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Conjunction Venus – MC (Midheaven). The power of beauty

The cusp of the 10th house, where the Meridian Midheaven shows our true destination influences the choice of profession, and the connection with the planet also indicates topics that people above everything else in life. In the case of Venus , at a low level of development, love for oneself as the crown of creation, wealth, beautiful things, and for creativity, aesthetics, and ennobling of the surrounding world with high spirituality is manifested.

These interests will lead to success and influence the choice of vocational work. It is also necessary to consider the spheres of the zodiac sign of the 10th house . A person will become happy if the profession is associated with art, the beauty industry, fashion, design, cosmetology and any humanitarian areas. Work colleagues and bosses love the native, and so much so that office romances lead to both a happy marriage and scandalous layoffs.

The influence of the Venus – MC conjunction on fate

They are the lucky ones and favorites of Fortune, with a light disposition and inexhaustible optimism. People are drawn to them for a portion of inspiration and good mood. If Venus is aspected by trines and sextiles , then all desires are fulfilled instantly, and the native’s talents immediately find their admirers.

However, this is the case when additional squares and oppositions benefit a favorable planet in the 10th house, since they act as engines of personal progress of the owner of the horoscope, preventing them from getting bogged down in laziness and luxury instead of development and creativity.

Women with the conjunction Venus – Midheaven are helped in their careers by high-ranking patrons in love with them. However, these ladies really know their worth, are confident in beauty and charm and do not lack money.

Men with this aspect are helped by rich and powerful women with whom there is no family connection. In any case, the native will not go unnoticed. The desire to project your uniqueness onto the general public literally attracts the right circumstances by a magnet. A striking example is Marilyn Monroe with high Venus, which has become a symbol of beauty and sexuality for centuries.

Other interesting factors affecting the connection on fate:

  • charm of earthly warm beauty or “good guy” (for example, actor Tom Hanks);
  • a unique vision of fashion and the creation of a new style in fashion, music, painting (for example, David Bowie);
  • a sense of beauty, harmony, rhythm and form;
  • the ability to build relationships on a beneficial basis, solving partners’ requests for payment;
  • self-confidence depends on appearance, hence the desire to look bright and stand out from the crowd, especially with Venus in Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries, Libra;
  • the need to enjoy life in all sensory forms;
  • vanity, narcissism, hysteria and exactingness at a low level of spirituality;
  • with the Ascendant in earth signs, a practical manifestation of creativity: a tailor, cabinetmaker, jeweler, sculptor, culinary specialist.

The profession is often associated with the physical education of a healthy body: gymnastics, fitness, cosmetics, as well as travel, weddings and diplomacy.

Personal relationships

Since Venus is the significator of the 7th house , the connection with the Midheaven Meridian brings the themes of personal life closer to business partnership. A woman with this aspect is often persuaded into sexual relations by high-ranking men, as in the case of Marilyn Monroe, or she uses their patronage for a career takeoff.

The best option is to combine sincere love and joint business. In general, the state of falling in love inspires the carriers of the Venus-MC connection, enhancing their charm and attracting favorable opportunities for the manifestation of the world of talents. It is interesting that even enemies cannot be angry with the owners of the aspect for a long time, thanks to their qualities such as cheerfulness, optimism and sincerity.

The conjunction of Venus with MC in 90% of cases is the indicator of marriage for love, for a person or for a partner’s money, this is another question, but other factors must also be taken into account: the figures of the aspects or connections of the 7th and 8th houses, since some partners can destroy the native’s idyll both on work and career, if you do not work out in time, for example, the Trapeze or the Finger of Fate .

Usually, having achieved popularity and financial stability by vocation, the native always meets worthy companions, but whether he will keep them already depends on the person’s personal qualities.

Practical interaction with the Venus – MC conjunction

With high Venus, it is really important to find your personal brand, an image through which the native’s inner values ​​will be transmitted. The owner of the horoscope feels better in expensive clothes and accessories.

In the search for style, the definition of the elements of the 10th house will help. If this is Air, then it is recommended to choose light colors in clothes and sublime images. Fire will require brighter accents and luxurious accessories, while Earth loves austere or democratic style, and Water is calm and gentle (with the exception of Scorpio).

Holders of Venus on the MS are not as obligatory as a professional education. Even after graduating from a music or art school, they will be able to achieve more than others with honors. But the choice of a profession not out of love, not out of vocation, is destructive for them.

These people also succeed in finance and business if the 10th house is in earth signs, when they can overcome their innate superficial attitude towards money and the economy in general.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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