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Trigon Uranus-Pluto. The main reformer of the universe

The positive force of the trigon is like a compressed spring when it comes to the higher planets. Here it is not so much about skill and applied talents, but about the potential of energy, temperament and purpose. Holders of the Uranus-Pluto trine bring about changes of a global nature using collective energy, focusing them on ideas that have come from the higher realms.

The aspect acts on a whole generation, carries the power of the higher octave of Scorpio and is multiplied if one of the participants stands in this sign or corner houses: 1 , 4 , 7 , 10 . It is these people who do not see the barriers between the worlds of the living and the dead, read information from the heavenly spheres and are the conductors of new knowledge that contribute to the progress of civilization.

Possibilities of the Uranus-Pluto trigon

The gifts of the trigone are clearly and acutely felt in moments of stress, significant change, and intense emotions. A native unfamiliar with astrology may not even imagine how powerful mental and energetic weapons he possesses.

The power of faith, physical and moral invulnerability, heroic resistance to enemies are manifested during military battles, disasters, accidents.

With a calm rhythm of life, the owners of the Uranus-Pluto trine arrange themselves shakes and a complex personality renewal, starting with changes in appearance, spiritual beliefs and ending with a change of residence, up to the termination of communication with all friends from a past life.

Such strict measures allow zeroing the potential to pure functionality and instantly fulfilling cherished dreams. This works very quickly in people with strong Mars and Sun, an ascendant in Capricorn or Leo. Others act softer, but they can also abruptly cut off all ties with boring work or relatives. The power of spiritual energy should be directed towards creation, otherwise the native will destroy himself and the world around him. Therefore, it is important to focus on the positive aspects of the Uranus-Pluto trigon:

  • originality, physical and intellectual endurance, originality of aspirations;
  • erudition, love for everything new and the desire to bring progress to science, art and even everyday life;
  • decisiveness, courage, the ability to quickly think and act in times of danger;
  • sharpness of mind, eloquence, charisma increase a hundredfold in extreme situations: a modest and inconspicuous native becomes a superhero under the influence of circumstances;
  • the ability to materialize desire by concentrating mental energy;
  • striving to reform social and political structures;
  • the ability to attract money, patronage of senior officials and the right situations thanks to ingenuity, enterprise and a certain amount of arrogance;
  • ruthlessness and categorical attitude towards whiners, conservatives and enemies of progress.

With negative aspects with Lilith and Mars, trials and temptations may arise to switch to the dark, destructive side. However, the karmic task of the carrier of the Uranus-Pluto trine is to make a spiritual rebirth not only in his soul, but also in the country through improvements and updates in science (especially nuclear physics and electronics), art, astronautics and medicine.

Love and marriage under the trigon Uranus-Pluto

A person with such an aspect is distinguished by decisiveness and arrogance in personal relationships, especially when Venus is in the fire signs, when tactlessness appears in courtship and aggressiveness in case of refusal.

Men and women alike cannot stand sincere resistance to their pressure if it is not part of the game of inaccessibility. They believe that there is no one in the world better than them, and if the subject of passion does not think so, then it is easier for them to erase it from life than to think over a company to win the heart. Ideology and adherence to principles also affect personal life. At best, family members will be made aware that career and community work come first, and they come second.

In the worst case, for the sake of an idea, a native can abandon loved ones, intoxicated by the intoxication of high convictions, for example, in Nazi Germany, some men themselves brought their Jewish wives to the Gestapo, or in the USSR, children abandoned their father, an enemy of the people. However, there must be additional negative aspects for this. Trigon acts on a generation, among which there were examples of sincere and selfless love that has not extinguished despite obstacles and terrible trials. And this is also the power of the bright side of the Uranus-Pluto trigon – the perseverance of feelings and loyalty to ideals. But its carriers will not be philistines and couch potatoes anyway.

Practical interaction with the Uranus-Pluto trigon

The saving influence of trine is expressed in the rejection of life-threatening events and people from the native. But at the same time, Pluto requires small sacrifices and emotional upheavals in order to move from a lower octave to a higher one through stressful cleansing.

The spiritually developed owner of the Uranus-Pluto trine reads this in advance according to the signs of fate.

The situation can be stabilized through voluntary austerities: one-day fasting, religious fasting, reading prayers during the week, or charity. It is necessary to purposefully perform the service, requiring the abandonment of pleasant and comfortable things in order to calm the lord of the underground forces. The native should keep negative emotions under control, giving up the violent manifestation of anger and swearing, because otherwise he falls into the power of dark forces, it is unrealistic to get out of there on his own, without the help of a wise teacher.

Decorations with rauchtopaz , star sapphire , kyanite and meteorite fragments contribute to the harmonization of trine .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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