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Trigon Mars-Saturn. Hardworking creator

Trigon (Trine) brings together the best qualities of the planets, standing in the signs of one element. This helps to easily apply the granted abilities in life and forms many happy occasions: meetings with the right people and a series of circumstances for the implementation of plans. However, if you go with the flow, relying only on support from above, in the second half of your life you can face the collapse of hopes. The strength of the aspect must be retained.

However, the owners of the Mars-Saturn trine are not in danger. They are naturally gifted with the ability to restrain the flow of powerful energy and purposefully manage fate. They truly love to work hard without giving themselves a break, especially when ambitious plans burn from the inside. Position in society and wealth are acquired early, but in old age, excessive stress will make itself felt with health problems.

Mars-Saturn trigon possibilities

And yet, Saturn manifests itself in the life of a native through the obstacles and difficulties that arise on the way to the goal, but does it with a good intention – to temper the will and strengthen self-confidence, overcoming the intrigues of enemies and circumstances. It is through solving difficult problems that the owner of the Mars-Saturn trine acquires the main gift of the aspect – an understanding of where to fight, sparing no effort, and where to step aside. This is a valuable quality of a military leader and a businessman. Another bonus is the favor of the powers that be. Thanks to the support from above and the patronage of the bosses, the native gets early opportunities to carry out their ambitious projects. It is possible to start activities in a family professional line or receive an inheritance if one of the planets is in the 8th house… Trigon Mars-Saturn moves the ward towards the goal slowly but surely, endowing with many advantages:

  • the ability to calculate everything to the smallest detail before starting a new business;
  • good health and physical endurance (however, there is a danger of using them completely in the early years);
  • courage, determination, strong nerves and strict adherence to the internal code of honor;
  • authority, the desire to be a leader is combined with patience and endurance in an extreme situation;
  • diligence and vigilance in the position of a subordinate;
  • talent of engineer, technician, politician, military tactician and commander, jeweler, doctor;
  • the ability to be equally successful in both routine work and creativity.

If the native’s solar or ascending sign is Capricorn, he is silent and cold, accustomed to hiding feelings, and the highest happiness for him is to work even on weekends. Representatives of other signs are also laconic, but more open emotionally. To be successful in their careers, they need to clearly understand the requirements of their superiors and the algorithm for achieving the goal. They are contraindicated in Gemini bosses who change decisions, or fluctuating Libra.

Love and marriage under trigon Mars-Saturn

Family and home for Trine bearers is second only to a career. They are decisive, but not assertive, without unnecessary enthusiasm, and passion is controlled by reason. Having fallen in love, they are ready to wait and prove loyalty to the feeling for a long time. Men and women with the Mars-Saturn trine choose the best tactics for winning the heart of the subject of passion, having studied in detail the tastes and habits, but they will not bother if they are refused. By nature, they are monogamous, loyal and devoted. Marriage often happens late, after 30 years, especially with the position of Saturn in the 7th house, and if disappointment or death of a partner happens, they may completely reject the idea of ​​marriage.

For men with the Mars-Saturn trine, the figure of the father is of great importance. His behavior towards his mother and in the family is often adopted by the native, even if at first he tries to live according to a new scheme. By virtue of the aspect, the character is imperious and authoritarian, therefore, in communicating with him, you need to immediately set priorities and boundaries. Women with the Mars-Saturn trine are also influenced by their relationship with their father, due to which many complexes arise. Initially, the planet of order restrains the Martian passion and the ward aspect is difficult to liberate next to the opposite sex. It seems to her that she will lose her paternal disposition, ceasing to behave like a respectable person. It is important to break away from the connection with the father in time and switch to an independent lifestyle.

Practical interaction with the Mars-Saturn trigon

Aspect bearers who perfectly control emotions and behavior in public places often turn into aggressive dictators at home. This happens when they are forced to work as a subordinate with absent-minded and arrogant superiors, without recognition of their merits. It is even worse when colleagues pull the banner obtained by the native in battle onto themselves. Disappointment and anger poured out on the family if they do not support and help. Irritability also appears with overwork.

Holders of the Mars-Saturn trine need to learn to relax and take breaks from work. Thanks to the power of the aspect, they will fulfill their desires in any case, so slowing down the work rhythm will not do any harm. Massages, spa treatments, especially stone therapy are suitable for them, and rock climbing and hiking are good stress prevention. As a hobby, women will love knitting and embroidery, while men will love construction, pottery, jewelry making and cooking.

To enhance the action of the Mars-Saturn trigon with the help of natural stones, priority is given to the weaker participant. In no case should the stones of both planets be combined at the same time. If both are in harmony, then jewelry with their minerals is worn in turn. Saturn will be supported by kyanite, tanzanite, lapis lazuli and sodalite, and Mars will be strengthened by ruby , carnelian , red garnet and jasper .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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