excellent communication skills.

Venus in the 1st house of a man

If Venus in the native's horoscope is located in the 1st house, then it is difficult for him to show truly masculine qualities. He is inclined to seek compromises, does not like open conflicts and achieves his goal with the help of diplomacy and personal charm.

An energetic, proactive, determined and ambitious life partner will be ideal for him.

Venus in the 1st house of a woman

The owner of the horoscope is graceful, feminine and merciful. She knows how to attract the attention of the opposite sex, charm them and interest them in a pleasant conversation.

Often such women become good wives and mothers. They fit organically into these roles, since they do not need to break or remake themselves. The owner of Venus in the 1st house knows how to create harmony in partnerships, and in her house it is beautiful, cozy and warm.

Lilia Garipova


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